Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TVF’s Landlords Vs Bachelors | A Roast

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He had fear that I would die without paying the rent.

I pay him 75% of my salary as rent.

And even after that what do I get in return his mood swings.

You little one! I had asked for rent not rant.

I think just like the plot of the movie Interstellar,

you havent understood me properly.

Wait, I'll show you your actual worth.

Let me first complete my office work, then I'll show you how to roast people.

Hey it was not to be done now. Everything has a specific time.

So how are you guys? By the way it bothers me the least.

My tenants are itching to make a roast.

He said in his video that I harass him for rent.

Son, I don't have a treasure hidden with me.

The rent you pay me is the only income source I have.

Are you listening? The Italian pasta we had ordered...

Where is it? Who ate it?

You don't have money to pay rent,

But you have money to spend on liquor, even though it has long queue for it.

Now don't lie, even I was standing in the same Que at the back.

You said that Amazon Prime Video film Gulabo Sitabo is made on your life.

Yes you are absolutely right.

Because even you don't let me increase the rent, Nor do you vacant the place.

You have been like a snail stuck in my throat.

This is my generosity like Amitji, that I'm not pushing you out of the house.

Otherwise bachelors are considered worse than dogs.

But now you have taken a flying arrow in your a**, so listen.

In this entire world, if there is a bigger cheater than my father-in-law, it is you.

At least my father-in-law gave me a bike in the name of car as dowry.

You rascals give me sentiment instead of rent.

Frankly you don't deserve a home.

Because you follow the housing society rules as

seriously as the engineering students take B.Tech.

Your rent agreement is actually a rent disagreement,

Because you don't do a single work which is mentioned in that agreement.

Five people stay in the room whereas the contract is of only two people.

Where are those two people who were there for the contract.

The bachelors room is so dirty that a person with PPE kit would also not survive there.

I think the garbage cleaner who comes in the morning,

Throws all the garbage at your place only in the evening.

If there is any clean room in your house, then it's bathroom.

Because you don't use it anytime.

Your relation with bathing is the same as my relation with my wife.

Hey, why are you hitting me with a sandal.

So what was I saying before getting beaten up?

Looking at the lifestyle of bachelors, First time in history,

A virus is in need of a vaccine.

You smell so bad that your maid had maintained social distancing since decades.

And tell me one thing,

what have you achieved in life that you want to party every night.

There is no job,

Girlfriend has friend-zoned you,

Father has disowned you,

Then how come you are having so many happy moments in life.

So tonite Arnub wants to know.

And I want tell you bachelors a thing,

The ashtray which you have created in the sofa by making a hole,

The money for the sofa is being deducted from your deposit.


Mend your ways.

Because you are more confused in life than the directions in mobile GPS.

You rascals!

What do you have in the name of stable job? A e-wallet scratch card.

If you are fond of rubbing so much, then rub your sandals,

and find a stable job for yourself.

That you won't do it.

You guys in the name of start-up put a poster of Steve Jobs in your room.

And in the name of inspiration from Steve Jobs you keep the half eaten apple there only.

You can't open the door in morning for the garbage cleaner,

But to stay with girlfriend, you can make a fake marriage certificate instantly.

Have some shame atleast you rascals.

On one hand we are trying to make our country self reliant.

And you can't even make a simple chapati.

Everyday you order food from outside.

Yes son, give the pizza box to the guard.

Give one piece to the guard and you also have one piece.

You are the future of our country, whose future itself is in doubt.

I agree that you came to this city with broken dreams,

But who gave you the house with broken ceiling, The Landlord!

In this unknown city I never let you feel the absence of your dad.

I used to call you every two hours to taunt you.

But you forgot everything.

Our ancestors used to say,

That even engineers would get girlfriends if they find with conviction.

But these nocturnal wouldn't be at peace.

Even porn is addicted to them, it says...

...Please watch me it's already 10 pm, or else I won't be able to sleep.

Generally you don't talk to me politely,

But while renting the flat you are so polite as if we re going to adopt you,

and give you a flat in property.

You should atleast have a good face for the property.

This romance which is going on with my flat,

Will beat all the romance out of you. You termite.

Let it be, why should I spoil my mood.

This is enough for today guys.

Now if you like the video then like it, share it.

And make it so viral that I can get three months rent out of it.

I don't know how you'll do it, rob a bank or rob it from your father.

I want ten thousand rupees. I want it means I want it.

I want it anyhow, you do whatever you want but I want my ten thousand rupees.

The landlord is calling you.

These landlords I tell you won't let us live in peace.

Tell him that I'll pay him the money soon.

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