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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Virtual Home Tour in Leicester NC 28748

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Hi guys, this is Irina Abrams with reliance Realty at Keller Williams here in Asheville, North Carolina

And today I would like to preview a house or property in Lester

Lester North Carolina Lester is I would say upcoming area

It's about 15 to 20 minutes easy drive to Asheville

And what you get in Lister is more land and more

Home for your money. So let's take a look

I'll go ahead and switch the camera. So this is one of the developments in


And we have several great developments in the Lester community

This is just one of them and the annual fee for HOA is about 750 a year

Which is not that you'll have access to the swimming pool

and the

Community area, so just want to give you an idea

Of what the

typical development would look like not necessarily but like I said,

that's that's the beauty of being in Lester you get a lot of

land a lot of room to stretch so

We'll go ahead and go inside of this house. Now this house was built

2019 so it's a brand-new construction

Let's go inside. It's 3-bedroom 2bath

so to your left there is a sitting area if you have a

Piano that would make a great piano room if you have kids, that would make a great

clean room and

To your left let's go ahead and finish up to the left

I'm gonna go ahead and turn the light soon. Sorry, so we got food back

And it's adjacent to the bedroom

There are tall ceilings and each room you'll see has a lot of natural light and

lots of great views so walk-in closet

You can see so this is bedroom number one. There's another adjacent babe bedroom number two

Same thing lots of natural light great views

Walk-in closet very generous, okay

As soon as you walk in it

Opens up to this great

Sitting area or a living room

I'm just going to give you a

Feel for it


Open open-plan kitchen

This butcher tables faced with a house

so it is included we've got

Nice kitchen

Just to give you yeah soft quote that me appliances obviously

And for the most part in your homes come with

One year builder Warrenton ounce not necessarily but for the most part and if you'll see this house has a new feature

Haven't seen this before

It's elevated

dishwasher so you don't have to bend this is probably one of my

Favorite features of this house. This is not the only city that I like, but this is one of them


And if you'll come to the dining area, I really like this wooden accent. I

Think it's tremendous. I

Think the house is very well done

It's very manageable in terms of science, this is a separate group

for laundry

Or if you want to split it up with pantry and a lone tree that that would do it

I'm going to open up this door, sir. I'm going to find the light

Yeah, we found it

Two-car garage

And one more thing we've got to see of course is the master bedroom

So just to give you an idea this is the entrance. Okay, and

Here we are. This is the master bedroom

Really good-sized. I

Believe they staged the house with a queen bed size

Queen-size bed. I'm sorry. I

Gained really good views lots of natural light

Love this bathroom. I love the accent that they've done

And I'm gonna turn the light someone here everywhere already

If you come right here

yes, I

Like that feature so

We've got a walking

Shower right here. You can open the door so you can see better

Working shower right here. And if you can tell the tale goes all the way to the ceiling. I like that

I like that a lot

And of course the second bathroom had the tub, so you have one of each

Look at this

Take a while. Yes. What is it?


Can't even tell you how I mean my camera. That's not

Let me see you might never get you a better view


Mean it's huge my friends. This is a closet

Okay, alright, we're gonna go outside just for a second I want to show you

theyíve outdoors

And you can actually think about maybe putting here fireplace, you know a drawer a fireplace would be nice

And you can tell neighbor homes, they're not like cookie cutter and homes very well done

quality construction

I've done several open houses here

And people who came to see us

It's all good

So this house offers

3-bedroom 2bath 2-car garage

0.63 acres


$420,000. It's its annual HOA fees is about

$750 and then gives you an access to the

community swimming pool and the picnic area

So if you have any specific questions about this house this particular house, please comment below

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you would like to schedule a showing

Reach out to me at 8 to 8 and the seven six seven zero zero six seven

Would love to talk to you more about it

If you've found this video to be informative, please select the bottom like and subscribe to our youtube channel

Thank you so much and thank you for watching


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