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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 키스하다가 이빨 빠졌어요

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[Mr. Namek Saint looks upset.] / This is the worst thing in my life.

[What's up?] / I wasn't gonna shoot this but

but this.. all of a sudden..

I was kissing Minyoung and

my tooth just came off.

[Kis-scaling] / I'm losing my hair and tooth now?

So annoyed right now.

Actually, it's a lie.

[I was enjoying my food as usual...]

may be I was too hungry that I chewed a bit hard.

Then, the tooth just came off.

[There is a temporary front tooth..] / Man, believe me.

[Spurted precious tooth..] / It's real. Here, look. A tooth.

(Anyway, I want to say that..)

I think I gotta take some time off.

[Did u lose your mind, too? You're crossing the line here.] / I'm not crossing the line here~

[Feeling Bad] / I look like a dumb without my tooth.

[All clinics are closed b/c its a holiday season.] / I can't do it.

You want me to prove it?

[Opportunitist] Okay, if I show it to you I can take some time off, right?

[Show it and then time off] / You promised, right?

[For precious vacation..!] / Here you go.

Here you go.

[Coming Soon] one, two and three.

[He's Doing it Again]

[Taking time as always] / I'm so embarrassed.

(For real, here you go..)

[My missing tooth with the dinner..]


[I didn't even married yet...]

Do you guys know "*Mang-goo"? (*old Korean silly comedy character)

Mang-goo is not here.

[Traditional Youtube Monster]

[You're enjoying it so much. LOL]

Mang-goo is not here.

[Probably he pulled his tooth out for this.]

I've always wanted to do this.

You know when the bullies spit out?

They spit it through their teeth like this.


I think I can do that.

[Trying ASAP]

[Bully role playing for a high school loser...]

(Hold the water in the mouth...)


[What's the sound? Is it Minyoung behind the door?]

Hey, it's not working..

Let me try again.

[Thinking about those punks who used to bully me...]

SONG Daeik (28 yrs) Getting Emotional

[Fast Give Up] / This is a piece of toast.

How do I get a temporary veneer?

(I need something to fill in..) / Please give me some ideas guys.

[Use Xylitol gum. LOL] / Xylitol Gum?! It might work!

[Fill with Xylitol and I'll ask my friends.]

[This is a million subsriber Youtuber's ability to act...]

[Getting Suppliment] / Is this it?

(Operating right away..)

This much?

[He's out of his mind. Please don't follow.]

[Operation Succeed]

[Satisfied] / So real.

[It's time to show off to my friends...!] / I'm on my way.

SONG Daeik (Quack) Very Excited

[Where are you, my LOL-freaks..]


[Found Bogus]

I just went to see a dentist.

I've got my temporary tooth. Isn't it look real?


[My tooth, you big nose b*stard..]

Is it supposed to be like that? It looks so fake.

Looks fake? It's freaking expensive.

It looks like a gum.

I paid $550 for this.

($550 for that..?)

It looks good, right?

Is that even a tooth? It doesn't look like one.

It's the best quality. / The best quality?

[It's called Convenient Store Gumplant..!]

THAT is $550? Why is it so white?

Bogus (IQ 80) Half Believed / That's how temporary veneer looks?

[Yap. Just like that.] Yeah. It's temporal so.

Is that right?

Touch it.

Why is this so soft...?

[Suspicion] / Is is supposed to..

Touch it harder.


It's woobly.

(It's okay, try one more time...)

Just press it really hard. / Press it hard?

[What an obedient boy, Bignose...]

[Came Off]

[Was..was it me..?]

SONG Daeki (satan) Acting Mode is ON

Wh..what..? It came off.

[What are you gonna do about my Gumplant..]

[Enthusiastic Performance] / Man, it came off.

Bignose (28 yrs) Brain has Stopped

Because of me?

It was soft already.

[I got it from a convenient store. It cost a lot..] / It was expensive..


[Nom Nom]

Why are you chewing that?

['cause it's a gum...]

Xylitol Gum.

It's a gum?


[Successful Prank] You gave me a heart attack. I thought it came off bc of me.

You crazy b*stard. / Alright, bye.


Scolded by a security.avi

What are you doing over there? / Sorry. I'm chewing a gum for a sec.

Are you taking selfies? / Yes, yes. I'm taking a selfie.

How did you get it? You gotta go. / Yes, I'll after take one photo.

Sorry. It's because my tooth came off.

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