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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I BOUGHT A TESLA FOR OUR FAMILY (WIFE SURPRISE)

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jake what are you doing bro is all this gone to you did you just? Are you ok?

Get him up Uncle Kade


and this looks like fun

Talk about fun. We are on a family adventure

Whole wholesome family fun look at this so Ericka came up with the idea was like hey this morning

We should wake up the ratchet with water balloons. That's my favorite pastime. I love the way

She's thinking about vlogging you're really going about it in a in a great approach

Mm-Hmm. This is great. Wow you're strong. So let's start filling up the water balloons and uh good morning, Jake Paulers

were doing this thing!

Okay, stop, okay. You can stop stop. I did not pee myself

I don't pee my pants I used to but not anymore what all the cool kids are doing it there all we need yeah

You got it you want to carry it i gotta vlog. This is great kids before we get started

Did you know that this is a tomato plant in its infancy and not but a couple months this thing

while while

Will have tomatoes so we could eat. I don't like tomatoes Uncle Kade yeah. Yeah, no really good. Let's go. Bye okay. Yeah

yea I'm fine. You don't look fine. You look like you're having a rough time there well

you dont look fine

you look like you having a rough time there well im a little stressed

there's water coming out

there up there up

sup guys its everyday bro

Really the blanket they have to cover their whole hows their morning going

its going Solid bro there's one Chanceanthony and one Martinez. I will leave you alone

bye guys

(giggle) were not done


Uncle kade gets one too

this is the prank


One for the Martinez

whats up bro?

No, you guys are sure water. Oh, we're bonding look at a lot of the water. Yeah

Yeah, you gotta come uh uh uh You get so much button below us watch that was pretty good

Yeah, I think you are today. Oh, there's one more time who wants to do it

I'm just gonna save this one that's our first water balloon fight. ohh yeah, you could put in a frame. Oh


i one more for backup

your kinda wet there

That's a move I've seen that move before - oh peter pan ooh, baby. How you do that?

Oh look she's playing long as you know that's a great move so should we clean it up or should we just let it evaporate?

All right, yeah a its will evapurate that right good morning martienz

Bye, babe. Love you bye

Looks good

Are you awake? I'm awake. Well. It does lit at i least one person. Which is Chance Hey tony yo

Missed out, bro. I swear you've been there for like every vlog. I've ever done. Yeah

Yeah, no we got no water balloon fight. It was great. Yeah, no, we actually don't normally like go like this right now

We don't let me go. I throw them back. Oh

Okay, not the water again. We all know what happened left. Good morning. Jake paulers. What is going on if you're new here

I'm jake Paul. This is the team ten house and it is lit every single day bru. Make sure you're working hard

Make sure you're smiling make sure you're Dabbing on them haters it and we got a fun day ahead of us so to be lit

LIT! LIT! Lets do this thing

yeh, squad yo yo yo yo right here with the family Uncle Kade

We got babies we got Mickey mouse. I'm on I'm on your channel


Wish a good sing-along our family is progressing I get so good getting getting big. I hear any big right you're not pregnant are you

no Are you know you look at excited you almost had it?

wha wha wha wha

Chance is working on it. I'm working on it. Erika. Are you working on it? Yo? Why are you all dressed up?

every time I look like my

Outfit I've ever seen yeah like she looks like her you guys look amazing we should leave

I don't know. I want to go somewhere where should we go Brennan Ralph? Yeah through it

Yes, you guys don't go food. Yeah, you want to get food you want to go on a

you guys should be safe. Oh we could practice babysitting them while we go get food. That's good right? What kind of car do you have

Do you have oh we have a sprinter orange? They may not really not a lot of air bags

Oh the team ten or no yeah. Oh no, that's okay. What do you mean?

That's not safe

Babys cant go in that!

And I recorded all the time yeah martinez was going it we put them in his fine right?

I really haven't thought about this yet. She's kind of right. Well. What is your car then the ford exploer

its a big usv is the other

Thing safe I feel like is that usv. Well. We just want your car. Yeah, we can go in our cars

Let's go all of us

Not hurt on their lap babies in I mean not babysitting what car can we get what we in the order an uber?

Honestly man. Have you seen the new

Tesla the white one do you have it no, but we should go get one

If I had the money spent the money like you probably up the money to do

your saying if we had a tesla why i dont understand

I don't know. I don't know if it's date on the character. Shape honestly he's right. He's right

Tesla's rated one of the Safest suv they wrote all the batteries on the bottom cool very bottom

Why does she know that I'm an uncle uncles know everything gene so Erika good at us laws. So we could have babies


Let's cute right. I'm not I would be down car seats rid of active oh

It's almost like it's becoming serious everyone's down for it though. Yeah, Jake buy it if you buy it

Yeah might will quiet. Oh yeah

Like the doors open up like wings. What do you mean they open up like wings they open up like this?

Amador's Bowie knives itself you can focus on you know if I hit you're over itself

That's dope because then I can make out with Erica while it's driving. Oh my God. Yo really really good ideas

Don't know you guys need a tesla - I never make out. It's okay

makeup makeup, yeah

Energy time well, I'll be high energy and stop energy the last time this happened. I bought a lamborghini oh

Oh my God, the time is there like I'm gonna be able to talk we even have tonight

They just want to ride nick as cool, but put almost safety family oriented vehicle for family my wife because everyone say dude

That's what I'm saying. I got a ride with the doors open and the autopilot, but I want my babies

I'm gonna have babies and they have to be safe stacey

How many girls you get pick up a book tour?

Amy would you buy a console right now?

100% how much are they does anyone know how much they owe a hundred thousand here you go go?

How much honey please go - I don't want to know much Affari a camera ain't guardin like 82

What's like the most safe one though? I mean looking at upwards of 150

51 some how do you know everything Joe I'm an uncle bro. Well, then I see it

What is this well on a David Dobrik head? Oh? Yeah?

That why he got it so that he could drive around with his girlfriend and be safe like Liza

She's a little tiny little tiny girl through how it makes sense

Yeah, having changed or probably trying to make baby. Oh my God. I want to be like David you've been in there

Yeah, it was that in there. Yes. They were was it safe

I mean, we didn't put the car seat in we were driving, but it was a paper say

No, man would seem concerned about though. We're really doing this right now. This is why we got a car broke on it

I feel like it's very spur-of-the-moment

Generally, I come on. Oh yeah for the kid. Thank you right right give me kiss. Yeah, oh

yourself oh

This is why I came to town so jigs right

it doesn't what it was on autopilot you guys do this all you want all my gosh is right you guys took all my

Online I want to kiss you, baby. Oh, I want to kiss you. We can't get ownership. That's enough ugh. Oh


Well, I can't do that if we were driving

Okay, you're driving

Who is your tesla you can just ah?

And I just don't want to like lose my manhood

You know like that oughta turn it to like that a soccer dad stop dude

Bingo Zero to sixty a 2.9 seconds bro. Smoking lambos boy, whoa? It's bad to bro. Oh see I need autopilot


And we 2.9 seconds ago zero to 60 under three seconds bro triple win zero to 60 and 2.9 seconds I

Really want it. Yeah? I'm gonna be a man. That's manly man am I imaginary man

Wait wait for the customer right away, right?

I gotta get this oh

Now I'm warning you I vlog it. Yeah, okay. I get hijacked follows. I'm jake my name's dish. I'm a tesla

Please lay down nearly no


What is doing about taking all this on to you you?

Just lose crying just get him up okay. I got this all wrong. Is that the one I'm gonna get I think that's it right

Bigger better for kids okay? Oh, Jo highest safety rate high safety rating in America. You were right bro. She's

trying to buy a tesla 3x1 come yet and

When do we look at the cars? I think you just buy them you don't even look right?

I mean, I'm down as long as it's for my family. I'm gonna come sit over here about you. Oh Ryan

Are you excited? I mean, I'm buying a tesla, but you're here yeah work. We're Baltimore, Elsa parton. This is great. Oh

Wow, you let me drive it. I'm gonna let you not drive it you see what I did there. Yeah, that's funny dad joke

I'm a dad. I'm not yet yet. Yeah, I'm nervous. All right my man showing me tesla's

This is amazing who do these guys what a spaceship look like I want the white one. Is that the same one?

That's a model activate. Oh

Man, I want that one. Oh my gosh. Do you love this more than your wife?

It's not too sure you shouldn't get it. No. I know you can say that on camera, but Jake

Yeah, we'll take it. We'll take it right. I'm excited. Yeah, I should buy it

What do you do shush it, and it? I probably should have sat in it before. I bought it in here. There's a TV

Oh, no way, you're cool. I don't even want to sit in it. I just want to buy it. We'll take it

This is the key it looks like a car. Not a key. Oh my gosh. Wow. This is really happening

Okay, what do you think?

and you see oh

my God

Futuristic yeah, well we're looking into the future of having kids oh

Oh, II the weirdest people you've ever

Okay, I think of you and Erica and little junior walking over dude setting them right here with all the space

Oh my gosh, right there named junior. Okay? My name. I could name him you can I don't know why maybe

Maybe look at those rims. Those are nice, too. Oh my gosh. It's baby friendly

Kids love it. It's perfect

I'm the perfect use for this one. I'm in love with the car already

Anything no, it's great. I thought I didn't have to do it great. Yes

They call this a make-out feature right I have to make up features. Well. I bought it

For oh yeah. I love it. - love it

The family Lois family first kids always remember that they bring your kids and your wife that is so sick

How long does that take like 20 minutes? Yeah lots of 20 minutes look how great this is?

I'm so excited in it. Let's test out all of its features as a family am I right

This is a good time to drive it. I bought it already. I'll drive it now. This is cool. Oh, I

Just closed all natalie. Oh, so, how are we doing this? I mean I can someone has to drive the sprinter back

I don't exactly get me encargo Vacu Newark. She's got the babies so that means there's no room for me

I don't think so, okay better. Make sure it's all safe. Yeah

Okay, get in family. Oh, this is such a good family car. I'm gray. How is the back half this view right now?

I mean to twist and then you guys yeah the gang's all here close the door family

oh, oh

Did it go so just as a family?

Oh my God you want to test out that 0-60 time yeah the kids, but it's safe. That's why we got it

Oh my God, oh

Look at me. Go. Oh my gosh. Is that babies R us babies are ours?

I favorite store ever we gotta get the baby on board stickers. Oh family coos - keep it spoon. Oh my gosh

I love this store. Let's go guys, okay babies are a store. No, we're Christie Creek

We don't need a clothes no us we pay for right one two three


I'm bad an bujji hahahaha. Are you in having a rule?

While you're doing so good

Erica you practicing she's doing good right does anyone actually know where to go because we we just leave it right this way

Where did he come from oh my gosh Uncle K knows where you were really we may be there?

But there's a lot of things that are on board everything you want to blair girl. Oh sure

What both this one's for me little racer on board they knew I was coming before you touch please wash your hands

Truly set it in that I just spent one hundred and seventy thousand dollars, but nothing. I'm fine

Mmm-hmm you're fine wow all I can say is wow

Walking out of the store like champs as a family together we rise

Uncle Ke Tatum and Oakley Tyler and Madison my beautiful wife Erica. Look at us go

Life is about taking risks life is about family

Life is


piney Tesla's on a Suburban moment basis

So that your kids will be really safe when you drive them and also say you can go zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds

Life is

Magical and it's what you make of it on a day today


to determine

what your outcome is in this beautiful game of life and


We rise together as a family

United as one in this tesla. This is not a paid endorsement

Uh-huh snap what am I saying? It's everyday, bro. All right back to you. Jake. Okay. You got me on Board Say V our

Progressive vows

Perfect perfect perfect or shot. It's also close it close it. Oh

Buddy, baby, Iris, all I mean the windows are really sensitive windows are very possessive all right now. We're ready to drive

Let's try all right here. We go. We're going to do a zero to 60 this is why I got an x well. What what?

Aerodynamics no we got this ready hold on wait. I'll be



20 minutes later whoo, all right guys look I'm opening your doors for you. I'm opening your door. I opened it for you

Oh my God, no problem, jake Paulus. This is like

This is so surreal like look at this thing look at how beautiful this looks

I think we as a family we came up with this idea. It's great. I mean truly, so

the idea that we came up with real like yo

I want to dedicate this car to the jake parlor like without you guys

And without the squad here this car wouldn't be possible to be able to get and so I want to

Stitch a couple of your names into the interior of the car

So you can be here you could be here here

You could be here, and this is a contest guys so pay it pay attention

I'm going to stitch you guys's names

Into the inside of this car so that every time I'm vlogging in here like your name might be you know for example right here

in the background of the vlogs

The reason why I want to do this is to dedicate it to you to the J crawlers to is that it's every day

bro Family hi

That's a jake palmer right there basically guys

All you have to do to enter the contest is if you order a piece of merch in the next 48 hours

you're automatically going to be entered into

Winning this we're going to choose like five to ten people to stitch your names into the car a new merch and drop Superzoom article


What about those jackets?

That's one

Single man chair come so all you guys have to do is order a piece of march in the next 48 hours

And you're gonna have a chance to join the I don't know what to call the car the stormtrooper car

Yeah, we got to come over the cool name

But your name is going to be somewhere on the inside of here wait it gets better

Can't get any better

Any better and guys

One of you out of the five to ten people that we pick to stitch into the interior of the car

We're gonna fly out one of you to drive in the car and experience what it's like um I mean, I haven't even done that

like I'm okay that you in general in you again five to ten of you are going to get your name stitched in the

Interior of the car one of you is going to get the flown out to Los Angeles hang out with us take pictures be in

The vlog and you get to ride in the tesla. It's a 48 hour contest, so you have 48 hours from now

Mine's Faster, and it doesn't make any noise. So the babies can sleep

Again, all you have to do is order a piece of March to be entered into the contest guys

I'm super excited, and you're going to be a couple part of the storm trooper vehicle. Thank you so much, Erica

We have a family car now. This is great uncle cane uncle Nathan yeah

It was really good great, and I'm just so excited right now

I can't believe this me such a process through the whole entire day, and it's lit every single day, bro

Jake Pollard's as always. I will see you tomorrow because eggs every day, bro

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