Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [IELTS SP2] Sample Answer | DESCRIBE A WORK OF ART

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Hey guys, thanks for tuning in!

In today's video, can you guess what the topic is gonna be about?

Yes, it's gonna be about art okay!

And I'm going to describe a painting for you guys.

But um, let's have a look at this painting.

So this painting was created by my aunt who went to an art school.

But you know she never really a pursued a career as an artist.

But I think her paintings are pretty amazing.

So in this video today, I'm going to give you guys a

sample answer for the IELTS speaking part 2

It's about describe a work of art, a painting in particular.

But I'm not going to describe this painting.

I'm going to talk about a much more famous painting

That I believe that most of you already know about.

OK so let's get started!

To be completely honest with you, Im more into

graphic design than fine art, you know

so I'm not really an expert when it comes to

paintings and the like

But if I have to describe a work of art,

the very first thing that springs to mind is probably Mona Lisa

an oil painting by the highly esteemed

Leonard da Vinci

This is perhaps the worlds most critically acclaimed artwork.

Regarding how I got to know this masterpiece,

a few years back when I was still a sophomore in college in Singapore,

at the time I was required to write an art critique essay

So, I took a field trip to an art museum in City Hall,

which is a historic neighborhood in SG

frequented by tons of culture vultures, be it locals or tourists

As I was walking around the museum, I came across

a replica of Mona Lisa, which by the way, left me awestruck!

Moving on the talk about the visual aspect of the masterpiece

it appears that the sitters mysterious smile and her unproven identity

have made the painting a source of

ongoing investigation and fascination

The painting features a woman in half-body portrait

which has a distant landscape as a backdrop

What I find particularly captivating was the sensuous curves of

the womans hair and clothing, which is

created through the artist's impeccable shading technique

Another striking feature is

Mona Lisas enigmatic smile

It is believed that whether she smiles or frowns

depends on the viewing distance

When she is viewed from close-up her mouth

appears to take a downwards slant

making her look unhappy, melancholic, and hostile

but when viewed from further away, her mouth

appears to take an upward, smile-like appearance

making her look cheerful and happy

Anyway, I was super impressed by this work of art that

my memory of it is still so vivid till today

Even though fine art isnt really my kinda thing

my encounter with Mona Lisa to some extent

changed me and helped me appreciate fine art more

Alright I hope you guys enjoyed the video

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