Practice English Speaking&Listening with: National Solidarity Front to overthrow the religious dictatorship

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16 years ago, the Iranian Resistance adopted a plan called the National Solidarity

Front for the Overthrow of the Ruling Religious Dictatorship and declared that it was prepared to cooperate

will all forces who want a republic, who are committed to the complete rejection

of the velayat-e faqih regime and who struggle for a democratic, independent Iran, based on separation of religion and state.

Over the past four decades, the NCRI, beyond typical political rhetoric

has paid a heavy price in blood and treasure for each and every one of its declarations, ratifications and commitments.

We call for the establishment of a society based on freedom, democracy, and equality

which has clear demarcation lines against despotism and dependence as well as gender, ethnic and class discrimination.

We have defended and will continue to defend gender equality, the right to freely choose ones attire

separation of religion and state, autonomy of nationalities, equal political and social rights for all citizens of Iran

abolition of the death penalty, freedom of expression, parties, the media, assembly, unions, associations, councils and syndicates.

The NCRIs 12-point plan for the autonomy of the Iranian Kurdistan, adopted and announced 35 years ago

remains to be one of the most comprehensive examples globally for addressing the rights of nationalities.

And, in the end, a free and non-nuclear Iran will promote peaceful coexistence with its neighbors, and would embrace regional and international cooperation.

This is the image of the democratic alternative, which rejects the mullahsrule or any form of dictatorship.

On this path, the first step is to transfer sovereignty to the people of Iran.

By relying on the Iranian people and a popular social base, one can avert chaos and insecurity and safeguard the integrity of Iran and Iranians, rendering it a proud nation.

According to the NCRIs program, following the regimes overthrow, a provisional six-month government will be formed

whose primary task is to form a constituent assembly through free elections on the basis of popular, direct, equal and secret ballot.

This constituent assembly must draft the constitution of the new republic within two years and put it to popular vote.

It must also set up the principal institutions of the new republic based on the peoples vote.

The Description of National Solidarity Front to overthrow the religious dictatorship