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Huh! Wow, Belle!

That looked amazing!

Aww, thanks you guys.

Was that you routine for tomorrow Belle?

No, thats just a little something Ive been working on for a while now, but ah, I

can never stick the landing.


Well, it looked good to us.

Aww, thanks, guys.

Do guys know what youre doing for your routines?

Certainly, do, we cant wait to show them off.

I just hope our princess team can do well, oh, Im so nervous!

Oh, look, the news is here, huh, wave!

Hello there and welcome to the nightly news, Im Mr. Brad Cass.


Thats right ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow marks the 100th annual princess gymnastics


So, if youve got the flexibility and strength, come on down and compete, ‘cause the winning

team gets a

Trip to Hawaii... what!

And did you see the size of that trophy Diablo? Haha, watch and wait, Ill be flipping my

way to a victory in no timemore like flip out at any moment.

Oh my gosh, she looks amazing!

Great job Aurora.

Huh, okay Belle, youre up next, lets see your floor routine.

Okay, here goes nothing, uh!

Um-um, excuse me.

Yeah, were trying to watch out friend Belle practice her routine.

Oh, sorry, I thought you were just a part of the mess I had to clean up, ha ha ha!

Hey, thats not very nice.

Oh, dont be such a sad Sally, just a little custodian humor for you.

Well, if youd kindly excuse us, were trying to watch our friend Belle.

Yeah, her routine is so good, she may just win the whole championship tomorrow.

Winning routine you say, Oh, maybe I should take special notice then

And Elsa scores 8-8-9 for a total of 25/30, great job Elsa, ha ha ha.

Lets go back to the gym to see who will be competing next

And Princess Anna scores 8-8-8 for a score of 24/30 for her gymnastics routine, great job


Next up on the gym floor is Cinderella, lets see if she sweeps up the competition.

Get it...

Haha, sweeps up, ‘cause she cleans a lot, ha ha ha, uhh!...

Lets see how Ella did, she scores a 7-7-9 on the gymnastics floor for a total of 23/30.

Excellent effort Cinderella.

Getting ready next is Aurora

Thank you, thank you! She scores a 9-8-8 for her routine for a total of 25/30 tying with Elsa, great job Aurora.

Next to compete islets see, Ive just been handed an update.

Next to compete is Maleficent, lets go live to the floor routine area.

Prepare for perfection.

Oh, hey, whats Maleficent doing here?

Oh my gosh, thats my routine, she stole it!

Are you sure?

It just doesnt look similar.

Im a hundred percent positive thats my exact routine!

Oh my gosh, I knew she looks familiar, thats it, the custodian!

What custodian?

Thats her, the custodian from last night!

Huh, Maleficent must have dressed up as a custodian just to steal your routine Belle.

What do I do you guys, she stole my routine, how can I compete now?

I know Belle, what about your practice routine from before?

You know the one youve been working on for a while.

You guys, I dont know, its not perfected yet.

It looked perfect to me.

Come on youve got this Belle

Wow! What a performance?

I dont know who this Maleficent is, but that was just magical, great job.

Her score is 10-10-9 for a total of 29/30!


Thats gonna be a very tough score to beat, lets see whos up next.

Ah, a 29, with my routine!

Huh, how dare her!

Come on Belle, you can do this.

Okay, here goes nothing.

Go, Belle, you got this!

Huh, like my routine?

Ha ha ha.

Whatever Maleficent, everyone knows you stole it from me.

Whatever, finders keepers, make sure you dont copy me though, all right.

Mm ha ha ha!

Get out of here Maleficent!


Come on Belle, youve got this

Belle, Terrible job!


That was just amazing, I simply dont have words tojeez!

The judgesscore is 10-10-10 for a total score of 30/30!

Great job Belle, that is just simply amazing!


Im going out of control here!

Whoa, you did it!

Belle that was incredible!

You got a perfect score!

Thank you guys, I couldnt have done it without you, you really are my best friends.

Aww, does this mean we get to go to Hawaii now?

Hahaha, Anna, it does, and it means that Belle gets that big old trophy over there!

Hey, wait, wheres the trophy?

Look, Maleficents trying to steal it!

Hold it right there!

Ill be taking that, this belongs to Belle.

Oh, yeah, I was just taking it to her.

I wanted to congratulate her myself, good job.

Sure Maleficent!

Oh, Dad, I made you lunch. Youve been working on this invention all

day. Thanks, Belle.

I know, I know, but the time machine is almost done.

I have been working on it forever. Dad, you always say that.

Classic Maurice. Youve been working on this time machine

for years. But this time I think Ive got it.

Remember, Ariel brought over those gadgets and gizmos a-plenty and shos-its and whats-its

galore. I added a couple of widgets myself.

Wow! So you really think it works?

Theres only one way to find out. So Belle do you want to go into the future?

Aww, totally. Can I bring my friends?

Of course, Aww, great!

Okay, lets go to the main house and I will call them.

Meanwhile, you can take a much needed break. So Maurice finally finished his littletime

machineeh. Ugh!

I know what the future holds. All of those perfect little princesses marry

their perfect little prince and have perfect little children and live happily ever after.

Blah, blah, blah. Haha.

Well, not if I have anything to say about it.

But first, I need to call in backup. Oh to future?

Im a queen and I get to marry that dreamboat Prince Eric.

Count me in or should I say Vanessa. And youre absolutely positive that I cant

marry all of them. Alright, whoever then.

Marry Belle in the future so that you can marry Prince Adam?

Yes! I mean, if I must.

Ive got to tell LeFou! Ahhhhh!

Now, if I take this enchanted fidget and switch it with this widget.

If my calculations are correct, this should alter the course of the future and make it

permanent! No going back to the past.

Hahahaha! Belle, thank you snow much for inviting us

to go to the future with you. Of course, thanks for coming over.

Yeah, this is so exciting! Awww, I wonder what happens in our future.

I cant wait to find out. Im a little bit nervous though.

Are you sure we will be able to get back Mr. Maurice?

100%. Im positive.

And once you get to the future, Ill let you explore for a couple of hours.

Then, Ill add this reversal switch which will bring you back in one piece, but youll

come back knowing what the future is about. Yeah! Im ready.

Lets do this! Beam us up, Scotty.

I mean, Dad. Alright, here it goes.

Wait a second! Green smoke!

Something isnt right. Uh-oh.

Whoah! I guess were in the future.

Right, girls? Wait, girls?

Hey guys, where are you? Wait!

Where am I? (Crying)

Oh my gosh! Its okay.

(Crying) Oh my gosh!

Another one. Okay, its okay.

Shhhhhhh, its okay! (Crying)

Okay, this is ridiculous. Hello, my little Taco Bell, I brought us tacos

for dinner. Dear, tacos.

Yum. Gaston!

Yes. Oh Belle, poor little Gaston Jr.’s crying.

Gaston junior? Belle, did you hit your head?

You know that the only way to get Gaston Jr. to stop crying is to give him his baby weight.

The only way to console him is to let him lift.

Baby curls? Okay.

Okay, this cant be right. What has gotten into you Belle?

Have you been reading books again? You know we have a strict no books rule.

I want our children to be raised on television and video games.

Okay, hold on a second. I think Im not feeling so well.

Can you just remind me what happened the past few years?

Oh, Bellie Button, you are so silly. Ugh!

You finally came around to marrying me. LeFou was our minister.

I do! I do?

Why do I do? I guess I do.

Well, we know Belle does. Gaston, do you?

I do. Then you are married!

Then we had three of the cutest triplets. Congratulations, its a girl!

Ahhh! I shall name her Gaston Jr.

Gaston Junior, Gaston Junior Junior and Egg. Im sorry, Egg?

Yes!!! Ugh!

We argue about this all the time, but Egg is a great name

Hard on the outside, but on the inside full of protein!

Huh! Makes sense.

I guess the one thing that you love more than yourself is eggs.

Oh, ho, ho, what was that Belle Pepper? I missed it.

Nothing, Gassy. Im not feeling so well.

So I am just going to put the kids back in their crib with you and Ill be right back.

Im going to get some fresh air. Okay, but hurry back.

LeFou is coming over so we can all go hunting. I know that I have been saying this for awhile,

but we really need more antlers in our decorating. Right.

I have got to text the girls. Something is seriously wrong.

No way this is my future! Whoah!

Is this the future? This just seems like a park.

Things dont seem that different. Rapunzel, get this.

Little Rose is a chip off the old block. She took lollipops from three of the other

kids. Flynn, you shouldnt encourage our baby

to steal. Remember, your thieving days are over.

Wait a second. We have a baby?

I know. Sometimes its hard for me to believe.

I know shes a little girl, but I think shes got my nose.

And my smolder. Oh, Eugene.

Shhhhhhh, Rapunzel! What?

She cant understand me. Oh man!

I just got a text from Belle. She said she wants to meet up in the village.

I hope everyone elses futres are as good as mine.

Ill be right back, Flynn. Wait a second.

Does she have a frying pan? Where did she get that?

Like mother, like daughter I guess. See you soon.

Oh my gosh, Rapunzel. Thank goodness you came.

Something is going on. This future is horrible.

Wait, what? Things are going really well.

Flynn and I are married and we have the cutest daughter named Rose.

Hey you guys! Say hello to Sandy.

Apparently, I named her after my love of sandwiches. Classic Anna.

Anyway, shes so cute. Hi, little Sandy.

Oh my gosh, shes adorable. You guys, my futures not going so well.

Im married to Gaston!!! What???

No way! Yeah, but if you guys have good futures, I

dont know. You guys, this future is the worst!

What? You too.

Whats going on? Prince Eric married Ursula.

And whats worse? Im their babysitter.

And this is their baby, Elijah. What???

Okay, something is going on. There is no way that I married Gaston and

Ursula married Eric. I smell a rotten egg.

And I dont mean my baby, Egg. You have a baby named Egg?

Ugh! Long story.

I dont want to talk about it. Ahhh, look wifey.

Its all your dorkey princess friends. Wifey!!!

Hey guys. Meet my husband.

I think you meanHansband”. Ewww!

You married Hans? Not only are we married.

Meet little Hans. You had a son and you named him Hans?

We had a daughter and named her Hans. Hans is a strong name for both boys and girls

alike. Have fun with your little friends.

I am off to rule the kingdom. Tutu.

You guys! What in the world is going on?

I cant be married to Hans! And have a baby named Hans!

Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross! I feel like I am taking crazy pills.

This is so weird. Elsa, Belle and Ariel all have really messed

up futures, but Rapunzel and I both married the right people.

And I have really cute kids. What gives?

Here ye, here ye. By Royal Decree, all princesses and their

children are invited to the castle for a royal ball at 7 p.m. at the request of King Adam

and Queen Maleficent. Thank you.

Wait! Hold up.

Queen Maleficent? She married Prince Adam.

Okay, now I know something is going on! No way that happened!

Adam is with Maleficent and Eric is with Ursula? Youre right, Belle.

Something is fishy. And not just this baby.

We have got to go to that ball and find out whats behind all of this.

I mean, it feels like a dream but only part.

Oh sandy, it's okay.

Shh. Oh I forgot, she only likes iced milk. You know, with her dad being an ice

Harvester and everything she's just kind of gotten used to it. Wait a second, oh my

gosh, she's my niece, little Sandy hold up her bottle Anna, I'll help out. Ohh, auntie

Elsa loves little Sandy. At least some things worked out in the future.

I think I'm finally putting all this together.

The villains ended up with whoever they wanted to be with.

But Anna and Rapunzel werent affected because they didnt care who they ended up in a

relationship with. A villain must have tampered with my dads

machine. Its also been a really long time.

Your dad said that he would bring us back in a couple of hours.

And its been forever. Do you guys think were stuck in the future!!!

I hope not. This is definitely not the future I want for

you guys. Ugh!

Gaston just texted me. He needs me to pick up more eggs, of course.

Ill see you guys at the ball. Oh, Adam, my sweet king hubby.

Arent you just so luck to be with me? Yeah, I am.

Somehow, these last few years just seem like a blur.

Im not really sure how we got here. Well, you married me because I am the fairest

of them all. Oh look, the princesses are arriving.

Too bad their future didnt turn out as good as ours.

Hahaha. Theres Belle!

Shes your ex and we dont like her, remember! Belle, you have so many babies.

Tell me about it. Too many.

I am really hoping I can alter this future! Hey, Belle, its been a while.

Oh, hey, Adam. Wow, thats a lot of babies.

Hahaha. Yeah, tell me about it.

I dont know where all of this went wrong. It seems like just yesterday you turned me

back from being a beast. Adam, thats the thing.

I dont think that this future is real. I think Maleficent altered it and ….

There you are my Liberty Belle. Ugh! Shoo Beast.

Get away from her. I dont want you to give our babies rabies.

Wait, rhyme! Are you impressed, Belle?

Ugh! Gaston, you are so rude.

Hes notWell, I guess I better get back.

Maleficents about to make a speech. It was good seeing you.

Thank you all so much for coming to our ball. You know, me and my hubby, King Adam.

Oh hello, Maleficent. Sorry were late.

It took a little longer to get here from the ocean.

Sure did. Still getting use to my sea legs or fin or

you know. Hey Eric.

Hey Ariel. You look great!

Thanks for watching little Eellijah. Alright, alright.

Break it up. No talking to Ariel, remember.

Sorry I am late, Elsa. Hows little Hans doing?

Oh look! Her sideburns are coming in.

Hahaha, lovely. As I was saying, Im so glad that you could

all come today because I have an announcement to make.

As of today, King Adam and I will be ruling over all of fairytale land as head King and

Queen. Excuse me?

Hold on, wait a second! Yeah, you said if we helped you alter the

future, wed all be rulers. Well, Gaston, youre not really a ruler.

And now that Belle has married you, shes not really a princess either.

Hey, shes the princess of my heart. Ah, so you did alter the future!

Alter, shmalter. I might have tweaked things a little to make

sure things worked out as they should. I knew this wasnt right.

Im supposed to be married to Belle. And Im supposed to be married to Ariel.

And I dont know who Im supposed to marry, but its definitely not Hans.

Silence! You know what?

I think the future would be even better with no princesses.

What do you mean? Wicked power come to me.

No more princesses there shall be. Your baby inherited your freezing powers.

Yeah, it knew exactly who to freeze. Great job, baby Hans.

Oh, we have to change that name.

Were back!

Oh my gosh, you guys! I dont have a million babies!

And Im not babysitting some weird shark baby, ugh!

And Im not married to Hans. Oh, yuck, gross.

I still cant believe that. It worked!

Mr. Maurice, something went seriously wrong with your machine. I know,

Maleficent messed with my machine. She put in this fidget instead of my widget.

Ive been working on it for hours. And just now able to get you girls back.

Oh, hold on a second you guys. Adam is calling me.

Hey, Belle, me and the guys are all outside and were reading to go to the movies.

Kristoff's stuck in a snowstorm but he said hed meet us there.

Oh, my gosh, Adam. It is so good to hear your voice.

Hey, just to clarify. Neither one of us is married or has any kids,

right? Belle, are you okay?

I mean no, not right now. Someday, of course, Ive always wanted to

have a son and name him Ben. Ah, I love that so much better than egg.

Long story. Well meet you guys outside.

Well be right there. Bye.

The machine should be working fine now if you guys want to give it another try.

Thanks, Mr. Maurice, but I think were okay. Itd be cool to know our future.

But I think were happy getting there the slow old-fashioned way.

Come on guys, lets go! Ugh!

Foiled again. Hmmm, lets see what my future is like without

me altering it.


I have a baby. Well, she is so beautiful and she looks so

wicked. Hahaha.

I think, I will call her Mal.

Oh, I just love baking holiday cookies, it's my favorite time of the year.

Hey Tiana, it's me Elsa, what are you up to?

Hey girl, yes, I just finished baking my holiday cookies.

Every year, I bake as much as I can and deliver them to every house in the neighborhood.

Yam, that sounds snow good. I hope you save us some for later.

Oh yes, there's plenty to go around.

Speaking of later, I was just calling to see if there's anything else you need me to bring?

No, just bring yourself, Anna and prepare to have some fun. It's gonna be a super exiting night.

Ohhh, this place looks nice. New Orleans , or like locals like to say, Noleans.

Oh, I'm so sick of Arendelle with all its snow and

frozen sisters. I think I shall make this

place my new home. Dear Dr. Facilier,

I am so happy we put our troubled past

behind us and now ringing in the new

year as friends. Wishing you a sweet

holiday. Sincerely your friend

Tiana. Here, one tray for Dr. Facilier

and another tray for Mama Odie. Now to

deliver these baked goods before the girls get here.

All right, let's see, just one more little tweak here and this should be just about done.

Hey Belle, what you up to?

I'm working on a new invention.

Whoo, what kind of invention?

A top-secret one.

Oh, come on Belle, I wont tell anyone, pinky promise.

Well... if I had pinkies.

Okay, fine, but its super top secret, you can't tell anyone.

You got it.

I'm working on a new invention that'll turn objects like candlesticks, clocks back into


Wait, does it work for teacups too?

Once I finish these last few tweaks, it should work and turn anything that isn't human back

back into human form.

Thats so cool, my mom is gonna love this.

Huh, Shhh, it's a secret remember.

I plan on surprising the whole castle staff with it at Christmas and then it'll

turn them back into real people.

Woooh hoo.

Oh man, I have to be at Tiana's pizza party in an hour!

Huh, see you chip.

Bye, have fun Belle.

Hello, Dr. Facilier, are you here?

Okay, I guess I'll just have to leave these delicious cookies on your counter.

Whoo, what's this place?

Its sooo scully and weird looking...

I like it.

Ooh, fancy, ha ha, me like it.

Whoo, what's this... free cookies, mmm yummy yummy in my tummy.

Hmm, well, I best be on my way then.

Mhh ha ha ha ha.

Oops, I'm already late for my new job.

Thank you guys so much for coming over.

Of course Tiana, thanks for having us.

I just love sleepovers, I mean, I love sleeping in general but this is gonna be so much fun.

I know right.

So what should we do first?

I am kind of getting hungry.

Well, I was waiting till you guys got here to order the pizza, so it can be nice and

hot and fresh.

Say no more, I've got Pizza Planet on my speed dial.

Here, you can use my phone.

Looky looky, I smell Tiana's famous Christmas cookies.

Hmm, for me?

I've been waiting all day long... but what!

Where are they!

Theyre all gone!

Have a sweet holiday you say, Yeah right, I've been pranked, duped.

I smell foul play.

Oh, Tiana wants to toy with me, does she?

Well, she is barking up the wrong tree.

Hmm, let me think.

Talisman talisman, give me revenge, make dolls out of Tiana!”

[Phone Rings]

Yello, Pizza Portola.

It's Pizza Planet you don't know.

Pizza Planet, how may I help you uh.

Hey pizza man, yes I'd like to order an extra-large Hawaiian pizza for me and my princess friends.

You got it, one Sicilian pizza coming right up ah.

Dont forget to get their name.

I'm working here, cool your jets.

Is everything okay?

Yeah we're just supper busy, can I get your name?

Yes, it's Tiana.

Great Tom, we'll have your pizza ready we get there.

Okay, bye.

Okay, so the pizza planet guy said they're a little busy but they'll be here soon.

Yay, this night couldn't get any more perfect!

You guys, is it just me or um, is the room getting bigger?

I think we're - we're shrinking.

I cant move my fingers apart!

Oh my gosh, what is going on you guys?

Were dolls!

Oh my gosh!

What happened to us?

Its like we're - we're plastic.

Do you think we're under some crazy spell?

I don't know, but if we are, I know of someone who can help.

Belle, do you still have your phone?

I do but...

I don't know if it's gonna work.

Here, let me call it Dr. Facilier, maybe he can help.

[Phone ringing] hello, Dr. Facilier speaking, let me know if it's magic you're seeking.

Hello, Dr. Facilier, it's Tiana, I need your to help.

My princess friends and I have turned into dolls.

Hello... ugh, there's no one on the phone, just a super loud annoying tone.

Oh, he hanged up on me, it's like he couldn't even understand what I was saying.

Okay, let's think, we're dolls now.

How do we turn back to normal?

Why don't we go to a toy store and see if there's anything there we can use to help


Good idea Anna.

I think I saw one right around the corner from your house T. oh yeah, I know the way,

come on, follow me.

Ugh, I feel like we've been walking forever.

Thats because we have been walking forever.

I don't understand, I thought you said it was just around the corner.

I did but that's a human-sized corner, to us dolls, it's like we have to walk miles

and miles to go the same distance.

Ah Tiana, you don't have a dog, do you?

No, why?

Cuz there is one coming right our way and it looks like it wants to use us as a chew



Finally, we lost him.

That dog could move!

Seriously, I never thought I'd be so happy to see a mailbox but that was the perfect

hiding spot.

Hey look you guys, we made it, it's the Toy Store.

We can grab supplies here and then decide what our next move is.

OMG, you guys, I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner but I've been working on this

new invention that turns objects back into people.

Long story short, I was going to surprise Mrs. Potts, Lumiere and the gang with it for


Do you think it will work on dolls like us too.

Its worth a shot.

Definitely, all right, let's see if we can borrow a Barbie car, that way our trip to

Belle's house is a lot faster.

I think I see one over there look there.

Look, there it is.

Who goes there?

Um, hi Mr. Soldier man, I'm Belle and these are my friends Elsa, Tiana and Anna.

Halt, you are under arrest for trespassing.

Hey, under arrest!

Under arrest.

Theres been a mistake, you see, we're not really dolls.

Yeah, we're people and you can't take her.

How dare you!

Hi you girls, it looks like you dolls are in need of some assistance.

I'm... uh, you're Barbie, I'd know you anywhere.

I have been playing with Barbie dolls my entire life, I love you.

Uhhh, wait, aren't you guys princesses?

Yeah, well, long story short, we got turned into dolls and now we're trying to make it

back to Belle's house.

I can help you, follow me this way.

Are you sure this is going to work?

I'm positive, its how Woody, Buzz and I used to get around, you know, in Toy Story.

All right, we left a note, it said "the party has been moved.

Please deliver to Belle's castle instead".


Now all we got to do is wait for the pizza guy to show up.

Look, there he is.

Okay go, now's your chance.

Thanks Barbie for all your help.

Yeah, are you sure you don't want to change into a human with us?

No, you girls go on, I kind of like being a doll.

Okay, we'll see you soon, bye, thanks for your help.

Whoa, this pizza planet guy drives really fast.

How do you think they deliver the pizza so quick.


How much longer?

I think I'm gonna be carsick.

There it is, I see my castle...whoa, we're here.

Come on, quick.

Whoa, those are really realistic dolls of Belle and her friends.

Its me, these are my friends.

Long story, we were turned into dolls.

I have a favor to ask.


Sure, anything.

When I say go, will you hit the start button on the machine?

You got it Belle.

All right ladies... or dolls.

Lets stand over here and in three, two, one...

Go Chip go!

Wow, we did it.

My invention works!

Great job everyone.

Yeah, oh, but I am kind of gonna miss our doll clothes though.

Finally, last delivery for the nights and then I gonna stop using this ridiculous accent.

Lets see, the order says "you better not be late with my food pizza boy or I will turn

you into a toy".

Yeah yeah, what's he going to do to me?

Ha ha ha ha.