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In all my years of teaching I've heard many excuses:

why one can't or won't exercise. Now I'd like to hear yours.

I have really sensitive knees, and while I want to exercise

I've found that jogging and most other exercises

put too much pressure on my knees.

There is just not enough time to go through a full routine

of exercises on a daily basis so I just don't.

I exercise regularly but it seems my muscles get shorter

and bulkier rather than longer and leaner.

Since I'm short I don't want to get bigger and wider.

At my age, with arthritis in my spine,

I dare not miss a day of exercising.

I do this one hour every day.

The doctor once told me that if I had not been exercising,

I would be bed-ridden.

This is my mother, she's 80 years old.

I don't know if I'm catching up to you or not

but I did start to jog recently to maintain my weight.

I'm in a stressful job and need some kind of exercise.

I've suffered my entire life from back problems

and after 2 operations I'm afraid to do anything.

I have an exercise studio. I hear these excuses every day

and I see people making changes and improving their problems

so there is hope.

Now we'll show you why you don't need an excuse.

Let's get ready for a gentle, wonderful, terrific class.

Hello! I'm Callan Pinckney Welcome to Beginning Callanetics

A programme designed for those who have the best excuses

not to exercise.

I've designed the shorter, simpler version of the classes

I've taught to many students for over a decade.

For those of you who just start a regular exercise programme.

For the first time or after a long period away

from regular exercise.

It's easy to learn, it doesn't take a lot of time.

I suggest only 30 minutes 2-3 times a week.

It doesn't require equipment and most importantly

it will help you look and feel better quickly

without risking injury.

The Callanetics technique is different from

any other exercise programme and has revolutionised

the exercise world.

It uses small delicate motions that work on deep muscle groups

to achieve dramatic results in the shortest amount of time

without risk of injury.

These exercises are so gentle, that you can do them

as often as you wish.

It also teaches you to put no pressure on your back.

I'm very protective of the back because of my back problems.

At the end of the tape you'll find specific back exercises.

If you have medical problems, always check with your doctor

before starting any exercise programme!

My students represent all ages and levels of ability.

Lane Middleton, the only teacher trained and authorised

to teach Callanetics, will demonstrate the level

you can work up to.

The others are everyday people, who are just starting out.

You'll see by their examples, ways of doing these exercises.

Pick an example that feels right for your level and ability.

Always remember to work at your own pace.

You'll learn in time to be in control of your body

instead of it controlling you.

Beginning Callanetics offers you all the instructions

and motivating results you'll need to move up

to the full 1 hour Callentics programme.

While more challenging, it will pull your body up

and soon you'll look like you're defying gravity.

After mastering that, and you'll be very surprised

how soon, you'll be ready for Super Callanetics.

So let's begin the programme that can give you

that tight and strong body you have always dreamed of.

Feet hip with apart, knees bent stretch the right arm up.

Even higher than you think you can.

Left hand on left hip, tighten the behind.

Curl the pelvis up. Stretch your right arm up more.

Slowly go over to the side still reaching up and over.

Relax head and shoulders, gently 1/16 of an inch.

Relax your entire body.

To come out of that take the arm that's in the air

bend it in front of you, bend the knees even more,

go to the front, take the arm around to the side.

Before you come up you tighten the behind,

tip the pelvis up, then come up and stand erect.

Legs hip width apart, stretch your right arm up more,

left hand on your left hip, knees bent, tighten the behind,

curl the pelvis up, stretch your right arm up more.

Slowly go over to the left side, feel the stretch in your waist,

and just gently up and down 1/16 of an inch.

Naomi is doing it sideways,

because it's a little too difficult for her now.

Margaret is doing it very well. Her knees are bent,

her body is very straight and she's not putting

pressure on her spine. Her pelvis is tipped up.

Oh Suzette! Her legs are too far apart

That's it, do you feel it in your back?

She feels it in her back because she's arching her back.

Bend your knees more tighten the behind,

curl the pelvis up, stretch up even more,

go to the side if you wish, now just gently like this.

To come out of that, you bend your knees even more,

stretch the arm in front of you like you're reaching

for something on the floor, keep going to the other side

when you've reached the side tighten the behind, pelvis up,

and slowly come to your standing position.

The next side, arm up, right hand on your hip,

knees bent, pelvis up, tighten your behind,

stretch your arm up even more, right elbow is out to the side,

go over as far as you can.

Remember Suzette, keep the knees bent, pelvis up.

Do it at your pace, relaxing your head, shoulders,

if you're strong enough go over like this.

Keep your pelvis up, it will protect your back.

Good, keep your knees bent, body relaxed.

Gentle delicate little motions, 1/16 inch.

To come out of that, bend the knees,

reach to the front go down very low.

Go to the other side. Before you come up,

tighten the behind, pelvis up slowly come back up.

Lane will take her arms out to the sides, straight,

even with her shoulders, she'll bend her knees,

tighten the behind, curl the pelvis up.

Then she'll turn her arms over as far as she can,

thumb facing the ceiling.

She'll gently take the arms back,

trying to keep them up as high as she can,

she'll take the shoulders back, the head back,

and gently 1/16 inch back and forth, no more.

When you're ready to come out of that,

bend the elbows, gently take the hands down

in slow motion, and just relax

Feet hip width apart put your arms out to the sides,

even with your shoulders, bend your knees,

tighten the behind, curl the pelvis up.

Slowly take the arms over to where the thumb is aiming up.

Gently take the arms back.

Back and forth, 1/16 inch, no more.

Naomi can't straighten her arms, that's fine, many people can't.

Do what you can at your pace, eventually they'll go higher.

Take head and shoulders back.

Try to keep the arms up high, gravity is pushing them down,

it's up to you to keep the thumb aimed up

and your arms up high.

Suzette is pushing her stomach muscles out,

she has to bend her knees, tighten her behind, pelvis up

head back, shoulders back, gently, 1/16 inch.

This is getting under the arms extremely tight

and its loosening between the shoulder blades

and also in the shoulders and the neck.

When you're ready, come out, bend elbows

take them down, and relax.

Feet hip width apart, bend your knees,

tighten the behind, pelvis up, take the chin to the chest,

aim the chin over towards the right shoulder,

take it back as far as you can now slowly lift it up,

lifting the back of the neck at the same time,

slowly take the chin down to the shoulder

and back to the chest, very, very slowly, take the chin

over to the other shoulder, when it can't go back further,

take the chin up, stretching the neck up,

let the chin go back down to the shoulder and

gently take it to the chest, and totally relax.

Relaxing your shoulders, let your chin go down

to your chest, take it over to the right shoulder,

back as far as you can, take it up as high as you can,

stretching the back of the neck at the same time.

When you can't take the neck up any higher,

take the chin back down to the shoulder,

slowly bring it to the chest, over to the other side,

do not move your shoulders while you're doing it,

let them just drip down towards the floor, to the side,

bringing the chin up, stretch the back of the neck up,

now down to the chest again. Relax your shoulders.

That's it, totally relax them, bring it to the other shoulder,

and to the back as far as you can,

now stretch up to the sky as much as you can.

Feel that wonderful stretch in the back of the neck.

Down, go to the other side, take your chin to the chest,

relax your shoulders, take it over as far as you can,

now bring it up as high as you can,

stretching the back of the neck, back down to your shoulder,

to the chest, and then relax, and feel how wonderful it feels

in your neck and your shoulders.

Lane's legs are hip width apart, she'll put her hands

on the inside of her thighs, not gently, she'll really pull,

taking the elbows to the side, taking them up

and very gently, starting with her head,

bringing it up, rounding it very slowly,

the shoulders will follow, aiming her nose in

towards her rib cage.

When she can't round any more she'll put her hands

out to the side, a foot off the floor,

and gently up and down 1/16 inch, back and forth,

letting go of the stomach, the behind,

the legs are like feathers.

Only the stomach muscles are working.

Relax your entire body. Now when's she's finished,

gently go down, vertebra by vertebra. Slowly.

Variations to do the stomach, grab hold of your inner thighs,

take your elbows out, take them up, round the head up.

Very gently, nose towards the rib cage.

take your hands out, gently back and forth.

Mallory has her legs up because she has a tendency

to use her leg muscles to try to assist her stomach,

she also has back problems, so this makes it easier first.

Elizabeth is moving her head and shoulders too much,

round up a bit more, hold on, let the torso take the weight,

gently up and down until the muscles are stronger.

Then you can put the arms out and the feet on the floor.

Naomi moves her neck too much she's trying to lift with it.

Take your hands, cradle your head with them,

take them out to the side, gently, just 1/16 of an inch.

Don't take your elbows forward like this,

that's stretching the neck too much at first.

Relax your feet.

Stephen does what many do, moving the body back and forth,

which puts pressure on the lower back,

lift your feet off the floor, 1, 2, 3 inches and continue.

You don't have to rock the body,

or pull the back muscles to assist your stomach.

Keep doing it, totally relax, your body is a rag doll.

Come out of it, vertebra by vertebra,

and take a breather.

Right leg up to the sky,

grab the back of your thigh, round elbows out,

take them up slowly bring your head

and shoulders, round it up, nose towards the rib cage.

Take the hands down to the side, let the left foot be straight,

one foot off the floor, gently 1/16 of an inch motion.

Gently back and forth.

To come out of it, bend the left knee,

bend right knee to the chest and gently go down,

in triple slow motion.

Take your right leg up keep it straight or to bend,

grab the back of your thigh below the knee, elbows out.

Take them up, feel the shoulder blades being stretched,

Slowly round your head up.

When you can't round any more, nose aiming into your ribcage,

take your hands away, and gently again,

back and forth 1/16 inch.

Naomi, you're using your neck, gently just back and forth,

don't take your leg towards you, aim it up.

Don't force it to straighten if it isn't willing to do so.

Stephen, you're moving your body back and forth,

so lift your foot up a bit more, that's it.

Relax everything, and the leg that's in the air.

Breathe naturally, don't tighten the stomach muscles.

When you're ready to come out, bend the knee,

take it to your chest, and gently go down.

Vertebra by vertebra.

Very, very gently.

The other leg, take it up. don't force it to straighten.

That was a little jerky there! Grab the back of your thigh,

below the knee, elbows out, take them up.

Very slowly, round your head up,

aiming your nose in towards your ribcage.

Feel your stretch between your shoulder blades.

Take your hands away, and gently, again, very nice!

You've really learned to relax!

You can hold on again, Elizabeth

until you get a little bit stronger.

Naomi, put your hands in back until you feel

you are never trying to pull up with your neck.

Stephen, take your foot off, that's it, very good.

Just relax your body more, and you will realise

you never have to use your back muscles.

When you're finished, bend your knee,

now slowly go down, vertebra by vertebra.

Feels lovely doesn't it?

Lane is going to stand on the balls of the feet,

the feet turned out, she is resting her heels

on each other, to give the torso support.

Shoulders erect, spine straight.

She's holding onto something, not like for dear life.

She is going to go down an inch, tighten the behind, pelvis up.

As high as she can, then go back to the centre.

Don't stick the behind out like that.

To the middle, go down, pelvis up,

you can always get it up higher than you think you can.

Back to the middle. Come back up 1 inch.

Tip up, feel the stretch in your spine.

Back to the middle and up, pelvis up,

back to the centre and just relax your legs.

In your starting position, down 1 inch

Elizabeth is bending over with her shoulders

because her legs aren't strong enough

to support her torso, she is holding on to the chair.

When she gets stronger, she'll be able to stand erect,

hold her shoulders back, relax her arms and hands,

her body will feel like a feather.

Stephen is doing it very well, stand a little bit more erect,

and totally relax the shoulders, the entire body, the legs.

Margaret is so strong that she doesn't have to hold

onto the furniture. She's just balancing

so she doesn't fall over. And she's doing it at her pace.

Don't put too much pressure on shoulders and neck.

Relax your body, you'll feel a lot of muscles

being pulled in.

That's why it's so difficult. When you learn how to do it,

you become strong enough, and feel like a feather.

Put the leg on the chair,

arms up as high as you can, feel that you're stretching

your stomach and spine up as high as you can,

make sure you bend the knee, don't turn the standing foot

out to the left too much.

Stretch up even more, as you're starting to reach over

you still reach up.

Go on over still reaching, when you can't reach further,

put the hands criss-cross over the leg,

elbows out to the side to gently start loosening up

between the shoulder blades, up and down 1/16 inch.

When you're ready to come out of it,

Hold on to the chair, slowly take the leg down.

Or take it down without holding on.

Lift your leg till you feel a gentle stretch.

Margaret is very stretched in her hamstrings,

so she has her leg higher. Stretch your arms up

stretching the spine and the stomach.

Reach up, reach over. Go over very gently.

When you can't go further, put hands criss-cross over,

above or below the knee, which is more comfortable.

And gently only 1/16 inch.

Shoulders relaxed, elbows out, to stretch between

the shoulder blades. Let go of your neck.

Relax the standing knee relax the entire body.

Feel you're melting into the floor.

Now gently, put that leg down, and go to the other side.

Other leg up, stretch as high as you can,

feel the stomach and the spine stretching up.

Gently go on over, very gently.

Elbows to the side, 1/16 inch of a motion

up and down, no more.

If that's too much of a stretch, bring your torso back a bit.

Stephen does it very nicely but his foot's to the side too much.

Can you bring it more forward? That's it.

That takes pressure off of the knee, the more you

bring it to the front, the better.

Some people have a problem with the balancing,

you must find your own balance point.

Let go of neck, shoulders, relax the entire body.

Now very gently, take that leg down

and put it on the floor.

Lane is sitting, both hands on the chair, left leg bent

in front of her.

Right leg bent at the side. The knee even with the hip.

She'll put her hand on her hip.

Roll the hip forward as far as she can,

which bring the foot up higher. She'll put the other hand up,

shoulders straight and relaxed, she lifts the knee up 1 inch

and gently pushes the leg back and forth 1/16 inch,

relaxing the shoulders.

Each person has experimented with which position feels

the most comfortable for them.

Right hand on right hip.

Roll it forward as far as you can.

Put your hand on the sofa, the chair, the floor,

whatever you're using.

Right leg up just a little bit, gently back and forth

1/16 of an inch.

Your leg's a bit too high. Take it down further.

Bring it more forward and gently back and forth.

Does anyone feel it in their lower back?

She feels it in her lower back

because she's arching it, turning her torso too much.

When you feel that, take your shoulders straight.

That stretched her spine and she can bend her elbow

and lean over as far as she wishes.

Then you can probably take your leg back further.

Do it at your capability. Relaxing your feet.

Margaret is doing very well. She's let her shoulders relax

and she's hardly holding on.

When you finish, put the leg down

and switch sides.

Left knee bent in the position you've chosen,

left hand on your left hip.

Roll it forward.

Put the other hand on whatever you're resting on.

Lift the left knee up very gently

and gently push back and forth relaxing your toes.

Suzette is arching her back too much

because she is pushing her torso forward.

She brings her torso back, leans over a bit this side,

and now you can probably take your leg back further.

If you take it back with the knee and it's too much

you can bring the leg more towards the front.

Relax shoulders, feet, relax your neck.

Stephen' back is straight.

He's putting no pressure on your lower back.

Naomi probably can take the leg back a bit further.

Margaret that's very good. Just relax your shoulders,

relax your body.

Take the leg back a bit further, if you can,

if not, that's alright. Now let the leg just relax.

Same position, except the right leg

is out to the side, the foot is even with the hip.

Put the hand on the hip.

Roll the hip forward to where the foot

is aiming in towards the floor. Put the other hand up,

shoulders to the opposite side of the leg that's extended.

Now, lift the leg up and down 1-2 inches off the floor.

When one becomes more strong in their behind muscle,

they'll be able to sit erect and still again,

lift the leg up and down relaxing the shoulders.

Now you're going to straighten your right leg out to the side.

If it's not possible right now to have your foot even

with your hip, take your leg in front of you

or bend your knee.

Right hand on right hip. Roll it forward.

Put the other hand where it's comfortable.

Lift the leg up and down.

Suzette arches her back. You turn this way.

Now lift up and down. Keep your spine straight.

When you get a bit stronger in the buttocks muscle,

you'll be able to straighten the leg,

roll it more forward and take it back more.

Not until you're ready, though. Your muscles will let you know.

Relax your shoulders. Relax your entire body.

Put the leg down very gently.

And the other side.

Left leg straight or bent. Whatever way you can do it.

Out to the side. Put your hand on your left hip.

Roll your hip forward as far as you can.

Let your hand rest whatever you're using,

and gently lift the leg up and down

relaxing your shoulders.

Margaret, is doing it just at the right pace.

A little tiny delicate motion.

Stephen keeps his spine straight putting no pressure on his back.

Suzette, you're moving your leg a little too much.

It's this delicate little motion like that.

Now relax your shoulders. Try to keep your back straight

so you're not putting any pressure on it.

Relax everything.

Gently let the leg go to the floor.

Sit with your legs apart, stretch your arms up.

Bend your torso over. Now gently go over

to when the hands touch, bend your elbows.

And just gently up and down one sixteenth of an inch.

Relaxing your body. Now gently walk back

up with your hands. Sit erect. Stretch one arm up,

turn to the other leg. Stretch your arm up, over.

Let both hands rest where it's comfortable.

Take your elbows to the side. Relaxing your body.

Gently walk back up when you're finished.

Sit erect, turn to the other foot.

Stretch the opposite arm up, stretch up and over

without forcing.

Bend your elbows again criss-crossing your hands.

Gently, 1/16 of an inch. To come out, just walk back up.

Sit on the floor, legs apart as far as you can.

No forcing.

Hands on your thighs, elbows to the side.

Bend your torso over towards the floor.

When you feel a stretch, that's your signal

that you just gently start going up and down 1/16 inch.

Relaxing your head, your shoulders

and letting your legs relax. If you can rest your hands

or your arms on the floor, that's fine.

No bouncing. Just gently up and down.

Alright, now gently come back up to an erect sitting position.

Put your hand on your right leg.

Both hands on your right thigh. Relax your arms.

Gently round your torso over. Gently go over without forcing.

Your muscles will stretch when they're ready,

not when you want them to. That prevents injuries.

Relax your body. Slowly back up. Sit erect.

Go to the other leg both hands on the leg.

Relax your shoulders, your elbows. Gently go over.

Just up and down. No forcing. Don't move back and forth

with your neck.

Neck, shoulders and head work together.

Slowly come back up. If you're down far,

walk the hands back up. And sit erect.

Put the legs together. Slowly. Bend the knees one at a time.

Put the arms back resting your torso on them.

Gently go down lying on the floor.

Gently bring your right leg up aiming it towards the ceiling.

Grab in back of your leg, elbows out and very gently

gently move the leg back and forth 1/16 inch.

Take the left leg out straight and let it rest on the floor.

When you've completed that side bend the right leg

put it down, foot on the floor, keep your knee bent.

Take the other foot up. grab in back of the leg.

Elbows out. Relax your shoulders

1/16 inch motion. Let the other foot

rest on the floor straight.

To come out of that, bend the knee.

For the next stretch, we're going to go

back on one elbow, then on the other elbow,

then gently roll down.

You're going to bring your right leg up

towards you without forcing it.

And you grab in back of the leg wherever it's comfortable

and just gently back and forth 1/16 of an inch.

Relaxing your head, your shoulders.

Keeping your arms just totally relaxed

and relax everything.

Feel that your body is just melting into the floor.

To come out of that, bend your knee,

put the foot back on the floor with it bent.

Gently bring the other leg up bending the knee.

Now, try to straighten the leg.

Grab in back. Now, gently back and forth

1/16 of an inch.

Again, relaxing your head, your shoulders, your legs.

Your whole body is just like a rag doll.

To come out of that, bend the knee that you have up

Put the foot back on the floor with it bent. And take a break.

Take your elbows out, even with your shoulders.

Arm on the floor, the palms facing the ceiling.

Now gently take your leg over to the side. Very gently.

This is a wonderful stretch. Go over as far as you can

and gently just do the leg up and down 1/16 of an inch.

To come out of that, take the knee up to the chest.

Gently roll over.

Take the foot down with the knee bent.

Bend the other knee. Bring it up to the chest.

Take the leg over, this leg will be straight.

Gently let the other leg go to the floor.

And gently up and down 1/16 of an inch.

To come out of that, bring your knee to the chest,

over to the middle.

Bend the other leg. Both knees are bent.

Now gently take both knees over to the side

and you roll over and gently walk yourself up

to a sitting position and then you're ready

for your next exercise.

The next stretch, you're going to put your elbows even

with your shoulders. Your palms facing the ceiling.

Gently bring your right knee up to your chest,

let the left leg just drop to the floor.

Very gently, slowly start to take your right leg

over to your left side.

You're trying to get your foot and your knee

to touch the floor eventually.

Keep both elbows on the floor.

You get more of a stretch in your sacrum area

and the top of the back and just gently up and down

1/16 of an inch. Very gently.

Margaret, a bit more gently. Gently.

When you're finished with that, bring the knee up to your bust.

Take the leg over,

put the leg down with the knee up.

Bring the other leg up. Bring it to your chest.

Let your right leg drop to the floor very gently.

Again, take your leg over to the side.

Very gently. No forcing.

This is a wonderful stretch for your spine.

And just gently 1/16 of an inch back and forth. No more.

Keeping your elbows on the floor if you can.

Relax your entire body.

Now gently take the knee up to the chest.

Take the leg back, put the foot on the floor.

Bring the other knee up and just take a breather.

To come off of the floor, you're going to take both knees

over to the floor; either the right or left side;

it doesn't matter.

You roll over gently, start walking your hands up

towards a sitting position.

So you have protected your back and have not put strain on it.

Stretch your arms up to the sky, criss-cross the hands over,

lift your body up three inches off of the heels,

take the hip out to the side.

Slowly bring the pelvis forward and up as high as you can.

Take the other hip out to the side

and let the buttocks go to the other side.

Hip. Pelvis. Hip.

Go straight across to the other side.

Very good. Now just relax.

Again, different variations, so you will not have any excuse

on why you cannot exercise.

Mallory has bad knees so she's chosen

to sit in the chair and lift her body up

with her arms to her hip, pelvis, hip, behind.

And at the same time, she's stretching her spine

down towards the seat of the chair.

Fine. Thank you.

Stephen uses his calves when he does this,

so he's going to raise his arms.

Lift up, bend the torso as far as you wish

and then do your hip, pelvis, hip, behind.

That takes the pressure off your calves and teaches you,

you will never have to put pressure

on your calves again.

Take a breather.

Elizabeth because of her back has chosen the side of the sofa.

She's going to do her hip, pelvis, hip, behind.

Very good.

She feels she has more control of her back doing it that way.

Suzette has chosen to separate her knees a bit.

She'll do her hip, pelvis, hip to the other side.

When she gets a bit stronger, she'll be able to push

the knees more together.

Now, we all do it together. Get in your position.

Stretch up. Lift about 3, 4 inches,

take your hip out to the side, pelvis forward,

hip to the side, straight to the other side.

One more time. Hip, pelvis up, hip,

back to the other side. Go down very gently.

Take a breather and we'll start the other side.

Stretch your arms up again, hold on. Lift up 3, 4 inches.

Your left hip out to the side as far as you can,

pelvis forward, hip to the other side.

Go straight to the other side without arching your back

or sticking the buttocks out. Hip, pelvis, hip,

then straight across to the other side.

Now gently go back to your original position.

Lane is sitting on her heels.

She's going to put her hands in back on the floor.

While still sitting on her heels she'll tighten the behind,

curl the pelvis up.

Then tighten the behind more, curl it up, lift the body up

as high as you can without arching the back.

Then she'll gently go up and down 1/16 of an inch.

If you feel too much of a stretch there, just hold it.

When she's finished, she'll gently go down

in slow motion and rest again on her heels.

Stephen's going to be putting his hands on back of the chair

with his elbows straight but relaxed.

It's very difficult for most men to sit on their heels.

Elizabeth again because of her back

wants to make sure that she has it totally straight.

So she's just leaning back.

Now she'll tighten the behind, curl the pelvis up

and give delicate motions.

Does that feel alright for your back? Good.

She can feel her back totally stretching.

Suzette has chosen to take her knees apart just a little bit.

It feels more comfortable.

When she gets stronger, she can put her knees together

or keep them as they are.

Naomi is doing it exactly the way that Callanetics says.

She will do it at her own pace and at the same time

always relax your elbows.

Alright. Are you ready? Get in your positions.

You're going to tighten the behind,

curl the pelvis up while still sitting on your heels.

Now, tighten the buttocks, curl the pelvis up even more.

Now lift your body up as high as you can,

gently 1/16 of an inch motion.

If you feel it's stretching your thighs too much,

just drop your body down a wee little bit

and just up and down.

When you're finished, just gently go back down

and sit on your heels and take a breather.

Sitting in front of a table or a chair,

anything that has legs to it.

You're going to put your legs out straight,

scoot forward to where the arch of the foot

actually is cradling the legs. You'll sit erect.

Keep your hands on the outside of your body.

Now gently round your shoulders over to

take pressure off of your back because when you try

to squeeze at first, you'll try to let your lower back

take the pressure. Totally relax.

Now squeeze the legs at the table or chair together.

Relaxing your body.

As you get a bit stronger, you'll be able

to squeeze even more.

Don't squeeze, relax, squeeze, relax.

You just squeeze and hold it for as many counts as you can.

Naomi's job requires sitting at a desk a lot.

So what she's going to do is just keep her feet pushed

against the legs of her table.

On the inside of the knees are being pushed against

the legs of the table.

And she can relax her body, type, talk on the telephone,

do whatever she wants. And gently relax

the body and the legs.

Margaret is leaning back just a little bit too far.

Put your hands more on the front like this.

Totally relax and let your shoulders drop.

Do not tense your shoulders and just squeeze.

The more you squeeze the stronger your

inner thighs will become.

And the more you can squeeze that's what gets

them even tighter.

A lot of people love to bend

their knees when they first do it.

Relax so you just round your shoulders over a little more.

Squeeze even more than you think you can.

When you feel stronger,

you'll be able to keep the legs perfectly straight.

At first you might feel it right in here,

but very soon you're going to feel it

feel it right in your inner thigh area.

This is wonderful because it really actually makes

the inner thighs part of the leg and it doesn't jiggle

and move back and forth when you're moving.

And also it helps support the back when you're walking.

And it's very, very good for the back.

This concludes Beginning Callanetics.

Remember: No more excuses.

Lie on the floor. Your knees are bent.

Your feet are on the floor, a hip width apart.

Your arms are relaxed on the floor at your sides.

Press the small of your back into the floor

by tightening your buttock's muscles.

Gently curl up your pelvis towards the naval

and hold for a count of 5.

You can curl your pelvis up more than you think you can.

Gently release your back to the floor to a count of 5.

Relax your neck, your upper back and your legs.

Gently release your back to the floor to a count of 5.

Work up to 5 sets in slow motion.

In the same starting position slowly raise your right knee

towards your chest

and gently hug your knee to your chest

holding for a count of 5.

Lower your leg and slowly repeat on the other side.

Let your body melt into the floor like melting wax.

Relax your body even more.

Work up to 5 sets.

Relax your body.

Again, from the same starting position.

Raise both knees one at a time towards your chest.

Place your hands in front of your legs

and gently hug your knees to your chest.

Hold for a count of 5.

Roll just enough to feel that your lower back

is stretching and your tailbone is coming off the floor.

Slowly bring your legs down towards the floor

but not all the way.

Bring the legs up again. Hold for a count of 5.

And gently release.

Let one leg go down to the floor.

Now gently let the other leg rest on the floor.

Work up to 5 sets.

Relax your body.

The Description of Beginning Callanetics