Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Real IDENTICAL TWINS Try The Twin Telepathy Challenge (ft. The Merrell Twins)

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- (FBE) Do you feel like you already know what you're gonna choose?

- Yes. - You do?

- You don't, ugh! (Veronica laughs)

I'm trying to think about you. - Why me, think about you!

- Ah! - Oh!

- (FBE) Merrell Twins, thank you so much for joining us today.

We're gonna be doing something you're very familiar with,

and that is a twin telepathy challenge.

- Oh yeah, we totally got twin telepathy.

- Definitely, if like one of us is not having a good time,

the other one will like recognize it right away.

- Yeah, like last night. - Like last night. (laughs)

Another thing that we do that's very common,

and it always throws people off is when we say things at the...

- (both) Same time. (laughs)

- Because everyone's always like

"oh my gosh, you said things at the same time, like twins!"

And we're like ugh.

- We don't even realize we do it. - Do it, yeah.

- Until someone points it out. - Someone points it out.

- (FBE) Today, every round, we're gonna give you each three items

and you'll have to choose the same item your sister does

by communicating telepathically, no talking, no signing.

For every round you win... - No signing.

- (FBE) There will be a prize, but if you fail,

there will be no prizes forever.

- Oh! - Aw man, forever?

- Forever, oh my gosh!

- Forever, like when we come here to FBE, REACT?

- (FBE) Our first round is the Specialty Starbucks Challenge.

You have a Pink Drink with strawberry and acai.

You have a Chai Carmel Frappucino,

and a regular coffee with almond milk.

Now, using your telepathic powers, tell each other what to pick.

And if you pick the same one, you get to keep the coffee.

- Oh!

- (FBE) If not, we're taking them all away.

- Okay, 'Nessa, come on. - I have...

- (Veronica) You gotta know. - Aw, no I don't know.

- I'm going for one, and you have to know

which one I'm gonna go for. - Alright.

- You should know this. - I've got it.

- Okay, I'm putting my hand on the coffee.

- Okay, me too.

- (FBE) Alright, you've each selected your Starbucks beverage.

What do you think? Do you think you picked the same one?

- Yeah. - I hope we did!

- I think we did. - I hope we did.

- I don't know. - (FBE) Alright, let's find out,

in three, two, one.

(Veronica squeaks) - (laughs) Yes!

As soon as I knew what that one was, I was like I'm, that's the one!

- I know me too. You said almond soy latte,

wait, wait, almond latte, and I was like, that one!

'Cause I can only drink almond milk. (laughs)

- I'm so proud of us.

- I feel like we got really lucky on that one though.

- Okay, this time, let's not make any noise.

- Let's, don't say anything. - Don't say anything.

He'll count us down, and we're just gonna pick it.

- (FBE) This challenge, you're going to pick

which oddly satisfying thing you'd want to play with

right this second, magnetic putty, kinetic sand, or bubble wrap.

If you picked correctly, you get to keep it.

(both gasp) - Oh my gosh!

Since some of these make noises, I'm going to try and be fair

and just point to it,

'cause I really wanna take this object home.

I'm sending you signals.

(laughs) I'm...

- Are you pointing to it?

- No, I'm not pointing yet, I'm trying to send my thoughts to you.

Are you pointing?

- I'm pointing at what you're telling me.

- (Veronica) Okay. - At least what I think.

- (FBE) Show the other in three, two, one.

- Ah! - No!

- (both) What?

- Why do you wanna take that home?

We have that at home! We don't have this!

- I can't pop it at home, everyone gets annoyed.

- 'Nessa, we don't have this! Now I don't get to play with it!

'Nessa! - What?

- Why would you choose bubble wrap?

Was it because I was like I'm gonna be quiet?

- No, I just wanted to play with bubble wrap.

(Veronica scoffs) I love bubble wrap.

- (FBE) We have odd food pairings.

Using your twin telepathy, you'll have to choose between

a peanut butter and onion sandwich, green apples and salsa,

or Oreos and sour cream.

If you get this one right, you don't have to eat the food.

If you get it wrong, you'll both have to try

the item you picked.

- Ew, 'Nessa! - Oh no!

What, I didn't do anything!

I'm picking mine, because I know we're gonna get it wrong

and I'm willing to try this one.

- Ew!

- These are some weird funky smells. - Ew. (laughs)

Apples with salsa, ew!

- I'm choosing this one. - This doesn't have, I...

- (FBE) Alright.

- I have a feeling that she is sending me.

I feel it in my body.

- (FBE) Alright, you've both picked the odd food pairing

using nothing but telepathy.

- Yes. - Yes.

- (FBE) I'm gonna give you a three, two, one, countdown,

and tell us what you chose. - Okay.

- (FBE) Three, two, one. - (both) Oreos and sour scream!

Yeah! We don't have to eat it!

- I'm falling off of my chair, I got so excited!

- I am curious though. - (Vanessa) What?

- What? (laughs) - (Vanessa) Huh?

- I just wonder how it would taste? - (Vanessa) Which one?

- The Oreos and sour cream. - Let's try it. (laughs)

- Really? Let's go ahead and try it.

- Ugh! - Oh, just like dip it?

- (sniffs) Okay.

- I have a feeling it's not going to be bad.

- Ready? - Ready, cheers!

- Cheers!

(both laugh)

I'm trying to cheers you!

- Okay, ready, go. - Mm-hmm.

(cookies crunching)


It's not bad, is it? (Veronica laughs)

Oh, you don't like it? - Uh-uh.

- Oh, well, we don't have the same tastebuds.

But we have the same wavelengths.

- (FBE) Alright, this one's gonna be a little different.

For your next challenge, you're going to write down

your top three favorite artists who you're currently listening to.

If you both get them in the exact same order,

we'll give you concert tickets to all three shows.

- No way! That's, we do, okay.

- (both) Oh my gosh.

- We're getting this one wrong, for sure.

(both laugh)

- Okay, oh, oh I got one. Okay, and then now,

I'm trying to think. - I'm trying to listen to you.

- It's so...

We listen to so many different things.

- I'm trying to think about you.

- (Veronica) Why me, think about you! - Ah!

- Oh, okay, we gotta just go.

- Aw man. - Okay, ready?

- (FBE) Alright, show the camera.

- Yungblud. - Kacey...

- Aw, Kacey Musgraves! - I thought, what did you say?

- I said Yungblud. - Oh, no, I said,

he said music we're currently listening to!

Have we listened to Yungblud in the car?

- Ugh, yes! - When?

- Recently! - When?

- Recent. Okay, number two.

- Do it one, two, three.

- Doja Cat.

- Dan, aw, I had that for number three!

- You did? - (Vanessa) Yeah.

- What did you have for two? - Dan and Shay.

'Cause you really like them, and I like them too.

- (laughs) Okay, well. - We failed at this one.

- Okay, what's your third one? Doja?

- Doja Cat, so we both got Doja Cat, at least.

- I put Harry Styles!

I didn't overthink anything. She did.

- Yeah you did. - What do you mean?

I was listing what we've listened to these past couple days.

- Yeah, well, I forgot I listened to Kacey Musgraves yesterday.

- You love Kacey Musgraves! - I do!

I was thinking about you!

- (FBE) Alright, Merrell Twins, this is the last round,

how are you feeling?

- I'm a little disappointed that we haven't got 100%,

but I'm feeling good for what we've gotten so far.

- Yeah, this is a hard test!

- (FBE) For this last challenge, we are going to give you

three gift cards, one is for Target, one is for Domino's,

and one is for Pinkberry.

- Mm-hmm. - Hmm.

- (FBE) If you get this one right,

you get the keep the gift cards as a prize.

And if not, you're going home empty handed.

- Oh. - Ugh!

- Come on, please, let's get this one.

- (FBE) Do you feel like you already know

what you're gonna choose? - Yes.

- You do? - You don't?


- (laughs) 'Nessa send me some wavelengths.

- (Vanessa) I'm trying! - So what are you thinking?

I'm trying to listen to your thoughts.

(elecricity crackles)

(laughs) Okay, I don't even know.

Are you pointing to yours right now? - No.

- Okay, on the count of three, let's point.

- One, two, three.

- I have no idea.

- I don't think she picked what I picked.

And if she didn't, I'm gonna be very upset.

- You don't believe in me? Okay, ready?

- (both) Three, two, one.

(both scream)

- We're going to Pinkberry! - We're going to Pinkberry!

Pinkberry's my favorite!

I can't believe you didn't know!

- We had pizza today, so I was like oh.

- So excited. - Oh, we going to Pinkberry.

- Today, after this, let's go!

- (FBE) Alright, you guys won. You did an awesome job.

And today, you're both taking home $25 to Pinkberry.

- Yay! - Yes!

Oh my gosh... - And some coffee!

- Good job! - (both) Good job.

- I'm so proud of us. - I'm still a little bit disappointed.

- With what? - The song one.

- Oh and the... - The feel satisfying thing.

- I can't believe you chose the bubble wrap.

- The sand is messy!

- But we don't have it at home!

- (FBE) What are some helpful uses for your twin telepathy

in every day situations?

- One way our telepathy is very helpful

is like this challenge that we just did.

We now have a Pinkberry gift card. - Yeah!

- We're going home with a coffee.

- You both don't even have to say anything,

and know exactly what the other one is thinking.

To me, that's the best way to explain twin telepathy,

so other people can experience it too.

It just, you know, it really depends

on how close you are with some, hello?

- What's it like over here? (laughs)

I've missed you. (both laugh)

- Okay. - Can we move this now?

- Okay. (both laugh)

- (both) Thanks to FBE for having us!

- Make sure to subscribe to our channel,

follow us on @merrelltwins on Instagram, Twitter,

whatever, if you don't, it's fine.

- It's okay. - You can if you want.

Whatever. - Okay.

(laughs) Anyways. - (both) Bye!

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