Practice English Speaking&Listening with: You're My Least Helpful Friend

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- Hey dad.

No my flight gets in at 9:30.

I've got the whole weekend booked off

so I'll help you move.

Yeah I'll see you then.


- Oh no.

What's wrong Trapper, is everything okay?

- Oh.

Yeah my parents are

getting divorced.

- I'm so sorry, that must be so difficult.

- Yeah it's pretty rough.

- Well we certainly don't have to talk about it

if you don't want to.

- Thank you for being so understanding, Katie.

- You know I'll just get out of your hair.

I'm sure you two have more to discuss.

- Yeah.

- Yeah. - Thank you.

- No problems.

It's like your personal business, so--

- Exactly. - And I totally respect that.

- Yes you get it totally, thank you Katie.

- Thank you Katie.

- Thank you. - Thank you Jess.

- So you were saying?

- You might need time to reflect.

- Absolutely.

- I think you might need time to reflect

and then, so I'll just get out of here.

- I really like that you're being so understanding

about this, thank you.

- Bye Katie.

- Bye.

So yeah I don't know, it just--

- I'm sorry, are we not close?

Because I thought we were close.

- Katie what is this?

- I'm wondering why you didn't confide in me

but you confided in Jess, you know?

It's like, I thought we were pretty close.

- Katie, are you for real right now?

Trap, don't feel like you have to answer any of this.

- It's not a big deal.

It's just, I guess we're not as close as I thought we were.

- Yeah it's not a big deal.

- I'm not making this a big deal.

- Yeah it's not-- - I'm calm.

- Katie I didn't tell you

because I didn't tell anyone, okay?

I'm still trying to process this myself.

- Okay but you (laughing)

you did tell Jess.

- Yeah I told Jess 'cause Jess is really good at

consoling people and listening and yeah I told Jess.

- Okay,

yeah well.

I mean, so what, now just me and Jess know right?

So I guess it's good that I'm the second person you told.

- I mean not that it's a race,

but I guess Raph did overhear when I told Jess.

- Raphael knows, are you serious?

- What's wrong with Raph?

Honestly I'm happy I told Raph 'cause

he got me talking to my mom again.

- I understand Jess somewhat you know,

but Raphael?

- I mean it's not personal, he just happened to be there.

- Okay, just happened to be there.

- Oh hey Nathan.

- Trap, I got you these. - Oh wow.

- I just want you to know,

I've been thinking about you and the divorce

and if you need anything, just know you can talk to me.

- Oh thank you so much David.

- Absolutely, listen, hey you're gonna get through this.

- Thank you, thank you.

- Nathan, you told Nathan before me?

We have to be closer than you and Nathan.

- Nathan and I go way back.

I knew Nathan before I knew you.

Look, his parents have gotten divorced too okay,

he's been through this, I thought he could help me.

- Are you kidding me?

I could've helped one million times more than Nathan

but you didn't even give me the chance.

- How is that possible Katie?

You have not been through this okay?

Nathan has.

- Okay so if I have been through this,

then maybe you would've confided in me earlier?

- Yeah, maybe I don't know Katie.

- Well here we go, here we go.

- What are you doing? - I am sending my husband

the divorce papers. - What?

- What divorce papers?

- Do not get divorced right now Katie.

- Divorce finalized.

Okay now that I'm personally going through this,

do you think that you might be able to

benefit from my healing powers?

- Well I mean technically Trap isn't going through a divorce

his parents are going through a divorce.

- Yeah okay.

Well how about this?

I orchestrate a reverse parent trap

so that I'm retroactively the product of divorce.

Then will you finally confide in me?

- Katie, this is insane.

- No you're insane.

- Stop it. - Shut up.

I didn't tell you because I knew that you

would make it about you, okay?

And you are.

You are (sobbing)

- What's wrong Trap?

- Are you crying about the divorce?

- You told Bjorn before me?

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