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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Google Home Mini Review - 6 Months Later

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What's happening YouTube, Josh Teder here for 6 Months Later and today

we'll be taking a look at the Google Home Mini. Now we've already done a first

impressions video of the Google Home Mini six months ago, so this video will

focus on the device after six months of use. Google first unveiled the Google

Home Mini in the fall of 2017 to compete head-to-head with the Amazon Echo Dot, a

$40.00 mini speaker that allows you to interact with Alexa, Amazon's smart

assistant. The Echo Dot was a game changer because of its price point, it

allowed people to have multiple Alexa enabled devices and place them in all

different types of rooms in their homes. This as well as the fact that Amazon was

first to market with their original Echo device, helped Amazon just dominate the

smart speaker space for years. Even today, they still hold a 52% market share,

according to estimates by the Loup Group, while Google currently holds a 32%

market share, which is thanks in part to this little guy, the Google Home Mini. The

Google Home Mini is a small and mighty speaker that is powered by the Google

Assistant. The Google Assistant is the entire reason why this device is so

great, as with all other Google Home devices. Now here at 6 Months Later we

do these product reviews after six months because you really can't tell

just within a few weeks of using a device if it is going to significantly

impact your day-to-day living or routines, and when it comes to the Google

Home Mini, I can say without a doubt it has significantly impacted my day-to-day

routines after six months of use and it's impacted them for the better.

Setting up the Google Home Mini is a breeze as with every other Google home

device. You simply set up the device using the Google Home app, which is

available to download for iOS or Android. The app will take you step-by-step

through the setup process which takes less than five minutes and then you are

good to go and you can start using your Google Home

Mini. There is just so much you can do with a Google Home Mini as well as with

other Google Home devices thanks to the Google Assistant. You can ask your Google

Home Mini all sorts of questions like who is Elon Musk. Me: "Who is Elon Musk?" Google Home Mini "According

to Wikipedia, Elon Reeve musk is a South African born, American business magnate

investor and engineer." Or tell it phrases like these violent delights have violent

ends. Google Home Mini: "The maze wasn't meant for you. Just kidding,

mazes are fun for everyone." You can use your Google Home Mini to set alarms and

reminders, get the news, ask about your commute to work, make phone calls, control

your smart home devices, like your lights or your thermostat. Google Home Mini: "You got it, turning

off four lights." and if you have a Chromecast TV and a newer TV that

supports HDMI CEC, you can even have your Google Home Mini turn on and off your

television. Me: "Turn on the TV." Me: Play Google Home six months later review on YouTube,

on chromecast TV." Now my personal favorite feature of the Google Home

devices, including the Google Home Mini, is music and media playback. You can hook

up a lot of your streaming service accounts to your Google Home Mini, such

as Spotify, Google Play Music, Netflix, Pandora, and of course YouTube, and many

other services. Now I actually went with Google Play

Music for my music subscription service with all of my Google Home devices

simply because Google bundled the music service with no ads on YouTube. I

actually really like that service because you're paying the $9.99 you

would for something like Spotify but then you're also getting no ads on

YouTube, which if you're watching this, you're obviously watching it on YouTube

and if you don't want ads on YouTube, that's a pretty great bundle of services

right there. So I really enjoy using that. If you don't have any

streaming services, typically when you buy a lot of these devices there's a free

trial that comes with it, especially if you buy a Google Home device during the

holidays. Google has run a lot of different promotions when you buy this

device, so even Spotify I think had a promotion last Christmas, so I do

recommend checking out a music streaming service if you don't already subscribe

to one and you bought one of these devices, because it just makes listening

to music so much better on these devices. I've used the Google Play Music service

so much that what will happen now is it already learned like all of my habits.

I'll tell it to play one song and then when it's almost finished playing that

song, I'll think of another song in my head I want it to play and before I can

even ask it to play the song I'm thinking of, it'll already just start

playing it. It's weird, it's like it read my mind and the reason for that is, if

you use the service enough the algorithms are going to start figuring

out the patterns of music that you like to listen to depending on time of day,

what day it is, what season it is, and then it can already kind of determine

what type of music you're going to want to listen to next based on what you've

asked it to play. And the amount of times it's actually done this and played the

song I was thinking of in my head is crazy. These algorithms that companies

like Spotify and Google usee for their music streaming services make using the

Google Home devices just so much better for music streaming. The speaker itself

is decent for its price range, but don't buy this and expect great sound to come

out of it. Podcasts sound decent, but actual music can be hit or miss

depending on how the song was mixed and how much bass there is. Unfortunately, you

just don't get that much bass coming out of the Google Home Mini. The microphone

on the Mini is quite good and can pick up your voice over ambient sounds like

rain, a shower running etc. The design of the Google Home Mini is also pretty nice

aesthetically. I think it looks better than the Amazon Echo Dot. Google's

devices overall just look more inviting than Amazon's.

Amazon's look a little to space-age for my taste. I also love that the Google

Home Mini comes in three colors: chalk, charcoal, and coral. So no matter what

room you plan to put it in, there should be a Google Home Mini color that matches.

Now unfortunately for some out there, Google decided not to put a 3.5

audio-out jack on the Google Home Mini like Amazon did with the Echo Dot. Now

this doesn't mean that you can't listen to music through the Google Assistant on

speakers you already own that have an audio input jack. All you have to do is

just simply get a Google Chromecast Audio, plug it into the speakers you

already own, and then cast music to it from your Google Home Mini. You can also

pair the Google Home Mini to another speaker via Bluetooth. For more

information on how to do that, check out the quick tutorial we did in the video

description below or just click on the card in the video. Now the way you

interact with the Google Home Mini is mainly with your voice though there are

a few physical controls with the Mini. You can tap each side of the device to

increase or decrease the volume. Tap and hold to play or pause media, and there is

also a mute switch on the back of the device, and a USBC cable you can use for

power. Google added some nice clips along with the power cable for cable

management, and they work great. Now I know a lot of people stick their Google

Home Minis and all sorts of different types of rooms around their house and

for me one of my favorite features of the Google Home devices is music

playback, so I own a lot more Google Homes and Google Home Maxes than I do

Google Home Minis. So I was kind of at a loss when I got my Google Home Mini,

to figure out exactly where I was going to put it. I ended up putting mine in the

bathroom so I could listen to music in the shower and play the news when I'm

getting ready in the morning. I was a bit worried with how the humidity would

affect the performance of the speaker, but I'm happy to say that I haven't had

any issues with it at all and I use my Google home Mini in the bathroom all the

time. Now overall, after six months of use I haven't had any issues with my Google

Home Mini speaker. It's just been this little great small and mighty speaker, as

advertised, and it's a great speaker if you just want the Google Assistant

somewhere in your home and you don't care about the music quality for music

playback. Now if you're going to listen to a lot of music on a Google Home

device, I'd of course steer you towards the Google Home Max if you want to spend

$400 for great sounding music. Or I'd steer you towards the Google Home if you

can't quite swing the Max's price. We have videos on both of these devices if

you would like to learn more about them, but if you don't care about the lower

performance in audio quality of the Google Home Mini, then I think the

Mini is a great buy that you can't go wrong with. Well that's it for our

6 Months Later review of the Google Home Mini. If you like this video, please give

us a thumbs up on the video and subscribe to the channel if you'd like

to see more Google Home videos like this one. If you're new to the Google hHme

family, or want to brush up on all of the features the Google Assistant now

supports, be sure and check out our Google Home features update videos

playlist here, in this video and as well in the description below. Well, until next

time, thanks again so much for watching. I'm Josh Teder for 6 Months Later.

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