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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 50 Times Someone BROKE THE LAW in Bikini Bottom! ? SpongeBob SquarePants

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Im breaking in!

Well, well, well.

What do we have here? A burglar bunny.

What do they do it, OMalley?

I dont know. Its probably how he gets his kicks.

You criminals make me sick!

Im no criminal. I live here!

Im just throwing a party. I got locked out. I swear.

What about all the stuff you stole?

What do you mean?

Like that barrel! It saysProperty of Salty Sea Farms”.

Oh, thats where I rent me pickles from.

- Are you renting the barrel too? - Wellno.

- Then you bought it? - No.

- Then isnt that stealing? - WellI, uh...

What about this towel from the Sizzling Spring Sauna?

- Umm well, thats… - And this Bikini Bell phone.

- Well, I… - And Sandys hedge clippers.

- Ooh, theyre um… - And Planktons lawnmower.

- Well he… - Even Mrs. Puffs hair curlers.

That one was a gift. Listen

All that stuff is uhborrowed.



- Patrick! You just ran three red lights! - So?

Youre supposed to stop.

I think the driving genius knows what hes doing.

Well take that sicko off your hands.

Cops! Thank goodness youre here. Take the sicko away!

Actually, were referring to you, maam.

Public nudity is against the law in this county.

Hell be driving by tomorrow. Toodle-loo!

What have I done? Everyone will know that I let him slide through school.

Ill have to move to a new city.

Start a new boating school with a new name.

No! Not again.

If you cant do the time, dont do the crime.

Okay, times up. Now get out.

But, but we stole a balloon.

Yeah, on Free Balloon Day.


Squidward Q. Tentacles, Im placing you under arrest for impersonating a genius.

- Alright you two, youre under arrest. - What for?

- Unlicensed use of a sitar. - But my grandma gave me this sitar.

It didnt come with a license.


Uh, Im ready?

Wait a minute. Was this band just a front,

so you could steal the Krabby Patty secret formula?

What? No! I was in it for the music, man!

Hold it right there!

Well, well, well. If it aint Mrs. Puff.

I saw what you did.

- I... you did? - Yeah.

Oh please, I didnt mean to do it! I swear!

Its too late for swearing, Puff. The evidence is right here.

You littered.

- Now come to Krabsy. - Halt!

Patrick Man is on to you!

Thief! Stealing is bad!


Fiddle sticks!

Reckless drivers. I loathe reckless drivers.


Holy sea cow! That hooligan ran a stop sign!

- Stop thief! - You know that guy?

- Hardly, he stole my wallet. - What?

That makes him a dual offender. Lets get him.

Weve received hundreds of reports of an excruciating musical disturbance

and youre the only one holding an instrument.

Wait a minute. Ive never seen this instrument before in my life.

Hes right officer. Plankton doesnt even play clar--

There, there laddie. Just let the legal system run its course.

Watch your head.


Huh, this guys not half bad looking for a maniac.

Wait a minute, Patrick. Im the maniac!



Well take that as a confession.

Am I really gonna defile this grave for money?

Of course, I am!

I havent the foggiest idea what youre carrying on about, SpongeBob.

But I dont have time for it. Ive got my own problems.

Johnny Law finally caught up to me for ditching jury duty.

Let this be a lesson to you, son.

Never ditch!

You cant fire me! Im not an executive at all!

Im just a guy who happens to like sandwiches.

So, go ahead! Send me away forever

as a corporate spy if you want to.

But not before Ive had my say!

Destruction of private property.

Oh, and I see here youre a repeat offender.

Youre going to real jail.

Anything to get out of this game! Thanks officers!

Welcome back.

Mr. Krabs has stolen a very important item from the Oyster.

Behold! The Oysters pearl!


One too many Goofy Goobers again aye, Patrick?


No sir!

I couldnt eat another!


Youre under arrest!

But Im innocent.

No one is innocent!

Whoa, things got dark fast.

- You sold me! - No! Bartered is more like it.

They keep you, I keep my kneecaps.

- Come on, Mack. - Youre pathetic!

Well, you crossed the county line three miles back.

You maam, are a parole violator.

Lets book him!

Wow, you guys are good.

Im the last person I wouldve suspected,

but I was looking for me all the time!

Its the perfect crime!

- I dont think hell be laughing boy. - Why, Sir?

Because that patty killed him!



- Mr. Krabs what are we gonna do? - Whats this 'we' stuff?

You fed him the tainted patty.

Looks like it's the stony lonesome for you!

- But you told me to give it to him! - Well you could've talked me out of it!

Youre right, Mr. Krabs.

Im guilty.

Ill never survive in prison. Theyll mop up the floor with me!

Get a hold of yourself, boy!

We gotta get rid of this body before anyone sees it.

We gotta take it out and bury it!

Hey you!

- Youre under arrest! - Arrest?

For what? I didnt even steal anything this time.

Vandalisms a crime too!

Well, well, well.

If it isnt the art thief himself. Drop the spoon.

Youre all under arrest until we figure this out.

What do you mean all? Im not under arrest.

I, IThese are idiots. Theyre causing a ruckus.

I, I want sleep.

Mr. Krabs did you get those ingredients from the trash?

Of course not! That wouldnt be legal.

I intercepted these items on their way to the trash.

You dont deserve this!


Huh, litter bugs.

This is why I joined the force.

Its the police!

Pull it over litterbug!

Litter bug? No!

Ooh, I got me a runner.

- Eh, your turn to chip in, boy. - Sure.

Here you go. Buy yourself something pretty.

Hey! This isnt money!

No, it's even better! This is what Mr. Krabs pays me with.

Mr. Krabs' wacky bucks!

Ooh, it's all starting to catch up with me.

Your joyrides over, punk!


No, no! What are you doing?

Help, help! No, no, please!

No, I have a snail to feed! I cant go to jail now! This is not a good time!

No! Please, please! Im not a criminal!

Stop, thief!


Looks like this case is all wrapped up.


- Thank you, Mummy. - Anytime, sweetie.

SpongeBob warned me you were planning a jailbreak.

So, I took the precaution of hiding the entire Bikini Bottom police force

in me safe.

Come along, Plankton. Its back to jail for you.

Uh! Hey, watch where youre pointing that thing, Buster.

Hey, we can trust Patrick. Hes my best friend.

Well, I cant take any chances. For all we know, he could be the strangler.

Im the strangler! No, I should've known!

I gotta turn myself in!


So, Patricks the strangler.

Gee, you think you know a guy.

Under penal code 26-1.

Quote, “The boating instructor is responsible

for any minors delinquent actions under that teachers care.

Unquote. Im afraid were gonna have to take you in, madam.

You missed one!

Ooh, Miss Gristlepuss! Im sorry we sell Krabby Patties,

but do you really have to send us to jail?

Of course I do! You are a nuisance to my community!

You tellem, honey! Thats my girl.

This guys been ka-ra-taed!

After all I said about never using karate for revenge!

For shame Squidward, for shame.

Looks like hes not worthy of this belt after all.

Thanks for dishonoring o our trust in you, Squidward.

Whatever, Im still a karate master!

- Wow, really you are? - Yes, I am.

Hey, watch your head. Id never guess that.

And what is that supposed to mean?

Oh a, nothing. Just with the rubbery arms and the doughiness in the midsection

Okay, already, I get it!

What, wait a second. Am I under arrest?

You sure are and you have the right to remain silent.


Or not silent.

What are you thinking?

I dont know what you two are doing, but it looks illegal.

I have a confession to make!

Ill just hold on to this formulatil the morning.

- Oh but officer, I have more confessions. - Zip it, kid.

I get it, youre a criminal mastermind.

Guilty, yay!

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