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If you've watched more than two videos on this channel

you probably know by now that we are preaching that Jesus taught his disciples to quit their jobs

sell all their possessions and to join up with others who are trying to follow Jesus

so that together we can go into all the world to preach the Gospel.

And one of the arguments that people come up with against this teaching goes like this

"What if everyone did what you are advocating? What if everybody quit their jobs and started preaching?"

"Who would grow food? Who would make clothes for us? Who would build roads and houses?

"Now, your message is fine for a few isolated individuals. But it's not for everyone. It's certainly not for me."

Now, there are two ways to react to that one: The grumpy way, and the enthusiastic way.

I'm going to start with the grumpy way.

I have three ten-year-old grandchildren, and I often listen to them when they're playing.

Occasionally, they get into a what-if mood, which goes something like this.

"What if we could have all the ice cream we could ever eat? Or, "What if we didn't have to go to school?"

Or, "What if I was famous and everybody wanted my autograph?" You know, that kind of thing.

I sometimes tease them, and my teasing goes something like this.

"Hey guys, if you're gonna dream, why not do a better job of it?

"What if you could have anything to eat...anything that you like, and as much of it as you like?

"What if you could fly?

"What if you never got sick?

"Hey, what if you could live forever?

"What if you could solve all the world's problems?

"What if you knew everything there was to know?"

You see, what I would be doing is showing them that this whole what-if thing is nonsense.

It's not going anywhere. Just dreaming is not going to make it a reality.

Now, that's the introduction to my grumpy side on this issue.

And so my answer to those people who, in response to the message of living by faith, say things like

"If everybody did it, the world would collapse."

My answer is this: don't bother me with "what if". Change your question to "what is?"

That's where we need to start. What is reality in the world today?

You see, if there's a great need for doctors and nurses

you don't go throwing cold water on the recruiters by saying

"Well, what if everyone were doctors and nurses? Who would build the hospitals?

"Who would make the medicines? Who would run the rest of the world?" You wouldn't do that.

You would just wish them well in getting more people to enroll in courses for doctors and nurses.

And the reality is that we're a very long way from having too many doctors and nurses in the world.

And we do have too many unemployed and too many uneducated people in the world.

So, with that illustration in mind, let's ask ourselves what is happening spiritually in the world today.

What is everybody doing? Or perhaps more to the point, what is everybody not doing and why aren't they doing it?

You see, that's where we need to start.

And when we do start there, we'll soon discover that what everybody is doing is looking out for themselves

making sure they have enough money before they even think about helping others.

Reality is that nobody is obeying Jesus and teaching others to obey Jesus.

And even much of what people consider themselves to be good is still something that they're not free to do

because they have run themselves into debt and really cannot afford to help others.

Jesus said the harvest is plenteous, but the laborers...the laborers are so, so few.

Do you hear him weeping when he says that?

He came with good news for the world, but no one is preaching it.

He came with a vision of something called the kingdom of heaven, and no one wants to build that kingdom

because we have too many other kingdoms that we want to build.

So, the kingdom of heaven languishes in obscurity

while we build any number of other kingdoms of our own choosing and from our own imaginations

with none of them--not one of them--based firmly on what Jesus taught.

Now, that's the grumpy answer to the question about, "What would happen if everyone started obeying Jesus?"

But now let me tell you the enthusiastic answer. This is the fun side of my teasing with my grandchildren.

What if there was a world where everything fit together

where all our problems would be solved, where we would discover life in all its fullness, as Jesus put it?

You see, that world is not a fantasy; it can be a reality, and it will be a reality one day.

Right now we can only show the world a tiny sample of what that kingdom is like.

Just like Jesus did when he and his followers traveled from village to village.

The Bible says that they went everywhere showing the good news of the kingdom.

And until a much larger percentage of the world's population starts living this way

preaching the theory and trying to give people a vision for how it works

showing them a sample will be our primary occupation.

But the message itself is really about a world where everyone expresses their love for God

and love for others by not working for money.

So, that is what we do.

We try to inspire them with a vision of how it will be when everybody does it

because one day the whole world really is going to be living by faith when Jesus returns

and that is good news.

That's exactly what we preach: a world where everyone stops working for money and starts working for love.

Imagine it, brothers and sisters: no need for banks, no need for debt collectors

no gambling casinos, no police force, no courts, no juries.

People will make roads. They will plant crops.

They will make and drive vehicles and deliver goods to grocery stores.

They will make clothes and probably research new treatments for various diseases

if diseases even exist at all.

We will do all this and more, and we will do it without any of us being paid to do it

and it will work precisely because we do all live in this way.

I love contemplating this incredible world!

That's how I imagine it when Jesus will return

and when he gives his followers the responsibility of setting up such a world government.

We'll probably have something like department stores, with all the things that people need in them.

No silly competitions to outdo one another with wearing the most expensive dresses

but more than enough really nice long wearing and beautiful clothes for everyone.

And everything else we need will also be provided for again, without the need to compete with each other

and no need to make bad quality stuff that will wear out quickly and bring people back for replacements.

No, we'll be making the best possible furniture and carpets and lawnmowers and cars

not posh and showy, but just plain, all of it efficient, beautiful and long-lasting.

In the stores, instead of price tags, there'll be signs that tell us which items are in short supply at the moment

and which ones we have more than enough of.

Shopping will more or less consist of freely gorging ourselves on whatever is in season

but taking smaller amounts of those items which are out of season or in short supply

so that everyone can have a little.

Fair and equitable supply and demand, not luxuries for the rich and leftovers for the poor.

Can you get the picture?

I believe that this is precisely what life will be like during the millennium

the 1000 year reign when Jesus and his followers rule the world.

We're literally preparing for that right now, for the day when everybody will do it

when everybody will stop working for money and just do whatever most needs to be done.

There will be so much time to put to use for really helpful stuff that we never had the time for previously.

We really can have a cleaner world, a healthier world, a world with greater beauty and more leisure

simply because we are no longer trying to see who can consume the most.

But instead, will be looking for ways that we can share everything fairly and responsibly.

Sustainable living will finally become a universal reality.

And here is where I want to add something for the benefit of that tiny handful of people

who are now working to bring this sample to the world

through our lives of simplicity and service to God and others.

Building, cooking, repairing, growing, healing...these are no longer our full-time occupation.

But don't be afraid to make them your hobbies, and when you do, learn to do them to the very best of your ability

because one day they may become your full-time occupation

after we have taught the whole world to live by faith.

And to those few children and teens who are still in school

don't grumble about not being able to get out there on the streets and preach.

No, learn everything you can, and learn it well

because one day you may be doing those things or teaching those things yourself

in the kingdom of heaven here on Earth.

I think it was like that with Jesus' healing ministry.

Sure, everyone that Jesus healed still died in the end

but his real purpose for being here was not just to heal people whenever they got sick.

His real purpose was to give them eternal give them abundant life

to give them a picture of a world where everyone lives by faith

and where everyone lives to serve God and love others.

Healing was just a sample of how practical that world can be right now.

A temporary sample, but still enough of a sample that at least a few people

were able to make the jump between what he was doing in the temporal and what he was doing in the eternal.

And Jesus totally commended the good Samaritan

even though he didn't have any supernatural abilities to tend to the wounds of the man who had been injured.

So healing, in one form or another

is really a good way to demonstrate concern for people with their temporal problems.

Have you ever heard the complaint that some people are so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good?

Well, let's not be guilty of that.

Learn everything you can in this life: new languages, new recipes, better construction, greater efficiency

all of it is going to be useful one day.

That day when everybody starts doing what we are doing now, which is not just preaching theory.

What we are doing now, and what we will be doing then, is listening to the leadings of God's holy spirit of love.

Following his instructions and building his wonderful eternal kingdom

in the hearts and lives of those around us.

Would you like to become part of that world?

Remember, the harsh reality is that nobody is doing it.

But our dream is that one day, our Lord will return and everybody will be doing it.

Some of us will be in charge of whole cities, putting them back together again

according to the principles of the kingdom of heaven.

And we are literally preparing for and looking forward to that day now.

So, if you want to come and visit one of our communities

if you would like to become part of one of our tiny teams of heavenly workers

please do contact us: write to the address on screen and let us know what part of the world you live in.

Don't expect to find a big organization.

But do expect to find people who have a dream

a dream about a world where everybody is doing it, where everybody is living by faith

working for love, and all in obedience to Jesus the Messiah: God's anointed an eternal king.

He is indeed the living breathing literal Word of God.

We're looking forward to the day when you arrive and start to become part of it with us.

So, please write to us today!

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