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- I have a dream that one day, teachers everywhere

will begin their lessons with a whale noise. (wails)

Here are 50 amazing facts to blow your mind.

There's a restaurant called Tacsiyapo,

Isdaan Floating Restaurant, in Tarlac City, Philippines,

where you are actually allowed to smash plates on the wall

to help release pet-up anger.

Research conducted at the University of Chicago

found that rats who were trained to press a lever for food

stopped pressing that lever once they realized that it

also caused another rat to receive an electric shock.

If we were able to capture just 0.1%

of the ocean's kinetic energy caused by its tides,

we would be able to satisfy the current global demand

for energy five times over.

Research conducted at Brooklyn College concluded that

females are better at discriminating among colors,

while males excel at tracking fast-moving objects.

This is believed to be an evolutionary adaptation

from our hunter-gatherer past.

Sniper bullets travel so fast that the rotation of the Earth

will actually move the target,

so shooters have to adjust their aim accordingly.

California uses inmates to fight forest fires.

And prisoners gladly take the jobs, because it

reduces their sentence, gets them outside,

and pays better than the typical job.

According to psychologist Adrian Furnham,

perfectionism can be a curse that often leads to depression.

The reason for this is because perfectionists

often have an unrealistic view about failure

and are overly critical of themselves,

which results in having a very negative

impact on their daily lives.

(sighs) Jeez, I think I coulda delivered that line better.


Research conducted at the University of Warsaw

concluded that the average person is able to accurately

track three to four moving objects at any one time.

However, an avid action gamer can track six to seven.

Scientology, everybody's favorite religion,

isn't legally considered a religion at all

in many countries.

In fact, Switzerland identifies it

as a commercial enterprise,

France and Chile as a cult,

and Norway as a nonprofit.

I identify it as the clan of the cuckoo squad. (crazy laugh)

During the Iranian embassy siege in London, England

back in 1980, when given the choice of who

from the group of hostages would be released,

they chose Ali Guil Ghanzafar,

whose loud snoring was keeping them awake.

So if you're ever captured as a hostage,

just snore really loud, you'll be free!

According to U.S. soldier Sean O'Shea,

who guarded Saddam Hussein after he was captured in '03,

the only time Saddam ever looked defeated in prison

was when they brought him the wrong cereal.

"No Froot Loops!" he would scream out.

I don't know why, Froot Loops are delicious.

The Megamouth shark, first discovered back in 1976,

is a species of shark that is so rare,

at the time of this recording, only 60 of them

have ever been captured or identified on record.

For eight consecutive years,

a Greyhound dog named Jasmine,

who survived in a shelter, was the surrogate mother

to over 50 rescued animals, including puppies,

foxes, four badger cubs,

15 chicks, eight guinea pigs,

15 rabbits, a deer, and a goose!

In a study conducted by data scientist Matt Daniels,

all members of the Wu-Tang Clan are all in the

top 20 of artists with the largest vocabulary in the world.

Eiffel Tower designer Gustave Eiffel

included a secret apartment for himself near the top,

where he would entertain elite members

of the science community.

Research from the University College London

concluded that teenagers are scientifically

less empathetic than adults.

Due to the continual development in their brains,

teenagers are less likely to use the neural area

that is associated with guilt and empathy

when they make decisions.

Leonidas of Sparta was not a young man

at the Battle of Thermopylae,

like depicted in the film 300.

In reality, he was actually more like 60-years-old,

which kinda makes him even more badass.

Al Capone was known for sending flowers

to rival gang members' funerals.

In fact, at one time, he actually spent over $5,000

on a single funeral.

The average fast food customer eats about

12 pubic hairs a year!

You're welcome for that fact.

The word "best" in best man historically refers to

his skill with a sword.

This is because he may have been needed

if the bride tried to run away,

or if her family tried to stop the wedding.

Jellyfish are 98% water,

so when they wash up on the shore,

they will eventually simply (bubbly noise)

evaporate into the sun.

In 2015, Oscar Santillan, an artist from Ecuador,

removed one inch off the peak of England's highest mountain,

Scafell Pike.

In response, the British demanded that that inch

be returned to them,

and accused him of vandalism.

It's just a little bit of rock, man.

Take it easy.

Research conducted by Yale psychologist Oriana Aragon

determined that tears of joy

is your body's way of neutralizing your emotions

and helps restore your emotional equilibrium.

After an 8.0 magnitude earthquake

that hit Mexico City in 1985,

a hospital collapsed, yet four newborn babies survived

for seven days trapped under the rubble.

They have become known as the miracle babies

for surviving without nourishment, water,

or human contact for so long.

The CEO of Japan Airlines Todu Yamanaka

makes less than the pilots,

takes a bus to work, and eats in the cafeteria.

When interviewed about his, he said that

businesses who pursue money first fail.

Chuck Palahniuk, author of the Fight Club,

preferred the film adaptation so much

that it actually made him embarrassed of his own book.

The mathematical proof that one plus one equals two

actually takes 162 pages to explain.

It was documented in a three-volume work

called Principia Mathematica,

which details the foundations of mathematics.

See, this is why I've never been strong in math.

To me, it's like one plus one equals two.

That's it, it's too much.

Although Donald Trump has described himself

as an ardent philanthropist,

he ranks among the least charitable billionaires

in the entire world.

That should not surprise you.

Mount Everest actually shrank one inch in 2015,

due to the earthquake in Nepal.

70% of U.S. elite athletes

were found to have a key heart gene variant,

known as ACTN3,

that makes them great sprinters.

In fact, 75 of all Jamaicans have this gene.

Ring announcer Michael Buffer

has made over 400 million dollars

by licensing the use of the trademark catchphrase,

"Let's get ready to..."

And I can't finish it, but you know what it is.

I just, I just don't wanna pay him.

FANUC, a Japanese robotics company,

has a factory that can run unsupervised

for 30 days at a time.

Robots build other robots

at a rate of 50 per 24 hour shift.

These factories are called lights-out factories,

because no human presence is needed.

The future is now, we're all out of a job!

The Van Cats of eastern Turkey,

which are a naturally occurring breed,

all have white fur, mismatched eyes,

and love to swim.

They're like mutant cats, I kinda like it.

In 2009, a man named Alexei Roskov from Russia,

drank three bottles of vodka, and then jumped out

of a five story window, walked back up,

and jumped out again, because of his nagging wife.

And he survived!

Bill Gates continued to fly coach all the way until 1997,

when his net worth was already, brace yourself,

36 billion dollars U.S.

It's okay to splurge a little, man, on a little first class.

I think you can afford it.

Drew Manning is a personal trainer,

who in 2011, wanted to prove that it was possible

to get back in shape, even if you became

extremely overweight.

So, what did he do?

Well, he actually gained 32 kilograms,

or 70 pounds of fat,

over a six month period, before he started

the tough journey back to regaining his prior form.

And he did!

You can see underwater sea life and coral reefs

using Google Maps, try it!

Adnan and Sana Klaric,

a married couple from Zenica, Bosnia,

started cheating on each other in online chat rooms.

When they finally decided to meet up with the person

that they were each cheating with,

they quickly realized that they

had been cheating on each other!

And soon after, filed for divorce.

The Pronghorned antelope has a 10 X vision,

which has left scientists to believe that on a clear night,

they can actually see the rings of Saturn.

Russian Special Forces use a knife

that fires a bullet out of the bottom of the hilt.

The safe way to fire it involves holding the blade

to absorb the recoil.

I would not do that, nope, ouchy.

A terminally ill six-year-old boy named Levi Mayhew

was offered a gift from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Now, this is fairly common.

However, instead of using it for himself,

he wished a trip to Disneyland for the little girl

writing him letters out of encouragement.

And, she went to Florida, carrying a cutout photo of him

all the rides that she could.

All the feels! (wimpers)

Serial killer Rodney Alcala

acted as his own attorney in his trial in 2010.

For five hours, he interrogated himself

on the witness stand,

asking questions addressed to Mr. Alcala in a deep voice

and answering them in his normal voice.

During construction of the Golden Gate Bridge,

a safety net was suspended under the floor of the bridge

from end to end.

And it came in handy!

The net actually saved the lives of 19 men,

who became known as the Half Way to Hell Club.

In Ancient Greece, small penises were desirable,

and big ones were for old men and barbarians.


There is an entire industry to help students cheat

to get their degrees, by having their papers

written by unemployed graduates and professors.

And it's actually kind of brilliant,

because students can't get caught for plagiarism,

because the papers are brand new.

Scorpion venom is the most expensive liquid on Earth,

at 39 million dollars per gallon.

The Apollo 11 astronauts

went to the moon without life insurance.

This is because they could not afford the rates,

so, instead, they signed hundreds of autographs,

and gave them to the family members to sell if they died.

Usain Bolt ate nothing but chicken nuggets

while he was in Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics,

because he found Chinese food to be odd.

Yeah, that's right, on a McDonald's diet,

he won three gold medals.

Sir Ian McKellen actually broke down and cried

while filming the Hobbit,

because he had to film with just a green screen

instead of with the other actors.

In fact, he was quoted as saying,

"This is not why I became an actor."

Really, man, you didn't become an actor to be

in a multi-billion dollar franchise?

Just, life is so hard.

A man named Derek Amato from Denver, Colorado

hit his head in a shallow swimming pool,

and awoke with a condition known as

Acquired Musical Savant Syndrome.

What does that mean?

Well, he simply became an amazing pianist,

despite never having learned how to play the piano.

And now your brain is just packed full of knowledge!

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