Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Self Massage For Stomach Pain

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Today, in this session, I would like to introduce you a simple self-massage method for stomach pain.

With the development of modern society, causes for many diseases are getting more complicated,

the causes for stomach pain could be briefly described into three aspects:

Irregular diet: Such as eat too much or too less, or not eat on time;

Mental factors: Include all kinds of unpleasant emotional changes;

Climatic factors: Such as cold, wind or rain.

No matter what causes the onset of stomach pain,

the most important thing for the patient is to relieve the pain as soon as possible.

Here I have two effective points for relieving pain.

The first point is Zu Sanli,

which is located three cun below the depression at the lateral border of the patella,

when you close four fingers, including index finger, middle finger, ring finger

and little finger side by side,

the width at the level of dorsal skin crease of the middle joint of the middle finger

is taken as three cun, use your thumb to press and knead on this point for 2 minutes,

until you feel soreness at the point.

The second point for relieving pain is called Zhong Wan,

which is located at anterior midline, four cun, which equals to about 5cm,

superior to the belly button, use the middle finger to press and knead on this point for 2 minutes,

the massage on this point should reach certain depth by feeling the beating of the pulse under finger.

Based on different type of stomach pain,

you also need to choose some other assistant point and massage method to get a better effect.

If the stomach pain is caused by overeating,

you can rub the abdomen clockwisely for three minutes to improve digestive function,

and massage on the point Tian Shu, which is at the same level but 2 cun lateral to the belly button.

Use both sides of middle fingers to press and knead on both sides of Tian Shu points for 2 minutes.

If the stomach pain is caused by mental factors, such as anger, tension, anxiety or pressure,

choose Tai Chong point on both feet, use the thumb to press along the transverse crease

between the first and second toe,

knead at the place where you can feel the beating of pulse for 2 minutes,

then use both palms to rub costal areas on both sides,

also could help to smooth liver Qi and regulate mental activities.

If the stomach pain is caused by cold weather, get a hot drink and a hot cover on the stomach as soon as you can,

meanwhile, lie on your stomach, ask someone else rub your back by using palms along the spinal cord,

specially on the left side, rub for three minutes until you feel warm on the back.

This simple self-massage should be helpful when you are suffering from a stomach pain,

but preventive methods should always be noted,

if you have stomach problem, you should always keep your diet to be regular, and no spicy and cold food,

make a good control to your emotions, and also do some exercise to enhance your physical fitness.

By doing all of these, I wish you have a healthy stomach and a happy life! Thanks!

The Description of Self Massage For Stomach Pain