Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Know Your People - Vicente Sierra

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(Usual suspects or how are we going to do this?)


I guess we are, well, we are a cool familymaybe

a little dysfunctional sometimes, but yeah, but we are.

As a family, we try to keep everybody there with us.

We try to keep everybody feeling like theyre all part of the same team.

My name is Vicente Sierra, and Im the complex manager here for Triumph Foods here in

St. Joseph.

Do what I say, not what I do.


Uh, simply, I will just tell them to remember

where they came from.

You may be management, but you were in that spot as well at one point in time or another.

Dont forget who you are.

I have a good team here.

I have an exceptional team.

I get a lot of pats on the back and things like that, especially from the plant.

Hey, you are doing a good job!”

And, thats not me.

A lot of it is the guys that are out there physically doing the job.

You just cant forget that.

Tell your guysYall did a great job!” orYou did a good job, hey!” orThe

guys did a great job and pass that along to them.”

Help them understand that theyre appreciated as well as everybody else thats out there.

Always pass along thoseAtta-boys that they give you from above.

And walk in with them.

Dont just go in there and tell themLets go!” or whatever the case may be.

Just, always, be part of that group.

You are just one of them.

Youre not any better.

Youre not any less.

You talk to them as a group and keep them motivated asas you would anybody else.

If youre going to ask them to go to work, then you need to be out there as well.

Dont ask the people to do something that youre not willing to do or that youre

not capable of doing as well.

When you tell themLets go.” and you go with them, they really dont question


It comes down to the Golden Rule: “Treat them like you want to be treated.”

Its just being open, being straightforward with them.

Everybody wants to be heard.

When were with the people and were with supervisors and our leads, you know, its

an open forum to us all.

We, we try to motivate them and, you know, “Hey, keep doing what your doing, and you

could be a lead man and move up and move up and move up.”

They move forward, you move forward.

Not everybody wants to be at work, but if youre gonna be at work, Id like you

to be there with us.

Know your people.

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