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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Lesson #45: Different Types of Houses - Listening Activity

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we're going to do a listening activity

this activity is all about listening

comprehension meaning you understand

what I'm saying we're going to have an

excerpt for you to listen to and then at

the end I'm going to ask you some

questions so in this lesson we are going

to discuss eight different types of

houses this is a listening activity so

you want to listen closely as I describe

each type of house in detail also if you

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houses come in all shapes and sizes

modern houses have special areas or

rooms for people to do the things that

they need to live comfortably a modern

house has a place to cook food a place

to eat places to sleep and a place to

wash these things are usually done in

separate rooms which are called the

kitchen the living room the bedrooms and

the bathroom now let's talk about the

eight types of houses we're going to

discuss today number one detached house

in some countries such as the United

States Canada Australia and New Zealand

many families live in a detached house

which is separate from other buildings

and surrounded by its

own yard but is close enough to town to

have shops good transport and

entertainment nearby detached simply

means separate or not connected to other

houses number 2 cottage a small house is

often called a cottage apart from it

it's also called small space in England

where this word comes from it is used to

mean a house that has one main story

with a second lower storey of bedrooms

which fit under the roof upstairs

cottages are usually found in villages

or in the countryside in many places the

word cottage is used to mean a small

old-fashioned house in the United States

the word cottage is often used to mean a

small holiday home number three town

house a town house is a building that

has more than one house side by side

covered by one roof semi-detached houses

or town houses are very common in some

cities and can be a single story or


hi number four bungalow in some places

the word bungalow is used for any house

that is all on one level the word came

from India and for a long time was used

for a house that is built all on one

level and has a veranda where people can

sit or work outdoors but under a shady

roof a bungalow often has a halt on the

middle of the house to let the breeze

blow through bungalows are often seen in

countries with hot summers in India

Southeast Asia South Africa parts of the

United States South America Australia

and New Zealand

number five Hut

a Hut is a primitive dwelling usually

made of materials such as wood stone

grass palm leaves branches fabric or mud

people who build and live in huts use

techniques that have been used for

hundreds of years a Hut is of lower

quality than a house but higher quality

than a simple shelter huts are

transportable meaning they can be moved

from place to place more easily than you

could move a traditional house number

six farmhouse a farmhouse may look like

a cottage a bungalow or even a mansion

but in many countries a farmhouse can

look quite different to a house in a

town because as well as having a place

for people to live it also has a place

for animals many farm houses are long

and have two doors one door leads to the

rooms used by the family the other door

opens into a stable for the cows sheep

and chickens number seven mansion

a mansion is a big grand house usually

with two stories and sometimes more a

mansion often has beautiful architecture

and shows that the person for whom it

was designed and built was rich mansions

usually have beautiful gardens sometimes

a mansion does not belong to a private

family but to a town council to a big

business company to a church or college

and is a place for a person with an

important job to live and entertain

guests a mansion often has rooms which

are not found in ordinary houses such as

a drawing-room

a ballroom a library and a music room

well-known mansions are the White House

in Washington DC where the President of

the United States lives and mansion

house in London where the Lord Mayor of

London lives

number 8 Palace a palace is a house that

is very grand many palaces are homes of

royal or aristocratic people one of the

best-known palaces in the world is

Buckingham Palace a royal palace in

London the largest palace in the world

is the Louvre which was built in Paris

for the kings of France it now holds a

famous art gallery so there you have it

those were our eight types of houses and

now I'm going to ask eight different


testing your comprehension and seeing

how well you understand the meanings of

these types of houses number one what

type of house is usually only one storey

high and is found in places with hot


the answer is bungalow number two what

type of house is usually the home of


the answer is palace number three

what type of house shares a roof with

the other homes next to it and the

answer is townhouse number four what

type of house simply means disconnected

from other houses and the answer is

detached house number five what type of

house is extremely large with a variety

of rooms but is not as grand as a palace

the answer is mansion number six what

type of house is a basic home that is

made of mud straw or palm branches the

answer is Hut number seven what type of

house is set on a large area of land

often near a stable

the answer is farm house number eight

what type of house is usually located in

the country and is often used as a

vacation home

the answer is cottage

there you have it that concludes this

lesson of the English with Andrea

podcast I'm so glad you joined me today

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