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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Possessive Adjectives in English

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in this lesson we study possessive

adjectives a possessive adjective

describes who the owner is

for example if I think about myself I I

then to describe something that is mine

I can use my this is my marker this is

my book if the subject is you then you

use your your book you have to use your

with a noun your book your car your

ideas when using them he for a man say

his for a woman she use her

when something belongs to a thing it

it's when you and I are together we use

we as a subject the possessive adjective

is our the plural form for you you

becomes your and they uses their notice

of spelling for their t-h-e I our don't

confuse that spelling with th e ar e

there for a place or the contraction

they and are there they both have the

same sound they're there and this also

sounds like there

The Description of Possessive Adjectives in English