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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Candle in the Tomb: The Wrath of Time EP.01 | 鬼吹灯之怒晴湘西 | WeTV 【INDO SUB】

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It is said there were

four mysterious schools in the martial world.

According to their motives, methods, clans

Those four schools are Mojin, Faqiu, Banshan, Xieling.

Faqiu and Mojin are together known as Mojin Xiaowei.

They're skilled in Fenjin, Dingxue [Compass location]

Excel in I-ching, geomancy.

As for schools Banshan and Xieling.

They are rarely recorded.

Even more mysterious.

It's said, Xieling values Strength.

Thousands of disciples work together

can cavern a mountain to get the treasure inside.

So they're called Xieling.

Banshan has their spell.

They're not interested in treasure,

but for the elixir.

For hundreds of years,

They were searching for the Muchen Orb

to release the curse of their clan.

Those two schools were in different paths.

But fate

brought them together and made a legend

in Mt.Pingshan West Hunan ancient tomb.

Muchen Orb?

Senior, look!


It's corpse freeze pill.

Senior, the fresco has an eyeball inlaid.


We've to go.

Candle In The Tomb: The Wrath Of Time

Episode 01

Hu Baiyi, Wang Panzi.

After they came back from Jingjue ancient city.

They found there are eye shaped ghost cave curse on their body.

In order to find the clue to relieve the curse,

they two and Shirley Yang visited many places.

After twists and turns, they finally found the Xieling chief.

Chen Yulou, Blind Chen.

After he heard their story,

Blind Chen sighed,

then gropingly opened an old book on the desk.

In the book it mentioned schools Banshan and Xieling

who entered Mt. Pingshan together

and the adventure they had.

Blind Chen spoke slowly.

That was an earthshaking

and thrilling legend.

Back then, Chen Yulou was the Chief of Xieling clan.

Leading hundreds of thousands of disciples.

He was born with night vision eyes.

With his family knowledge, he could identify treasures.

People respected him,

but he was not accepted by his father.

He is a kind man,

always being generous to the poor.

At that time, warlord tangled.

Citizens in West Hunan are living in hell.

Chen Yulou saw it.

So he ordered to open his own barn

to provide relief, and won their heart.

But refugees from other places kept coming.

The barn was almost empty.

He could barely holding up.


I can't help to shed tears.

Seeing people have such a hard life.

Chief Chen.

Long time no see.

Now you're such a generous man donating grains to civilians.

Commander Luo has more power and prestige.

They say all the army in West Hunan

are all in your control.

No, no.

Just a fake reputation.

Not as good as Chief Chen.

You're the chief of Xieling clan.

Aren't you interested in treasure hunting?

Now the news has spread out.

All kinds of people wanna have a finger in the pie.

If you ask me,

we'd better start it early.

I have guns and men.

Sufficient explosive.

Chief Chen.

You've the skill to find the treasure.

And Xieling hunks.

If we join hands.

We'll succeed!

Look, look.

Look at those refugees.

My heart hurts.

Chief Chen.

You must have been supplying grains for over a month.

That's generous.

I admire you very much.


But in my opinion.

That can only help them for a while.

Chief Chen.

Now the world is in chaos.

Refugees are all swarm into West Hunan.

If we don't do something.

One day,

people in West Hunan will also become refugees.

So I wanna invite you to seek treasure together

to enrich our arms.

I'm not thinking for myself.

I want to enhance our strength

to protect civilians in West Hunan

from being invaded.

Chief Chen.

You won't sit and watch our people

become destitute and homeless, right?

How about this.

We go seek for the treasure.

After we find it,

you'll decide its use.

I won't add a comment.

How is that?



Phags-pa script tiger round token.

That only existed in Yuan dynasty.



Chief Chen.

In fact, this thing is found

from a Hmong Village in Bear Ridge.

What do you say?

Wanna go treasure hunting with me?

You wanna see me?

You have overestimated yourself.

Tomb in Bear Ridge are all deep buried.

Without hump or plant mark.

It's very dangerous, people went there never came back.

I didn't even think of going there.

Why you think you're capable?


you didn't go there,

that doesn't mean your offspring can't either.

If you're so rash to die, I won't stop you.

But you put your life in risk

for those people?

That's ridiculous.

After so many years.

You still learnt nothing.

So disappointed.

People have different ambitions.

Now the world is in chaos, people are homeless.

I also wanna do something useful to help them.


Are you trying to make me mad?


What did I tell you?

To serve him well.

Now he is attempting suicide.

My lord, I...

I'm not a filial son, you take care.

This bastard.

Sooner or later, he'll get himself killed.


My brothers.

We Xieling clan derived from Chimei army.

Since ancient,

we distributed wealth from the royals to the poor.

History repeats itself.

Now people are living such poor condition.

We Xieling hunks mostly are from poor families.

So we should devote ourselves to improving it.

Now there's a place in West Hunan,

has treasures buried in.

That was taken from civilians.

We can follow the example of Chimei Army.

Follow our ancestors.

To work with commander Luo.

Take the treasure to help the poor!




Ms Hong. Kunlun.


I'm planning to take you two to the Hmong village first.

Our main force can wait for our order.


You may leave.



Could you wear something else?

You're a woman, dress like one.

Or you'll scare people.

Not good for business, got it?

That's woman's clothes. This...

You want me to dress you?



Let's go.

Chief Chen.

If you ask me,

let's set out immediately.

So the others wouldn't get a head start.

Commander Luo.

Don't worry.

You know why no one ever found the treasure of Yuan dynasty?

How would I know that?

The Yuans usually had lots of treasure.

But they have different traditions with us.

Especially their underground palace.

Extremely hard to find.

Besides, it's in West Hunan Hmong area.

It's dangerous to get in there.

But luckily you have me.

There's no way I can't find in this world.


Since you said that,

I'm now relieved.

Have you left orders?


My pioneer battalion, pistol battalion

are following, waiting for our orders.

Commander Luo.




Huama Guai is here by lord's order.

Look at you.

Am I a child?

Need to send a man to watch me?

Ms Hong?

You look good in woman's clothes.

So pretty.

I can barely recognize you.

Such a slender waist.

I like that.

Look, you're a woman.

Why running around with a bunch of men?

That's not good.

Why don't you come by my side.

You'll have high position and great wealth.

Pretty ass. Look.

Commander Luo.

Ms Hong isn't some kind lady.

She learnt old traditional arts

from Moon School since young.

When she was sixteen,

a bully in her village wanted

to make her be his mistress.

Her dad died because of it.

So she killed the whole family of the bully.

Set a fire burning for three whole days.

Seventeen family members.

All died.

Hundreds of thousands of Xieling hunks.

No one dares to mess with her.

Quick temper.

That's my type.

Hmong has their unique traditions.

Mind your action there.


Who are you?

Go away, no strangers are welcomed here.

Leave, leave now.


Don't take us wrong.

We're just some businessmen.

Walking pass your village.

Just wanna exchange for some mountain products.

Hope that is okay.

They're businessman.

Here to buy mountain products.

Yes, yes.

Here, see if you want anything.


Young man.

Your mandarin is good.

What's your name?

I'm Rongbao Yixiao.


Your village seems don't like strangers.

Some rogues came rob our village several times before.

So we teamed up to protect our village.

I see.

What are you doing?

Freeze. Freeze.


Calm down, everybody.

Luo, here.

This is also for trade.

It's a revolver made in America.

Look at the grip.

It's made of ivory.

See it for yourself.

Use this to hunt for rabbits.

That's pretty easy!

Is that worth a lot?

Of course.

My revolver. It's American stuff.

I don't want this.

We want salt.

What is this?

This is good stuff.

Areca-nut. Refresh your spirit.

It's yours now.

Try it.

Thank you, young man.

It's yours now.


Could he carry a cow?

Don't judge one's strength by their stature.


You're a woman.

You are weaker than me.

I'm a woman, so what?

Here, hand wrestling?

See who can win.

Young man


How old are you?


If you want to play with her.

It's better to take a bet.


If you can win.

I'll give you a nice thing I recently got.

What thing?

How is that?

That's nothing special.

Many villagers have this.

With the same pattern?

Basically yes.

Where did they get that?

Mt. Pingshan nearly here.

Villagers go there to collect herbs.

Sometimes they find this.

Where's Mt. Pingshan?

Far away from here.

Very far away.

Mt. Pingshan looks like a bottle bottom down.

That's something only exist in our Bear Ridge.

It's said there's a tomb of a Yuan general in Mt. Pingshan.

That sounds quite interesting.

Since we came here.

That will be such a shame if you didn't pay it a visit.


You can't go there.

Just watch it from a place far away.

My mother told me,

the Zombie King often comes out to eat people.

Young man.

There's no zombie king in this world

It's real.

I'm not lying.

They said there're monsters in the forests.

People who were buried there all disappeared.

Only their clothes were left behind.

It's very strange.

How about this.

We'll only watch it from afar.

Stay away from the dangerous place.

Young man.

Will you be our guide?

If you do that,

I will give you a basket of salt.

How is that?

Young man.

If you take us there.

Not only salt.

All my goods will be yours.

How is that?

Scenery in Bear Ridge is one of the kind.

Young man.

Any legend of this mountain?

Legend says there were many emperors refined elixir on the mountain.

Attracts many poisonous insects.

Very dangerous.

No one can survive from that.

When I was young, every time I cried,

my mom would say,

keep crying, Zombie King will take you to Mt. Pingshan.

You'll never come back!

Zombie King?

It's said the Zombie King was a general in Yuan dynasty.

He killed many people.

Very evil.

He was buried in the mountain after he died.

But still won't stop hurting people.

Some brave villagers go there to collect herbs.

They saw it with their own eyes.

Look, that's Mt. Pingshan.

Damn it, finally see it.


Look, that mountain seems quite erratic.

The fog is colorized.

That's treasure fog.

Treasure fog?


But also maybe devil fog.

It's said Zombie King was buried there.



Finally found you.


Let's see it from here.

And walk back.


Back to where?

That's why I came here.


We can't continue.

I should go home.

Come here.

Come here!

It hurts,

Hurts? That's right.

You know who I am?

Have you heard of Butcher Yama Luo Laowai?

If you keep confusing us,

I'll shoot you to death.

Now guide the way,

You hear me? Go!

Got it. Butcher Yama.

Sir. We really shouldn't go any further.

The elders in our villager said

the Mt. Pingshan is extremely dangerous.

That will cost our life!

The weather might change.

Young man,

is there any place near here we can stay?

Answer it.

It's okay, speak.


There's a morgue.

But it's where they put corpses.

We can't go there.

Besides, there's a rat demon who eats people.

Don't be afraid.

Lead the way.

Let's go.

How far is that?

It's there.


What're you doing?

Let's go.


Take commander Luo's token.

Tell adjutant Yang to get our army here.


There's rat demon inside.

It will eat people.

Sis, believe me, we can't go.

Don't be afraid, follow me.

We are passing by here.

Forgot the time.

We'd like to spend a night here.

Didn't mean to interrupt you.

Please understand.

How many times have I told you?

Don't believe in ghost if you follow me.

It's said there're demons who eat people in the mountain.


Do you hear it?

The Description of Candle in the Tomb: The Wrath of Time EP.01 | 鬼吹灯之怒晴湘西 | WeTV 【INDO SUB】