Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pokemon X - [Pokebank] Palkia, Dialga, Giratina EVENT + Latios ALL SHINY !

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Hello everyone , as promised I'll show you the video on shiny legendary I transfered

via Black 2 there will Dialga , Palkia and Giratina shiny of course, who are the legendary

trio that had been distributed by the Nintendo last year (summer 2013) and then I 'll show

you that I caught Latios on Black 2 also . So here we go , the first is Giratina it seems

to me , I'll let you discover it in combat. A beautiful Giratina , it is really beautiful.

I'll let it run a little camera and then I 'm going to put the Orb Platinum- so you can

see the shape Originelle ( if I do not talk nonsense ) . It is great that shiny . I will

show you the following . Dialga . They are big enough these legendary . You will see

the Pokemon Amie you'll be surprised . And then, Palkia . He is still the largest , it

is very impressive . The colors stand out really well on Pokemon X , with 3D done right

. Compared to Swirlix is a giant (laughs). I 'll show you the last. It is really beautiful

Latios , it is beautiful as I think. When I was talking about colors here see this great

on Latios , I have a big heart for that one. Go we'll do attack to finish. That's it. I'll

show them to the Pokemon Amie ( hop ) . Ah yes, before the Pokemon Amie I'll show you

the Original form of Giratina , I is not there sorry thought. That's it. Giratina has changed

shape , great. Go a little last battle before moving to Pokemon Amie . Oh it is awesome

like that. It's really really well done , I do not know if you think but in any case I

find them really well modeled in 3D like that, it really is superb Giratina . It is legendary

that the well ( laughter ) . Ahh this is beautiful, I'm going to go to the Pokemon Amie otherwise the video will last

very long. Suddenly you will see fit Originelle ( hop ) . So it's simple, to caress just give

him a cake first , hop, at least it goes on the bottom screen . He made two bites of cake

(laughs). Ah , when you place your hand on the wings, this is not the same sound as on

the body. You'll have to try that. Still go a cupcake , here . Then we Dialga . He too

will be on two screens. It is great that one. We will pass it down, hop . Oh, and change

we will try to see the face he makes when the cake it will fall . (Laughter) Of course

he's angry . Then Latios . I think it takes a screen yes ? Yes. Latios small rocket (laughs).

It is really very beautiful. I 'd like to see Latias also how it is. And we go to the

last , which is hmm .. Oh, Palkia . And I would leave you with these images. ( Hop ) . It

is this huge Pokemon . I'll let you go and I told all of you to spend a good evening

and good transfers especially Pokemon ! Soon, chao !

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