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what is up shares welcome to the FUNNESTchannel on YouTube if you're

new here I'm Lindsay share I'm part of the sheriff and make sure you got smash

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we are bringing this jaelyn back down to the pond and we're

gonna have some fun with it you know man you got the scale up for a reason you're

gonna bring it down to the pond it's gonna be so

what's the spot that's the extra point Carter did his vlog yeah we dropped the

water bout is actually one right here look

yeah maybe one throw the water bag down into the pond and see what happens to be

pretty cool

Jarrett super-crazy actually moves pretty fast and when it goes up and down

it like kind of jerks you so it goes really really high be very careful yeah

you gotta make sure that you don't fall off because yeah that's the last thing

whatever yeah that's right if you're teasing that

happen what is the safety man you know he's always watching out for safety so

safety first always

sure you carry one car makes a movement just jerks you like that and groups you

like then it's just like crazy yeah you got a hangout site yeah so I'm hanging

on tight got one grip here got my elbow this way and just hanging here on I'm

excited to take this thing down to the pond you actually get the best view of

the koi fish because you actually are like right over them which like never

happens in real life unless you have this thing whoa look at Carter operating

this thing he's like cool as a cucumber oh yeah

Oh doesn't fall off harder be careful this thing is scary yeah this thing is

pretty crazy my top is a chair

oh yeah we're down by the pond finally if oh I see the koi fish guys

you see them one right there

oh we're going over the water we're almost over the water come in hotshot

quick you guys see any I don't think I see any right now but I don't know

they're they're out there oh I see one right there

I went away oh you guys see it oh yeah we made on top of the water yeah this

thing starting to be bouncy now every time this thing moves it just like we're

going up hang on this we're going so scary yeah let's go up and then drop the

watermelon into the water oh yes I love dropping things from here it's so much

fun Jen scary guys whoa look at the koi fish

right there look they're all up against the wall

Oh partner my legs are starting to shake Wow it's freaking hot okay I hope so I

don't know if that's normal or what


okay we're so far out over those actually it's really scary so we are

above and we're kind of above the zip line wire - whoa look at all the coins

oh they're all over that way they're like in a line yeah that I play

follow-the-leader Oh

chance before I drop the watermelon comment what you think it's gonna happen

will it smash or will enough who knows coming right now okay we are all set up

I got this watermelon right over here whoa careful every movement shirts I

don't know if you can tell but it shakes the whole thing and its really scary

don't fall whatever you do don't fall you got some weight off of this yeah we

need to shed some weight okay hang on hang on okay you jump in the watermelon

I'm dropping the watermelon into the water okay I'm gonna give you a

countdown I hope I don't hit one of the koi fish let's make sure

is there a koi down there no I don't directly below I don't see any shares do

you see any point down there comment if you see any okay I see some koi all the

way over that way okay

that was huge it looks like it exploded upon impact let's watch the slow-mo

up-close-and-personal and see what happened when that watermelon hit the


wow that was so crazy that splash coming off there was huge the biggest

cannonball I can't believe it cracked open like I didn't even think that was

gonna happen yeah that was seriously so cool okay Carter let's go back down and

check out the water man yeah I want to grab the pieces I'm gonna take a bite

what a snack on it here we go whoa wait hang on what's that beeping noise why is

it machine beeping like that Liz oh wait what is that

uh what is that I think that means we're Autobots like an error code it's

throwing or something it's not good letting us go down oh let me stuck up

here let me try this one thirds are jammed good luck

I want to see what I want to snack that watermelon Lin at least we're above

water you see the pond monster anywhere I don't think I've got it

wait no oh wait there it is Oh got just a koi

maybe I hope that's just a fish it's hard to say whoa whoa whoa Liz what are

you doing what are you doing I don't know I mean I felt last time it was

really scary I don't know we're pretty high up right now I don't know if you

want to just jump like that I think I'm just gonna jump down just what it's too

high no it's too hot to jump in the water you're gonna lower me what do you

lower you you come armed Ethan it's not as high of a distance okay that makes

sense but I don't know that's gonna be kind of hard how how do I going to lower

you okay give me your arm and then I'm gonna go down okay no shares I don't

this is a good idea I like what shares a freakout

okay are we go I mean you just called me a crybaby so now you're being a crybaby

no a the machine's jam Liz oh my gosh okay

Liz you gotta go down you got to turn that machine off and hit the safety

button at the bottom okay Wow are you clear with that the safety button on the

machine the bond rose lower down okay okay here we go

okay safety vine this should be on the bottom it's a big red button it's a big

red button this big red button please you did it you saved us I don't know why

we got jammed up here but we are finally working now we are finally making it

down whew that's a relief

it's totally cracked in half this is one half feels good to get back down here

whoa yeah I want to buy it really good hmmm

he's really good guys really good okay sure is what else do you think we

should drop off this thing call me your crazy ideas and until next time you know

what to do stay awesome and share the love peace

we do be good doing backflips like Roman Atwood sitting at the top afraid of my

miss you gotta be brave to take that risk

crying I got the weightless feel land and the water feels so unreal swimming

up now just take a breath all these thoughts here you know the rest

with the massive ears always snacking I don't eat meals with amenities to Hydro

tip jumping off the jet skis which the backflip now you know where the sheriff

grows lime-green member with these underglow hit a million that's what we


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