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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PRINCESS PEACH pretend play with Mystery Guest baby brother

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(sweet princess music)

- [Mom] Beautiful, Princess.

- Could I get a sidekick?

(dramatic music)

- Would you like a sidekick?

(Koopa Troopa babbling)

(upbeat music)

- We're going to the Princess Store, guys.

(engine revving)

(Adley screaming)

That's still going. (horse naying)

(Adley grunting)


- Hello, welcome to the Princess Store.

Would you like to come in?

- Yeah.

- Okay, right this way.

First, we need to put you into a comfortable princess robe

so you can get started.

Arms in.

(Adley grunting)

You look beautiful.

And what was your name?

- Adley.

- Okay, come right this way.


This is your fairy godmother.

This is Princess Adley.

She came to the Princess Store

to turn into another princess.

- You've come to the right place.

First, let's start out with a dress.

What do you want to be today?

We have Skye, Anna, Princess Peach,

Elsa, and a monkey.

- I will have Princess Peach.

- [Mom] Princess Peach?

Okay. - That is a great option.

Let's take your robe off and get you changed.

Can you do a spin for us please?

Keep spinning, keep spinning, uh huh.

Oh, that's perfect right there.

- [Mom] You look beautiful.

- I love your choice.

All right, I'm gonna go hang this up

and way for more princesses.

Have a good time.


- Okay, next you needs some shoes.

Okay, we have some bow shoes, and Ariel shoes,

and Elsa shoes, and Anna slippers.

- I will take Elsa shoes.

- Elsa shoes, okay.

(upbeat music)

All right, beautiful.

First, before we do the crown,

we should do your hair.

Should we go do your hair?

- Yep.

- Okay.

Follow me.

(upbeat music)

Go ahead and have a seat right here.

Okay, we gotta get rid of that bed head, huh?

What do you have before?

Some pigtails?

- Yeah.

- Okay, would you like some Elsa hair,

Anna hair, or Princess Peach hair?

- I will have Princess Peach hair.

- [Mom] Okay.

- And can I get my nails done, too?

- Oh, for sure.

Let's do your nails.

Let's combination it all out.

- It's gonna get in my eyeballs.

- We'll get it out of your eyes.

We need a little magic spray here.



(upbeat music)

And now, we needs some princess slime.

(Adley giggling)

(upbeat music)

Okay, here's your Princess Peach hair.

All right.

- Can I have my nails done? - Let's do your nails.

I have many colors with many princesses.

Which one would you like?

Purple, pink, green, blue?

- I'll have this one.

- [Mom] Purple, okay.

- Can I have one more?

- [Mom] One more.

- For this hand.

- [Mom] Yes.

- Ariel.

- [Mom] You do the pink Ariel.

All right, let's see those fingers.

(upbeat music)

Thank you for holding so still.

These look just like Princess Peach nails.

I love it.

- Do just like Princess Peach nails.

- Okay, hold 'em up and dry them off.

(upbeat music)


All right, would you like to get some makeup on, Princess?

- Yeah.

- Okay, we have a bunch of different colors here

for your eyes.

We have purple, blue, pink.

Which one?

That purple?


(upbeat music)

Okay, close your eyes.

- You're doing purple?

- Mmm hmm.

All done.


Now, I need you to look up just a little bit.

Hold very still.

(upbeat music)

(Adley laughing)

Okay. - I'm not good

at doing that.

- That we're brushing your eyelashes, huh?

Okay, let's do your other one.

Look up.

Hold very still.

(upbeat music)

All right, now for the lips.

We have pink or purple.

- I like pink and it has sparkles on it.

- Okay, sparkly pink, here we come.

I need you to pucker your lips like Sebastian.

Now, hold still, Princess.

Okay, now rub those together.

(smacking her lips)

Okay, Princess, let's brush those little brows.


And we've got some rosy cheeks for you.


(upbeat music)


(upbeat music)

- Does that, like...

Is that rosy cheek?

- Rosy cheeks, yep.

(upbeat music)


I like to do a little bit of glitter

right on the outside of the eye.

- It smells good.

- Does it smell good?

All right, and now, since you're a Princess Peach,

she wears blue earrings,

so I'm gonna put these on your ears here.

(bell ringing)


We need to get your crown.

Let's go pick that out.

(upbeat music)

(Adley giggling)

- And a wand.

- And a wand.

Okay, so we have a crown

that is Aurora's, we have Minnie Mouse,

and we have Princess Peach.

Oh, you want the Princess Peach one.

That will look so good with the outfit

that you've chosen.

(upbeat music)

Beautiful, Princess.

- Can I go look in a mirror?

- Let us pick you out a wand now.

Now, for the wand.

We have a Princess Peach wand,

has a star at the top and a heart,

we have a broken Ariel wand,

and then we have - But it has tape on it.

- It has tape on it,

and then we have a bubble wand

that does not shoot bubbles anymore.

Which one would you like?

- A Princess Peach one.

- Oh, good choice.

Okay, are you ready to see your transformation?

- Yeah.

- [Mom] Are you ready, Princess?

- Yeah.

- Here is Princess Peach.

You're so pretty.

(sweet princess music)

Beautiful, princess.

- Can I get a sidekick?

- Would you like a sidekick?

- Yeah.

- I have just the prince for that.

I'll be right back.

- K.

- Well hello, Prince Charming.

What can I do for you today?


I have the best idea.

We just had a Princess Peach

who needs a sidekick.

(baby squealing)

Can you be her sidekick?

Let's do it.


(sweet princess music)


We have a Koopa Troopa!

Koopa Troopa



- Is my sidekick ready?

- Here he comes.

Introducing Koopa Troopa.

Don't you worry, princess,

I made him a nice one.

Doo doo doo

There's your buddy.

(Adley babbling)

- Are you a nice turtle?

Come here?

He's crawling like a turtle.

Thanks for watching.


(upbeat music)

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