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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How Personality Affects Speech

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okay so over the years I have worked

with many many students and I've seen a

variety of different personalities you

know very different personalities coming

from very different cultures and

countries and but with that common goal

of learning to speak English clearly and

with confidence now over the years and

as I met with so many different kinds of

students I started to see them as

different kinds of musical instruments

now the the kind of musical instrument

that that I saw them as was based on

their personality okay some are more

characteristic of a guitar some of a

bass guitar of this kind of mellow and

and have that deep sounding doubt

sounding voice some are more like a

flute that have a little bit higher

pitch or a higher tone to it but just

happy and light and cheerful

okay so I've kind of characterized it in

that way and now my goal as as their

trainer is was not to change the

instrument so I didn't want to change

their personality my goal was not to

change who they who they were my goal

was to help them sound the best that

they kept they could so it wasn't that I

wanted to change everyone to sound more

like a piano but my goal was to say okay

if if your personality is such like a

flute then I'm going to help you become

the best flute that you can be and the

best sounding flute that you can be okay

so part of my job was then to help tune

that instrument and help repair any

cracks or any any deformity problems

with that instrument so that that person

could be the best sounding that they

could be whatever whatever voice they

had that they were the best that they

could be in that voice or in that

personality okay so hopefully you can

kind of see that analogy

as as your voice being an instrument

like we've talked about and how your

personality is the depends on what what

kind of instrument you are okay so each

instrument is unique now think of it in

terms of you know if if all of us were

bass guitars a concert with just bass

guitars would be rather boring it

wouldn't be all that interesting but if

you go to a concert with an orchestra

that has violins and and has trumpets

and has saxophones and has pianos and

drums and all these different types of

instruments that sound together is rich

and beautiful and that's how I see all

of your voices as you have your unique

personalities you have your unique

strengths and as you tune that

instrument and make it the best sounding

instrument that you can that as you

contribute to the whole and you add your

voice to the world that that combination

of all these different voices and all

these different personalities will give

a rich and beautiful sound

The Description of How Personality Affects Speech