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"where's the bong?"

"I'm sorry.

Was that expensive piece Bullshit Fucking Insanity Yeah, I know. No, I'm talking about the guy who through your bong. You should never throw a bong kid, ever, The Lion comes in a couple days, You're getting a Lion? You can get passed a dog. Dude, nobody fucks with a lion.. Yeah, that's true.

So what kind of weed do you want?" " We go through this every time I come here.

I don't care what it's called, I just want a bag of fuckin' weed..." "Whoa, Chill bro.

I got the

Green Bling, incredible.. The green hulk, incredible.. Green monster Hulk


I got the Green Fucking Insanity ! ! " " Hey !"

Feels So Good !

Can't believe you came on my mom..

Couldn't sleep , I saw the

Line up you fucking nerds, who wants a shot at the champ !

Who's going down?

I'm taking your title , Old Man., and the game..

is Frog-Bog

I'm thinking about getting metal Legs.

It's a risky operation, but it'll be worth it What's in here WHOOO You Suck. Eat that frog dick Timmy, Eat it! *Throws Chili Fries*

I thought you were good at this, man..

Eat that frog dick Timmy, Eat it !

Your shit's Weak ! your shit's weak !

Wizzeak !

Shit's Weak !

Hi, I'm jeff..

I have a bush too, it's not grey..

"My bush isn't really grey.."

well not according to my mom

so funny i forgot

I thought I told you to quit talking about that...

people keep asking me about it.

how many people did you tell about the incident with me in your mom?

thirteen, Fuckin' ! maybe.. why ,I didn't know it was a secret.." "Feels so good !...Fucking"

"Is he sleeping" "

yes and possibly shitting his pants...

Hey look it's Bonno's brother

"Doctor Shakaloo gets it." "Yeah, He does..."

Plus he brought over some crazy Zimbobwe weed that'll turn you into a dear..

Har Har Har

You know Lions eat dear...Right??"

that's true ,Kid..

Doctor, we got to be careful


Ooh dinner time aww fuck damnit sock sucking Ass fuck Fuckfuck Ohhhh god fuck Cock suckin' fuck ass fucker. 0:02:39.759,0:02:42.799 Whoa Alex what happened to your hands? 0:02:42.799,0:02:45.099 Let me guess was your dick on fire?

It was my room-mates they're crazy, they're crazy. They Tied me up! 0:02:48.339,0:02:53.619 I was like one of those calves at the rodeo all helpless and

I came.. And that felt nice. 0:02:57.359,0:02:58.889 Yeah well i don't think that's very smart,

considering you work with your hands


Whoo, that game is fun, Oh my god! 0:03:32.040,0:03:36.739 eternal death slayer three

3 right..

And your just a tester. 0:03:48.569,0:03:51.019 EJECT!

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