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Hey what's up everyone, Instinct here. And as some of you may know we recently

bought ourselves a GBBR aka a gas blowback rifle, and as for today

we're going to talk about how to maintain it for longevity and smooth operation.

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quality tactical gear. As the GBBR users amongst you may know it requires

more maintenance than an AEG. Now when do you have to clean it? Well in general the

rule is that if the system is getting more resistance which you can feel by

pulling the charging handle. You need to clean it. Now how often to clean it

depends on where you use it and how you use it. We in general made a rule to

clean it every one or two games just to be safe. Now why do you have to clean a

GBBR well it's very simple, the first reason is: If you don't the system will function

poorly and the second reason is you will create more wear and tear and eventually

something will malfunction. By the way this also counts for a GBB pistol, so if

you can require a guide for that as well go check out the link we've placed in the description down below.

So let's get started!

The first step is to disassemble the gun, do this by separating up receiver from

lower receiver by removing the pin of the pistol grip in the lower receiver.

Once this is done you can cant the upper receiver 90° and then you

will be able to remove the front front pin as well.

After that's done you take out the charging handle and the bolt.

Next up clean the charging handle and the bolt with a rag until cleaned dry.

Do the same for the upper receiver and for harder to reach spots you can use Q-tips.

Now that you've cleaned everything it's time to start lubing, for this we recommend you to use Teflon Gun Grease or a Heavy Silicone Oil.

Because other oils may harm your rubber parts. Use the grease or oil with a clean

rag in order to do the charging handle and the bolt, but remember not use too much, or you'll make

a mess. Now when it comes to the whole trigger mechanism and the buffer tube, you

can clean it if you want but most of the time that won't be necessary as it

doesn't get dirty as the bolt does. Now if you have cleaned it you can use heavy

Silicon oil in order to lube it again.

Now that you have cleaned and lubed everything it's time to start reassembling your gun.

Do this by placing the upper receiver canted onto the lower receiver, and push back in the front pin.

Once that's done you will be placing the charging handle and bolt back into the upper receiver.

Then close the system and lock it by pushing back in the back pin.

Next up pull the charging handle a few times in order to spread the grease or oil inside the system.

Let's talk a bit about the maintenance for the longevity of your gun.

Spray some Silicone oil into the nozzle of your magazines and bolt, after a few times of usage

or when you're about to store your gun for a long period of time, so these parts stay well lubed.

If you do so, make sure to shoot a coupe of times with every magazine you've lubed,

to remove the excessive amount of oil.

But make sure to put off your hop-up unit so it doesn't absorb to much Silicone oil.

After you've done that make sure to clean your inner barrel, and if you don't know

how, well check out the link in the description down below.

Lastly you probably already heard people say that a GBBR

is only as good as its magazines. For this we have some tips as well. If you

are using green gas magazines you want to keep them fully pressurized in order

to prevent leakages and this way they will last you for years. For CO2 usage that

you overall need to lube the system more often. What can help is to place a drop

of silicone oil on top of the cartridge before inserting it, this way the gun

will be lubed when you're shooting. Unlike with green gas you want to remove

the CO2 cartridge otherwise the pin will deform into that specific cartridge and

when using other cartridges your system will leak. So now you're all set to fully

enjoy the realism a GBBR has to offer we sure hope you learned something. And if you

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with your buddies! Thanks for watching and we will see you next week

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