Practice English Speaking&Listening with: English Magic E - Silent E - Long Vowels - Short Vowels

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Who can turn a fad into fade, who can turn

us into use, who can turn a cub into a cube, who can turn a hop into a hope. It's not hard

to see, it's the magic E.

Many English words have a silent E, usually

at the end of the word. Such as come, have or love. In these examples the E is silent

and doesn't change the pronunciation. English has only 5 vowel letters,

but more than 20 vowel sounds. Some of those vowels are long and some of them are short,

as follows: Long vowels AEIOU

Short vowels AEIOU

More commonly the silent E at the end of the

word becomes a magic E, as it changes the sound of the previous vowel, from a short

vowel into a long vowel. Let's look at some examples, repeat after me:

At Ate Pet Pete

Hid Hide Not Note

Tub Tube Normally the magic E appears after a single

consonant. However, if we want to shorten the vowel we can double the consonant. Some

examples, repeat after me: Bite Bitten

Write Written Dine Dinner

I hope today's lesson has heped to improve your English pronunciation and spelling. Before

you go, please subscribe to my channel, and if you can think of some more examples of

long and short vowels write them in the coments below.

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