Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Reaction to "A skit of Lucas trying to do 6x3"

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Hi, guys, welcome to another video--

Today, we're gonna be doing a reaction video--

to a video called: A skit of Lucas trying to know what 6×3 is"

Okay, let's start...

Sometimes, we forget why we're here


Yo, dude, what's the problem?

Math Problem-

Ooh, lemme look -Wait, what?!

Is he literally switching?

Bro... is he literally switching?

He couldn't just edit it?

He's like, going like:

Oh, hey!


Wha-wha- he could just edit it.

You know what? Just go.

- Let me see.

Okay, dude, what's 6×3?

6×3! I don't know!


I legit don't know!


I don't know!

6 3's!

I don't know? What is it?

Get your mom.



- Did he literally just get a towel?

- What's the problem?


- It's weird how he's looking at the camera.

Okay, what's easy? This is easy.

What's 6×3?


What's 6+6?

Oh... 12.

Now add 6!

I don't know! You don't know then what is it?

Get your math teacher!


Mr. Pilge!

Boom! What?!


I taught you this! What's 6×3?

I don't k- Look! If Johnny had 6 boxes of soap, how much soap would he have?

How much? How much!?!

- No...

Feeling so terrific! Feeling so terrific!♪--

- So, is that just it?

Okay, first- first thing... you could just edit it.

You don't need to, like, go back and fourth in the video.

It's kind of like, cringy. Ya know?

No, dude that's a big no no.

I have no idea what I just watched.

Oh, shoot.

And it's "TikTok"!

TikTok is cringy as hell.

I don't know what to do with my life anymore.

I should just end it right now.

Okay, you got the reaction, okay?

So I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

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