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Lesson number 8: Don't play aggressively when you're weak!

The main feature to look at when deciding whether to make a safe or an aggressive play

is the strength of each player's home board.

The player with the strongest home board can play more boldly aggressively and flexible.

The player with the weakest home board should be cautious and play it safe.

Why is this so?

Well, in case we get into a hitting contest

the player with the strongest home board will have a clear advantage.

In this position your opponent has the strongest home board:

Four anchors versus two anchors.

This calls for safe play on your end.

Getting into a hitting contest when you're outmatched in board strength

is a very dangerous idea and usually a bad strategy.

The best move is 13/8

eliminating the risk of getting hit right now and hoping for some better rolls later on.

In this position your opponent has a very weak home board.

He even has a blot in there that you might be able to hit in case you yourself get hit.

The best move here is the aggressive 8/4* and 6/5 to create flexibility.

With this move you're fighting for the next point in your prime

and you're trying to prevent your opponent from making an advanced anchor

at the edge of your prime.

If you didn't consider this move

then you should start playing more aggressively from now on!

Backgammon is a game of balance between offence and defence.

When your opponent is strong you must play it safe and make defensive moves.

When he's weak and you're strong you should play aggressively to build an even stronger position.

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