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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TSL Plays: Can You Chinese? Challenge [CC available!]

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It's not 'paiseh', right?

[School bell rings]

Class, be quiet!

Is this a market?

- Sorry. - Sit down.

Class stand.

Class greet.

Good morning, Miss Feng.

Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays.

Today, we'll be playing a game of Can You Chinese?

Here are the rules!

Hello. My name is Rainier.

I scored full marks in my examination. (lies)

I like eating.

My favorite food is carrot cake.

Hello, everyone. I am Sew (shy in Mandarin).

Because I am shy.

I scored a B3 on my 'O'-Level Mandarin examination.

I like singing. I am going to sing now.

♫ [A butchered version of Wayfarer by Hua Chenyu] ♫

Hello everyone, I am Brenda.

I scored an A2 in my 'O'-Level Mandarin examinations.

I enjoy singing, dancing and watching Korean dramas.

Thank you.

Hello everyone, I am Renae. (Editor's note: Her Chinesefied name sounds like 'hot milk')

I scored a C5 in my Mandarin 'O'-Level examinations.

My favorite food is eggplant.

Thank you.

Hello, I am Adria.

I scored an A1 in my Mandarin 'O'-Levels.

I like dancing, singing,

and... eating hotpot.

Hello. I am Jes.

I scored a B3 on my Mandarin 'O'-Levels.

I like looking at pretty girls.

Our group name is 'I Not Stupid 3'.

Hello, everyone.

We are 'SewBrenNae'.

The first round is spelling.

We have Sew and Jes.


- (Adria) Go, Jes! - (Brenda) So cute!

(Sew) Thank you.

Jes. Jes. You can do it.

The first word is... 'hair'.

- (Brenda) You can do it. - (Renae) Wow, so smart.

(Renae) Full marks.

(Brenda) Don't write your words so large.

The second word is... 'Throw away'.

(Brenda) You can do it. Think.

(Renae) 'Dao cuo'? (Editor's note: Sew wrote a totally different word that doesn't make sense)

Don't comment. Don't comment.

The third word is... 'Train station'.


Teacher, is this a primary school-level word?

- (Renae) This is university level. - (Sew) You gave me a secondary school-level word.

(Editor's note: Whatever Sew is writing makes no sense)


The fourth word is... 'Urinate'.

What's on the left side of the word?

Sea side.

The fifth word is... 'Apple'.

(Renae) You can do it!

That's the word for 'vegetable', not 'apple'...

It's all about having 5 servings of fruit and veggies a day.

The sixth word is... 'quarrel'.

(Brenda) She is praying.

It's 'cao', which is the same as 'grass'.

Sew is just drawing random symbols.

That one is the 'chao' from 'chao da' (burnt)? (Editor's note: Again, Rainier making no sense)

The seventh word is... 'Library'.

What symbol is inside? Wang (王) (king)? Tou? (头) (head)?

You know the word for 'winter' (dong 冬)? Ok, never mind. What symbol is inside? Wang (王) (king)? Tou? (头) (head)?

You know the word for 'winter' (dong 冬)? Ok, never mind.

You try your best.

I told her to write 'dong 冬'...

The eighth word is... ' Wasting food'.

- (Renae) Oh my God. - (Sew) We're dead.

(Brenda) Write the words you know first.


(Jes) Adria, help!

The ninth word is... 'I love Singapore'.

You better get this right.

Is this correct? Wrong?

Wrong ah?

It looks a bit like... modern art.

Look like calligraphy.

The final word is... 'Dangerous Street'.

What is that?!

(Adria) Slowly. Write the word 'road' first.

Ok. 'Ru' (like/similar to).

'Hu', like 'tiger'.

I shall write 'mao' (cat) because I don't know how to write 'hu' (tiger).

(Renae) Wow, that's so nice.

Oh! Oh!

Oh my God.

Let's return to our seats.

- Correct. - Yay!

What's this?

It's supposed to be 'diu diao' (throw away). I don't know what's this.

- What is this? - Di tu (map).

Di tie zhan (train station).

She doesn't even know what she wrote.

I know how to write 'ba shi' (bus).

I take Grab.

What is 'xiao huan'???

'Xiao bian' (urinate).

This is correct. But this is wrong.

(This is the word for) 'Small change'.

What is 'li guo'?

It's 'ping guo' (apple)!!! What is 'li guo'?

It's 'ping guo' (apple)!!!

Aiyo. So close.

It's written wrongly here.

One mark.

This is 'zhao jia'. You light the house. (Editor's note: Sew was supposed to write 'chao jia' (quarrel))

'Tu shu guan' (library).

Yay! Jes! Woohoo.

3 marks!

There's no such word.

'Lang fei shi wu' (wasting food).

I waste 'ten things' (Sew wrote the wrong word).


4 marks!

Yay! Wow!


- It's supposed to be 5 marks! - Sorry.

This word doesn't even exist.

'The road is like... a tiger's mouth' (Meaning: The roads are dangerous).

Is this Hello Kitty?

Group B has 24 points! Group A has 14 points!

This round is all about translation, and we have...


And Rainier.

You guys will have to hit the bell and ensure you say the correct translation.

The first word is...

'Underwear'. [Bell dings]

'Di ku'.

- Correct! - Yay! Awesome!

Really? Yeah!!!

Teacher, he said 'di gu', not 'di ku'.


[Squabbling about Rainier's pronunciation]


Um. It's not 'paiseh', right?

- 'Hai xiu'. - No, that's 'shy'.

Oh no! - 'Hai xiu'. - No, that's 'shy'.

Oh no!

Is it 'diu lian' (shameful)?

No, it's not 'diu lian'.

I know! I know!


Isn't that 'awkward'?

- No, it's 'embarrassed'. - (Rainier) I would have never guessed that.

'Writer'. - No, it's 'embarrassed'. - (Rainier) I would have never guessed that.


Hey, don't mess with the teacher's ding ding.

I think I've got it.


Is it 'zuo jia'?



'Mao tou ying'.


- What is it again? - 'Mao tou ying'.

Mine is 'goodnight bird'.


Say properly.

Edible one.

'La chang' (Chinese sausage).

That's the Chinese sausage. I want English.

- Your turn. - Hot dog.

Hot dog.

Wrong. Wrong!

It is! When I was in Taiwan, I kept saying 're gou' (hot dog). Then I thought it was dog meat.

- 'Xiang chang' (Sausage). - Correct!

- Next is a sentence. - Wow.

I think Renae might know this.

- Please translate. - Is it sausage-related?

'Wow, your muscles are very big'.

Can you hear her giggling? Relax.

'Wow, your muscles are so big.'


Next question. 'Weilun ate an entire box of pineapple tarts'.

[Clears throat]

You try.

Just try. I believe in you.

'Weilun... ate... all...'

If you can think of this, Renae will kiss you. I swear.

Hello, why are you volunteering my mouth?

I know. Something... 'ping guo' (apple).

- Correct. - Ok...

You're... getting there.

Handsome (shuai)... apple.

Because it's a fine-apple.


I'm here.

She's tucked her hair behind and all.

'Weilun... ate the entire box of pineapple tarts'.


- Brenda... - Yes, Teacher.

- Are you ready? - I am. - Brenda... - Yes, Teacher.

- Are you ready? - I am.

May the Buddha have mercy on me.

[Translation] Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year.

[Translation] Xiao Ming excitedly put on his new clothes and shoes before visiting his grandmother.

Wow. Xiao Ming.

This is the wrong word. This is the word for 'sex'.

That's right!

- Correct! - You're on your way!

When you guys started talking... I forgot everything.

[Translation] He said to his grandma,

[Translation] "Granny, I wish you a healthy life and may your hopes be fulfilled."

So repetitive. So many words for 'grandma'.

[Translation] Grandma smiled from ear to ear, and gave him a big red packet.

'Grandma smiled...'

- (Adria) Can copy and paste or not? - (Brenda) 'Smiling from ear to ear...'

(Brenda mumbling to herself)

[Translation] Xiao Ming secretly opened his red packet in his room.

[Translation] He discovered that his grandma had given him $200!

If you don't know that one word, and it keeps repeating...

That's 6 times worth of the same error.

- Ya sia. - Wah, 'Grandma' again.

[Translation] He said happily, "This is great!"

[Translation] "$200 can get me 50 cups of bubble tea."


Oh no.

No... This is wrong.

[Translation] Enough for me to drink until I shiok.

This is not the correct word...

- (Sew) No meh? - (Brenda) GUYS.

There's still one more word at the end.

'Drink till you're happy'.

I'm going to mark your work.

Teacher... T_T

'Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year.'

'Xiao Ming excitedly...'

- 'Shoes'... - Wow, that's complicated.


'Grinning from ear to ear'...

This is the word that killed us all.

'I can drink till I'm happy...'

(Renae) Oh, that was all that was missing.

This word is cute.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

- Oh my God. - 9 incorrect words.

[Translation] One bright and windy morning,

[Translation] Xiao Ming went to the wet market to buy things.

[Translation] He wanted to buy a fish, but the sign said,

[Translation] 'One fish, $100'.

This is too difficult.

[Translation] Xiao Ming said to the uncle, "Your fish is too expensive."

[Translation] "Is this not robbery?"

(Adria protesting)

[Translation] Uncle said, "My fish took a plane here."

This passage has so many 'Uncle's.

The previous one was 'Grandma', this one is 'Uncle'.

'Take... an airplane...'

[Translation] "If you don't wish to buy, get lost."

Uncle is so aggressive.

[Translation] Xiao Ming was very sad, because he only had $2. He said,

(Adria) What's he saying now...

- Adria... - He keeps saying this and saying that.

[Translation] "It's alright. I will have grass for dinner, then."

Wow. This passage seems easier.

'One bright and windy...'



I don't know.

- Oh... - Wow, that one is hard.

- Wow! - Yay.

I'm from Team B.

- Ok. - Thank you.

- Rainier, you will start first. - Ok.

Good luck.

Please read.

Wow, very good.

What in the hell is that?

Never mind, I'll go with it. A bar.

... To dance.

Not bad.

That is a name. No, not your name.

What name is it?

(Reading fragments of the words) There is a 'mu' and a 'pai'.

The tallest person in the office.

(Renae) Tall, like a tree.


- 1.95m. - Bolin?

- Yes! - Oh!

Bolin is...


(Jes) Ok.

- Chug. - What's this?

- What is he drinking? - Beer.

What is 'beer' in Mandarin?


Please start.

- Oh. I'll just try my best. - Yeah. Do your best!

You've got this.

- Wow! So much feeling. - Go for it!

- Huh? One more time. - Again!



100 marks!

(Sew) You're so smart!

Clearly, the point goes to Team Renae!

But good effort. Proud of you.

How do you guys feel?

- Not bad. - I'm more in touch with my roots.

- Wow. - Yes. Me and my roots.

I'm the quietest. I didn't say anything.

I must say that... Everything you've said, I can understand.

Well done.

- Thank you guys. - What for?

Um... We are finished.

Um, we were playing games and... sorry.

No, no.

We've come to the end of this episode of TSL Plays.

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Happy New Year!

May all your hopes be fulfilled.

May you have good health.

- Gulu Gulu. - Abundance year after year.

Huat ah.

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