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When Surinams National mens football team coach Dean Gorre released the names of

the players who will represent the country during the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup, one thing

stood out immediately; five players who were part of the squad during the four World Cup

Qualification matches are not on the list. Ramon Leeuwin, Shaquille Pinas, Myenty Abena,

Tjaronn Cherry, and Mitchell te Vrede will not be part of the squad later this month

in the U.S. and this may be a problem for coach Gorre

During a press conference, he explained why the five are not in the squad. According to

Gorre, all five had to choose between their club interests and the national team:

But, there are also players in the current squad who were in the same position as the

missing five, but they instead, chose the national team over their clubs. Coach Gorre

named Dutch-based players Sean Klaiber of Ajax and Ridgeciano Haps of Feyenoord as examples

and said he had long talks with their respective coaches. Kalibers Ajax, as champions of

The Netherlands, is scheduled to play Uefa Champions league qualification matches, while

Haps Feyenoord has to try to qualify for the new Uefa Europa Conference League. Nevertheless,

both Klaiber and Haps chose

to be

with Surinams national team. The absence of Leeuwin, Pinas, and Abena presents

a challenge for Gorre because he now has three fewer central defenders to choose from. Pinas

played all four World Cup qualifying matches and scored twice, against Cayman Islands and

Bermuda respectively. Abena, played the first two qualifying matches, against Cayman Islands

and Aruba, from the start. Leeuwin started against Cayman Islands but came on as a substitute

against Aruba and Bermuda. Tjaronn Chery of Israeli champions Maccabi

Haifa, who also chose European club duties over the national team, played in 3 of the

qualification matches and was influential for Surinam. The absence of this left-footed

attacking midfielder also presents a challenge for Gorre. Of all the national team players

Chery is the one who scored the most goals for his club in the past season, 14 in total.

Tall striker Mitchell te Vrede who is a relatively new face in Surinams squad came off the

bench against Bermuda and Canada but has yet to score for his country. But both times he

came off the bench he added something to Surinams attack.

Gorre was asked what he thought of the decision of the five absent players to choose their

clubs over the national team The Gold Cup starts on July 10, and Surinam

plays its first match on July 12, against Jamaica.

Vertaling quotes: There are five players who dropped out. Abena,

he plays preliminary rounds champions league with his club, the same goes foe Tjaronn Chery,

Leeuwin made a transfer to Almere City and he chose to be present during preseason with

his club, Pinas is reportedly close to signing a contract with a new club, where he could

also play champions league qualification and te Vrede is in talks with a club for a possible


There are players who have to take into consideration their future prospects, because they cant

earn a salary with the national team. And, if the club pressures them with contracts,

and things like you have to be here, this and that, otherwise I know how clubs operate,

and that increases the pressure on the players. Than it is a up to the player to decide whether

he wants to risk his place with his club. What I really appreciate is Haps and Klaibers

choices. I spoke to their coaches (Erik) Ten Hag of Ajax and (Arne) Slot of Feyenoord,

lengthy talks. They also wanted their players to be with their clubs. But the players chose

the national team over their clubs. And that gives a lot of faith.

I would choose differently. If I had the chance to play for the national team, I would ignore

everything and everybody and choose for my country. But I can only speak for myself.