Practice English Speaking&Listening with: VI High 52 - Bookmarks and Attaching Comments in LabVIEW 2013

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In LabVIEW 2013 there are some truly stellar new features involving commenting on the block

diagram. Now lets take a look at this event inspector VI we were just working with and

lets say I want to put a comment on this Register for Events node. Well I can just

say hereregister eventsand if I hover near it, I see that to the lower right theres

an arrow. So I can click and drag and then select an object now to which this is linked.

So if I move this guy around or move this around, of course it still points to that,

and if I block diagram clean up everything were still pointing to that, very handy.

Ill undo that a couple times.

Also new in LabVIEW 2013 is bookmarking on the block diagram. So for instance Im a

LabVIEW developer so a lot of times Ill be working all day developing LabVIEW, being

really happy and then at the end of the day Ill notice a bunch of things that I still

need to do and Ill close out for the day but I dont want to forget those things.

So this new feature in LabVIEW allows me to bookmark these things to come back to them.

So for instance maybe I have a bookmark calledfix this.” As you can see the hashtag

in front automatically prompts LabVIEW to bold this and then maybe after the bookmark

I type what it is: “timing on 2nd loop.” Now I can leave it like that or of course

I can attach it to the loop, thats always handy. Maybe I also want to bookmark this

entire structure: right click>>visible items>>subdiagram label in the same bookmark: “fix this.”

Now why is that handy? Well now I can go to view>>bookmark manager and I can see all the

bookmarks that show up underfix thisand where they are. So I can double click

and it will take me precisely to that place so I can do whatever I need to do. Maybe Im

doing code review with someone else and I can have a hashtag sayingreview this.”

Plenty of options available with the bookmark manager.

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