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>> Looking ahead to the future, we don't know. We can't say for sure exactly what the long term

effects of this election. And especially the way it is being contested, will be. Maybe we'll be

lucky an in four years. No one will even remember this period of turmoil that we're in right now.

And the next Republican who gets walloped in the popular vote will just concede maybe will be that

lucky. But maybe not because there's more and more survey information coming out showing that. One

of the legacies looks like it's going to be that Republicans. Just don't accept elections anymore.

And when I say Republicans, I don't mean Donald Trump here, that's obvious. I mean

like their voters. As a new survey, new pole from Reuters that found 68% of Republicans

said that the presidential election had been rigged. As did 16% of Democrats for some

reason. And while only 5% of Republicans said they believe president down Trump had won the election.

That number changed to a majority when they were asked whether Trump had

rightfully won the election now. Overal 55% of all respondents said the election was legitimate.

I guess that's the good news. That a very narrow majority of all of America believes this election.

That Joe Biden crushed Donald Trump in 6 million votes easily in the popular vote.

By the time we're done counting because New York is taking their sweet **time to do that. Let

alone the 306 Electoral College votes that has been described by people like Donald Trump as

landslide blowout historic. A huge victory. We get 55% that are like. I guess. And a huge majority.

Republicans say that it was rigged and the Trump actually won. And maybe they'll change

their mind. Maybe they'll forget this overtime. But right now it looks like

it is. As with everything, with every fact. It either makes me comfortable or it's fake news.

>> Yep, and as I think we set up this situation now.

No matter what the reality is. There's going to be a source of someone. At least

i love you up I guess. Satisfy your need to feed whatever narrative have you been believing this

whole time? You no longer need to read something to go okay. That's confirmed or not confirm.

This one I think and I need to find something to confirm that for me.

And until I find that I'm gonna just keep searching and yelling at everyone else had

been wrong. And now there's no sources they can find it. I mean, we talked about it. But there

was folks who always talk about they reach out to Fox is going off the rails purposes anymore.

So now you're moving on Central. >> Yeah, and by the way look,

I think this is far more common on the right. But there are people of all varieties that really just

want media that tells them everything they think is true. I've described it as drugs in the past.

At some point you get sorta used to. It used to what you get and you want a more refined form.

OAN, in that is they're just there following that business model. Because this business

model of the heroine dealer I guess. >> FoxNews is 3% impure. Okay,

they question Trump 3% of the time when Chris Wallace had a particularly good night sleep.

And you know what,, they've found I guess there. Walter white in this metaphor. An ONN

could get to 999.% purity. And some people are going to chase that purity. Another

poll, Monmouth. 77% of Trump voters think Biden one because of fraud.

Okay, so I guess 23% of Republicans don't think that Biden's win was due to winds.

Biden wins by the way, which I understand. You get to this position by thinking that all

polls are 100% wrong and all that. But Joe Biden was literally never losing

to Donald Trump. In polls from even before he declared his primary run.

So to go through like a year and two third of no indication.

That Trump is leading sure plenty of indications that it might be close. But not that like well,

wait, Trump was winning the whole time. And now all of a sudden it flips. There was none

of that. And get almost every single Red Hatter thinks that this thing was decided due to fraud.

>> Well the first thing is people writing off before they were off again this time.

That was galvanized million times polls polls, polls,suck,

suck suck,polls suck,polls suck,polls suck and certain things. And they weren't exactly right.

He was going to a member. I remember someone said polls suck a million times, that's right.

Okay, so I got that check that box. Now the night of the election, a

Trump is leading in some states. Okay, check that box. Okay,

it's a fraud. That's all they need. It was these two letters long, but that you believe

those two things. And that's all they need to go to continue to push this in fact process.

>> I hope this goes away. And look if you go back to the week of the 2016 election

where there's some Democrats that think that it was fraudulent. Sure, there were some. I

don't think the numbers were like this, but there was some. But this is a crazy amount.

And the thing is like it would be easy to think. Everybody's feeling

really emotional right now in the week of the election. It's only been a couple

of weeks. But people will come down at some point, but will they with Fox News

like Fox News is going to acknowledge Joe Biden's legitimacy in a month or two?

The bright bar is going to suddenly become a little bit more Chur. Ben

Shapiro is going to stop being the tiny little hobgoblin that he is. Now

anybody who currently thinks that Biden one only because of fraud.

Is going to have that reinforce a million times over for literally months if not years.

And a lot of it will be coming from Trump too, because he's tweeting,

I win Michigan. Do you really think that in two years he won't tweet that? I really want Michigan.

Do you still talks about the Electoral College margin for 2016 now.

I don't think this and that was what he won one that he lost.

>> His last words are gonna be I really one vote observers.

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