Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BALI - GARUDA WISNU KENCANA - BERSEPEDA - Yuliana Jiu Dias

Difficulty: 0's time for us to traveling, lets go

And hunting culinary

we will go to Garuda Wisnu Kencana, do you already know? If not, let's go there now

today we go traveling

a glimpse of information about the history of the construction of the statue GWK

planning and design was started in 1989 by the master I Nyoman Nuarta

at that time it was still President Soeharto's government, and it was built in 1997

It is said, this statue is 260m high, wow ... really tall, higher than the American icon of the Statue of Liberty

Because Indonesia was hit by a monetary crisis at the time, its development had stalled

And on September 22, 2018 ago, this statue was completed and officially opened to the public

its construction requires a very long time

for more details, let's go there

We have arrived at the GWK area, from here we will take the suttle bus

because today is the weekend, many tourists come

This banner shows ticket prices and show schedules

now it's our turn to get on the suttle bus

where am i? blocked by female and male tourists

hey ibu, don't sit at the window, you might fall..

Take the suttle bus for a short time, let's go down

there is a statue of Rama and Sinta at ticket counter, but why are the three of them?

For credit or debit card holders, tickets can be purchased, so there is no need to queue

since the statue of GWK has been completed, this is the first time I have entered here again ... so I don't understand and it's rather tacky now, xixixi

we got this souvenir when we bought a ticket

this must be worn because later there is a temple in there

I'm waiting in line to get on the suttle

It's also fun sitting in the back, the road isn't finished yet, so it's like riding a horse

already seen the statue of GWK, can't wait I want to see from the near

We've arrived at GWK statue, but we didn't go up there because we can't bring a camera

GWK is a statue of the god Vishnu who is riding a Garuda bird

in this room there are many pictures about the history of the construction of the statue of GWK, from beginning to finish

We will take the suttle again to see other places here

I'm addicted to sitting behind on suttle, so fun

now we are in the festival park area, here we can rent scoter, hover board or bicycle, but I will walk

This place is often used for events, such as art performances or music concerts

let's see bali dance

this is one of the Bali culture, that make foreign tourists and local tourists come to Bali

this area called the lotus pond, there is a statue of the garuda head

I want to go up there, the name is Plaza Vhisnu

because there is a temple, we must wear a sarong, or in Balinese language is Kamben

This statue of the half-body of the god Vishnu is the first time here

so in the past when it came to GWK, just look at this statue

And from here we can see the view of Tanjung Benoa Sea, and Kute Beach, very beautiful ..

let's go down, let's see what else there is

there is a food court here, so if you're hungry and thirsty, you can eat and sit and relax etc.

This amphitheater, a place to watch Balinese art performances

We can't see the show because I'm late, but we can see what it's like

This is the schedule for the Balinese art performance

look fun watching the show here ... Too bad I arrived late

OK, I think the excursion at GWK is enough for today

Now I want to go biking and culinary hunting

I want to change my clothes first, see you

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