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Son. Son!

My son!


Son! Son! Son!


You've just had a nightmare again?

Don't worry

I'm with you. You're gonna be alright

Just go back to sleep


I'm here with you

Just sleep, Mom!



Why did you get up so early?


Why don't you go work at the port?

I'll water the vegetables

Just a bit more, then I'll be done

Ah, Dad. When I go to the port, please watch Mom for me

She hasn't been good lately

Hm? So...

She has nightmares?


Perhaps it's because she's sick

she's been having nightmares these past few days

Hm...okay. Give me that. I'll do it

Alright. Give me that

Just go to work

I'll go now

Okay. Off you go

Miss, is this red beans sticky rice?


It's 5,000 dong

Here's the money

Thank you

One portion of this for me

Thank you

Sir, wanna have sticky rice?

Sticky rice?

What is it?

Red beans and black beans sticky rice. They're very good


Hello. How are you?


Hm...what's this?

What is it?

This is...this is Xoi

Ah, sorry. This is...sticky rice

Oh, sticky rice. Good's ...good


Ah, delicious. I'll have one




Sell one...

Ah, sell...okay, okay

Thank you

How much?






Thank you


Ah, which would you like?

Which one would you like? Red beans or black beans?

Ah,...the black bean one


How much?


Thank you


Delicious sticky rice here. Good sticky rice here

Here you are

Thanks, Mom

I bought some fish. It's in the kitchen. I've washed them

I've also washed the vegetables

Yes. I'll marinate and stew the fish later

I you wanna have fried fish. Just make it. Dip it with salad. It'll be delicious

You'll come home late in the evening

The fried fish won't taste good then

I'll must go now


Ah, Mom?


The clothes you fixed for Ms. Huong. Why don't you take it to her?

I forgot. Give them to me.

Come in. Come in. Cooking oil. Sugar. MSG here

Instant noodles. Clothes. All available

Whatever you need. I have them.

Welcome. Welcome. Beautiful clothing here

Welcome. Welcome

Ah, hi. Come, come

Welcome. Welcome. Good price for you

Ms. Duong


Just come back from work?

Here you are

I've fixed the clothes for you

Thank you

Here's the money

Just 10,000. Very cheap

Here you are

Hey, did you sell lots today?

I sold lots today

Yeah. Then, be my first customer

Here, here. A very beautiful set of clothes

Really beautiful. Good silk. Nice color

Nice polka dots. But I don't have money to buy it

My God! You're a worker who also sells sticky rice. How can you complain you have no money?

Come on. I must get ready to work. Otherwise, I'll be late

Thank you




Why didn't you have breakfast?

My God. What the heck are you thinking? You make me eat sticky rice every day. I'm sick of it already

Just eat whatever is available so we can save money


Whenever you open your mouth, it's just money, money, money. I'm sick of it

If you don't spend, why do you have to work then?

You're not going to school today? Why are you here?

I'm going to school this afternoon, so I'm working this morning

My God. You're doing heavy work like this. How can you study this afternoon?


You see?


Ty is working today

This way

That's good, Boss

Today, we're gonna have money to drink



Hello, Ma'am

Let me introduce you

This is Thai, the new worker here. Please take care of him

Ms. Huong here, she sells sticky rice

Don't call me "miss"

I'm just 22

I bet you're older than me

Oh my, you're a team leader at 22?


Thank you, Thai

Alright. You two work together. You assign him to work in the transportation team, okay?

Yes, Ma'am


Alright,'ll work in the transportation team, okay?

Now, you'll go there and transport this cargo

Go there


Thank you

Oh my

How cool!

How cool is that!

I've been living this long, but I haven't seen anyone who can kill flies as fast as you. How awesome!


My God! You've watched too much Hong Kong dramas, now you're obsessed?

You don't have to work today?

Yesterday, I covered the night shift for Phong, so I have this morning off

I see. Come on. Buy some

How much is an egg...

Oh gosh! Why are you so clumsy?

I'm sorry. Perhaps I was born like this

like what?

Unbelievable! Buy some eggs

How much are 10 eggs?

1 is 2,500, but if you buy 10, one is 2,200

How expensive! I can get one 1 for 2,000 at the market. You see me one for 2,500 or 2,200?

What's expensive! You know what? People at the market sell things from unclear supply sources

If you accidentally buy a fake egg, you'll die after eating it, my dear!

The quality of the goods here are guaranteed

You'll get addicted once you eat them. You'll buy them again

Oh my, you know what. Huong told me to buy one for 2,000

If I buy with this price, she'll reprimand me

You're not listening to me, huh?

Ask around. Ask everybody in this area

If anyone sells them for cheaper, buy from them. If they sell for higher, come back here

So annoying. Causing trouble right in the morning when I haven't sold anything to anyone yet

Seems you're upset, aren't you?

Does it have anything to do with you?

Let me show you something

Look. The egg is in the right hand, right?

Now, I turn my palm downs

Which hand is it?

Huh? Then what?

Look. Which hand is it in?

You just put it in this hand

Look. It flew into this hand

What? How did that happen?

Do it again

Sell me 1 egg for 2,000, then I'll do it again

No way. I'm just kidding. I can't do business like that


Hey, careful or you'll drop it

Hey, hey, come here

Hey, hi

You two seems to be having fun. What are you doing?

It's awesome. His egg can move back and forth

What the heck are you saying?

You should say clearly that it's the quail egg. You say "his egg", his face turns red

My God. You really!

So, why are you here?

I want to buy some eggs. But she sells an egg for up to 2,500

My God. So expensive. He's just a worker. Why do you sell it for such a high price?

It's the right price, not expensive

You don't sell, you'll lose a customer. I'll sell



Buy from me. You can pay me when you get your salary

If you don't pay, I'll deal with Huong

Sell them to me

Hey, hey, wait

My God. What do you want? You're causing trouble here. How can I do business?

You, really! What's wrong with you?

It's because of you

Because of who?

Whenever I sell, you stick your nose in

I don't stick my nose in

Yeah you do

Alright, two aunties, I'll buy them at the market, then

Hey, hey, wait

We've arrived, right?

We have

Here you are



Here's the money

Thank you


It's yours

Thank you

Why is it so empty?

My God. Why doesn't she pick up the phone?

Just pick it up, Sis Huong

Oh damn! I forgot

She told me not to call her at this hour while she's working

Hey, girl


You're looking for an acquaintance?

I'm looking for my sister

This hostel is for workers only

Yes, that's right. My sister is a worker

Hm? You're from the countryside. You've come here to find work?

I've come to find my sister first, then she'll refer me to a job

If you work as a worker here, you can only make 2-3 million a month

It's more than the amount we make in the countryside

I know a place where you can make over 10 million

Over 10 million?

Yeah. Over 10 million


I'll take you there and introduce you. If you don't agree, I'll bring you back here

No. I won't go

Come on. You're gonna make millions

I won't go. Let go

What are you doing?

Refer her to a job. Just that

Do you know him?

I don't know him

Not your acquaintance. Why are you dragging her?

Just refer her to a job. If you don't wanna go, fine. No need to get mad

Thank you. If you weren't here, he would drag me away

Hm? You're not afraid I'm gonna take you away?

I'm just kidding

Who are you looking for in this hostel?

You're staying in this hostel?

Do you know anyone whose name is Quynh Huong and she's from Tra On?

You know Huong?

Yes, I'm her cousin

Oh...I'm staying next to her room



Please take me in

Alright. Let me carry the bag for you

No, it's fine

Just let me

Let's go...

All the eggs are broken?

I'm sorry. Perhaps my fate is like that

All the eggs are broken. What a waste!

Wh-What's your name?

My name is No

Let me introduce myself

My name clumsy Khang. Well-known in this hostel. Everybody knows me

Huong, can I join you?

Thai, take a seat

What's wrong?

Anything in the food?

Why are you staring at it?

No. It's just nicely done

In the countryside, I have food in a bowl

Where's your hometown?





I hear people from Dalat have a very white skin tone

You're not white


We had a tea garden

I used to get the tea leaves and stay out in the sun, so I'm dark-skinned like this

I see

You were getting tea leaves, why did you suddenly come here and work as a worker?

Well...many things happened at home

My family sold the tea garden already

I think working as a worker is pretty good

You have lots of brothers and sisters?

Ah, I have an older brother, an older sister and 2 younger brothers

So there're 5 in your family


Those two are still going to school, so I must help support them

Besides, my parents often get sick, so I must work

When did you come here?

I just came here. I haven't found a place to stay yet

I'm looking for a place, but still haven't found a good one

come to my place

We're renting a room for 3, but only 2 are staying. We need one more to share the rent

Really? Promise?


Ah, you must be nice, neat and clean. Otherwise, I'll kick you out

Thank you

Oh darn! Nguyet, I must go to the meeting

When you get back to the factory, get the new labels for me. Okay?

I must go now

But you haven't finished the meal yet

Yeah, but I must go now

Remember that Nguyet! Get them for me

Don't burn

Don't burn it

Don't burn. No


My God! Stop! You're crazy




What's wrong?

Do you know where Khai is? Tell him to take his mother home

Seems he's at the river

My God! What the hell are you doing?! Stop!

Don't burn! People are dying! People are dying!

Help! Help! Help!


Where's my son?

What again?

Don't burn!

My God! I have enough of you! Thanh

Enough with your madness!

You damaged everything!

My God! This woman is unbelievable!

Where is she going, that mad woman?

My God!

Ty, right? Tell you what? You've done a very good job

Thank you

See you later

You, come here


I'm Tuan

Tuan? Okay

Here you are

Thank you

And you? Teo?

Okay. Done. See you later

Thank you. See you

How about me?

Ah, Tung? Here

You're lazy, but pick money fast. If you're lazy next time, don't come here

Ah, Tay?

Give me

Let me go

Why? Give me all your money, now!

Give me!

Khai! Save me! Khai!


I tell you to let him go. You hear?

I'm not letting him go. So what?

Khai. They're taking my money

I borrow money from this kid

It doesn't have anything to do with you

I repeat one more time. You'll let him go or not?

I'm not. So what?

Boss, are you alright?

What do you want next, huh?

He took all my money

Hey, I borrowed money from you

Not get

When you get home tonight, I'll beat you up

Don't worry. Just run to my house

See what they dare do to you

What do you want now?

He's made me do it. I know nothing

I repeat one more time

If you do anything else to Ty, I'm not gonna forgive you

Yes, yes. He made me do it

Khai. Khai. Your mom broke people's stuff again


Yeah. Hurry. Hurry up

Khai. Khai

Boss, are you alright?

Such a coward!

Auntie, where's my Mom?

She left already

I intended to keep her here for you. But she freaked out too much, I could do nothing but give up

Did she break any of your stuff?

I was praying. She broke the tray

Let me...let me compensate for the damage

No, no, it's fine. It's nothing. It just takes some time to clean this up

Just go look for her


She's gone this way. Hurry!

Keep her. Don't let her go disturb the neighbors like that

Thank you very much


Smoke! Smoke everywhere! Run!

It's burning! Run! Run! or we'll all die

Help! Someone help my child! Don't shoot him!

Get off me! Mom, save me!

Save me, Mom! Save me, Mom!

Mom, I'm scared!

Don't cry, dear! Don't cry!

Hey, you two. Why didn't you keep this crazy woman home?

You let her run around like that. She almost kidnapped my child

She made her too scared

Please understand

She suddenly got sick. Normally, she loves the children

You'd better watch her

Who knows when she gets sick, when she doesn't

If anything happens, who's gonna pay for my child's life?

I know. I'm sorry

I warn you

It's lucky that the children told me and I came save her in time

If I hadn't and she had taken my child somewhere else, what could you do?

Come on. I'm sorry


You're back?

Are you still hurt?

Mom, are you okay?

Hey, hey, the one who's not okay is my child

Ma'am, I'm sorry

I'm sick of it. Sorry, sorry. You think you can get away with "sorry"?

Ma'am, I'm terribly sorry

You take a look. Look at my child. She has bruises all over

Yes, yes

This is the money for her medicine

Actually, I don't mean to make it difficult for you

But you see, your Mom..

Yes, yes, I know. Just receive this money and take care of her

He's very sorry

I'll take her to the doctor and buy some medicine

If there's some money left, I'll give it back to you

And you too. Try to have your Mom cured

If anything happens, you may not fix it

Yes, yes


Who dared touch my child, huh?

That mad woman, who else?

Who's the mad woman? This woman, right?

I'm gonna punish you today

Come here

Calm down!

Calm what? She harmed my child and wife? How can I calm down?

Calm down, please!

I'll take you to the police

Calm down

It's alright. Our child is okay

It's alright. He's compensated by giving us money for medicine already

What compensation? Why are you so stupid?

You think money can solve it?

I must take your Mom to the police

Stop! Stop! It's nothing serious

What do you want?

I'll see if you dare defy me again or not

You remember. You hit me

You must not do anything to my Mom

So what if I want to?

Hey, hey, you promised not to fight back

Right? You promised already

If you touch my Mom again, don't blame me

Do whatever you want


My God. I told you already

I told you again and again that you had to go to the warehouse to get the new labels, Nguyet

I...You did remind me, but...I don't know why I forgot at that time

What are we gonna do now?

Redo everything, of course

This label series is expired. We can't export the goods with them on

My God!

Hey, come here

How about we just stay silent? Nobody knows

Come on

If we redo everything, we can't export in time

But I already told Ms. Dang


My God! Huong. You caused big trouble for me think they wouldn't realize later if we hid from them?

But what if I was fired?

I'm gonna be screwed

Perhaps it won't be that serious

Even if they don't fire me, my salary will be reduced. How can I live?

My God! What am I gonna do? Think of something

What's wrong?

Ms. Dang

Ma'am, all these packages were labeled wrong

Perhaps we have to redo everything

Do you know we have to export these this tonight?

I'm sorry, Ma'am. I'm sorry, Ma'am

But you were in the meeting this afternoon. This was done by Nguyet, right?


Nguyet did the work, but I got the labels

I got the labels in the warehouse, but because I was in a hurry, I didn't check them

That's why there's such a mistake

Wait, wait, Ma'am

I did that


So what's the real cause of this?

Huong asked me to get the lables, but I was in a hurry, so I got the wrong ones

Ma'am, this is my fault. If you have to fire someone, fire me


So what's the real explanation for this?

Leave it. See me at the office

So what now?



Just go home first. I'll go meet Ms. Dang

Hey, if I'm fired, you're gonna be okay, right?

She said she would fire you for talking nonsense

Someone must take responsibility for causing loss for the company

She must take the blame before the board, too

When I see her, I'll convince her not to fire you

Don't talk nonsense like that next time

I will also convince for your sake so that you won't be fired or fined

convince who?


You're crazy, Thai!


Don't blame my team leader

A girl?


You've got interested in a girl right after joining the work?

No. I just notice excellent workers for you

When I'm the director, I'll never lose excellent workers

An excellent worker could make such a big mistake?

People make mistakes, Dad

Don't tell me you haven't made any mistakes, have you?

I have

a lot

Khai, you're home?

Why aren't you sleeping?

Where have you been? I've been waiting for you since afternoon

My God! Khai

You just fought with someone again?


Your face is like this. You're still denying?

I told you not to fight anyone

If I had known, I wouldn't have let you learn martial arts


If people have done something bad, we have to forgive them

We forgive them once, lots of good things will come

Where have you been since morning?

If you don't come home, at least inform me

You've already grown up, you're no longer a kid

Now what? Khai?

You're not answering me?


I'll go to Saigon to find work

Why are you going there?

You can work here

I want to go there

After taking a medicine, she just slept a bit then woke up

Tomorrow, she won't remember what happened in the afternoon

My God! What happened to your face?

I'm alright. I just fell


I'm okay

Oh dear, you must be careful in whatever you do

Yes, I know

Well...I'm No, I'm new here

Thanking you for letting me stay here at this hostel with you all

I've brought some pastries. Please have them

Just homemade ones. Hope you don't mind

Oh my, you've brought these pastries, making me feel so homesick

This morning, we imported the wrong products. Fortunately, nobody was fired

Hm? I've heard you're Huong's relative?

Yes, I'm her cousin

Huong, have some pastries

Wait a bit. You guys eat enjoy them first

Have some

Hello, Thai

Hi, anything happened?

No problem at all. Nothing bad

Nobody is fined. Nobody is disciplined. No one is fired

Don't worry

That's good

Hey, perhaps I'll stay with you guys tomorrow

Yes. That's good to hear

See you tomorrow

Yes. See you

Thank you, Dad

Just this time

I know

How long are you gonna work as a worker?

Please enjoy some fruit

Thank you, Aunt

Put it here

Mom, I just got started

But you know what? Dad told you to return home to be a marketing director, not a worker

I went to a high school abroad

After graduating, I worked there. I knew nothing here

That's why I want to get to know things here, especially our factory

But I think if you just wanna understand the work, you just need to watch how the workers work

Don't need to live with them for real

Oh Mom

You know me. Once I do something, I must do it right from start to end.

I think we must understand the workers first before making them obey us

But I think...


Let me introduce you: This is our room

Thai, this is your room. You will live with everyone

We will stay in room E1

Huong and Nguyet stay in room E3

E2 is the book reading room

If there's something wrong with the rooms, the landlord will talk to us here


It's beautiful

What? What is beautiful?

Ah, here, this tree is beautiful

Beautiful door, beautiful building, and so is the room

What? You haven't got in yet, but you know it's beautiful?


Well...beautiful wall, beautiful tree


Beautiful door


Everything is beautiful, so...

this room must be beautiful too

Nice, huh!

The places I've rented before, there's no bed or table

I did everything on the floor, everything

Ah, I see

Here, we do everything on the floor


But, but...

The floor here is more beautiful. It''s green

yeah, we just cleaned it yesterday

Don't know if he's crazy or just had an electric shock

Perhaps he's just discharged from a hospital

ah, right, get into the room. Get in, get in

Thai, take a look around the room. Nguyet and I will return to our room. Come on, Nguyet

Something must be wrong with him

Here, welcome to the room. Here, it's our room

When you enter this room, you must follow these "4 Nos"

No alcohol. No girlfriend overnight. No homo, and no porn

There's an important rule over there, too. You must keep it clean for the public, no need for your personal hygiene

There's more, refrain from talking friends about sensitive things

Here, there's a rule, too. Read it

Ah, fair with money. No debt, no borrowing

Follow the statement: To be fair is to love each other

You must remember what you borrow

Yeah, right. You must remember, or I'll be very sad

Over here, it's our kitchen and the toilet

Look, there

There's no bathtub. If you wanna take a bath, you can jump into the sink

Our room is too small, huh?

yeah, right. The land in our hometown is spacious. We can lie and sleep wherever we want

All the rooms for rent in the city are small like this

If one is bigger, it costs more

Here, it's like a nostril, right

It's like a cave

Ah, Manh and I are using that cabinet

This one is empty. You use it. There're a mat and a pillow in it

I've used them for over 2 years, but they're still new

You don't need to buy new ones. You can save money. That, that cabinet

this one, right?

Yeah, that's right


Oh my God!

What's wrong?

What's wrong? What's wrong?

What's wrong?

What's wrong with you?

Nothing. Nothing. Just kidding

I told you already. This guy is abnormal

He's scared of cockroaches

Scared of cockroaches?

I've give you this. You eat it, you'll no longer be afraid of cockroaches



Here. This one

My God. He's sleeping like a log right after getting home

Thai. What are you doing in the toilet? What's taking you so long?



It feels so good after the shower

Then, how can you sleep?

I'll get the mat and pillow for you?

No, no, no

Lots of cockroaches there. It's scary

Ah, I forgot. You're afraid of cockroaches. Maybe I'll name you Thai roach later

Don't, don't call me Thai roach. It's rude

No, it's fun. How about sleeping together?

I'll leave room for you

Just sleep. I'll have a way. Just sleep

You're sure? I'll sleep, then


Ah, I forgot. Turn off the light, please


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