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Hey guys!

As you can tell, we're at a different location today.

We're all working from home given the whole current situation.

BUT, show must go on!

And if you remember, a couple of week ago, we asked YOU PUBG Mobile players to submit

Your Best Plays.

Well, today is the day we crown a winner.


I'm not going to decide it.

I think it's best we leave this to the professionals.

And we have a special, SPECIAL guest to do it for us.

Are you guys ready?

Hello, assalamualaikum everyone.

This time, we're going to be reviewing videos, which were submitted by you for this SEAGM

You have all submitted your Best Plays.

We will be watching it one by one.

I will be picking the BEST PLAY which I feel is the best.

Who do you guys thik will win today?

We'll find out together at the end of this video

when the winner is chosen amongst all the submissions received.

I'm not saying I'm the best, but I do know a thing or two about best moments

from beautiful gameplays.

Let's have a look shall we?

Let's go to Kakap Official's video.

Oh, we can feel the tremors.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

7 kills.

Not bad Kakap Official.

Let's watch a video submission by Sarol Gaming.


There's even a tiger!


9 kills.


There are 60 people left.

How many kills did he get this round?

Oh, he forgot to record the first 9.


Let's see how many kills he managed to get.

This is like...

What is this?

10 kills!

Let's get into the action.

Will he get a kill?

Or will he not?

Is he playing with randoms or is he in a 3 man squad?

The rest died, there's one left.

He's playing solo.

He's got no one left.


There's a camper inside!

There's a camper.

Oh boy this is the camper killer.

Point deductions, camper killer.

And he's on fire.

Got it!

There are still more around here.

Oh no, low battery.

What is he doing?

Not bad, not bad 11 kills huh?

Will he get Chicken Dinner or not?

His video is 9 minutes long.

Let's forward it a little.


15! 15 kills already!

He submitted this video, let's have a thorough look.


Are you for real?

He won!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner with 21 kills!

They played in a trio, one died.



He was playing solo towards the end.


This is one of the top videos.

One of the top to be considered.


Sarol Gaming huh?


Let's watch another one, Aiman Iryani.


There are a lot of kills in all these videos!

18! 18!


22 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

22 guys!

Aiman Iryani, 22.

Next video.

Muhd Alimin.

Gets a kill, 7 left.

Wow, this guy is pretty good.

10 kills!

Not bad!

But earlier, Sarol had 21.




10 kills, if he gets Chicken Dinner, that's 11, 12.

Got it!

Naisuh, naisuh!


Got it!

Oh, this one is also one of the top.

13 kills Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Muhd Alimin huh?

Let's go to the next video by Azrul Ikhwan.

Whoa he gets 1.

His friend got hit, so he's left with...

Oh just two?

Got it!

Oh he saw it.

Aha he shoots!


Obliterated the whole squad.

6 kills here.

Not bad, not bad.

6 kills for Azrul Ikhwan.

We move on to the next video.

4 kills huh?


Whoa, no recoil.

5 kills.

How many kills do you think he needs to make for him to get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

If he doesn't get Chicken Dinner, then it's not imba right?


He gets two people here.

8 kills...



That's it?

Chicken or no Chicken??

But that's not too bad.

8 kills, he got 9 right?

Not bad, not bad.

Okay Azhar Wahab is his name.

Let's go to our final video for today by Kirigaya Kazuto.

He's left alone.

1 vs 4?


Seriously 1 vs 4?

Oi, oi...



He got Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 1 vs 4!

That's crazy!

Oi, this one is pretty good too!

1 vs 4.

Crazy guys.

So right now, I'm torn between 3 people.

Maybe Sarol Gaming, or Ahmad Iryani.

Which one should I pick?

Between these two.

Ah, and the last one, Kirigaya.

Really imba as well.

Between these 3, which one should I pick as the Best Play

which will win a prize from SEAGM?

To me, I've reviewed all the videos, and I feel that these 3 are the best.

But, I feel Sarol had the harder, more dangerous, and more imba gameplay.

From the gameplay aspect, the way he survived, positioning...

So here it is, to me, officially, I choose Sarol Gaming as the best video that I feel

is the best amongst all the submissions which were shortlisted.

This is the one guys, SAROL GAMING!

My choice for SEAGM's Best Play!


Bapak ah!


Yes, congratulations to Sarol!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen!

Thank you MasterRamen for picking a winner for us, and congratulations to the winner.

We'll be in touch with you really soon, and we'll be sending you your prize.

It's a really, really awesome prize.

I still have one more favour to ask you.

Let us know in the comment section below if you want to see more of this!

Will it be more PUBG Mobile?

Will it be more Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

Will it be Free Fire?

Who knows?


And with that, on behalf of SEAGM, I'm KDJ, and please, please during this time, stay

at home, stay safe, stay healthy.

SEAGM is always open, right?

Stay at home, play more games, record mroe of these video clips, and I will see you in

the next one.

Hopefully see your video in the next one!

Let us know.

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