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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE NEIGHBORS CALLED THE COPS ON ME FOR THIS... (they showed up) | FaZe Rug

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Which Seems So unstable Oh God Yo this is actually a dope little spot right Here yo look at that pizza floatie

The Cops legit showed up bro what

Yo whats up Guys Good Morning How's Everybody doing i hope you're all having a Great day be sure you are smiling and Hopefully you guys are

Smiling Because You Clicked a faze rug video Like Those are My Intentions i Try to make you Guys smile every day and Just look

At This New right Here this is insane i could definitely Get used to this and i Just want

To give you Guys a Huge thank you for all the Support on Yesterday's video like i Asked you Guys for Your opinions what you

Guys think if i Should move into the clap house and i was Expecting worse i was Expecting People to say Like oh you don't

Fit in like don't do It don't leave Your family and you guys Actually all are

reciprocal me for them and i really appreciate That from you Guys That's What i love the Rug Guys because i feel like i can

Connect With You Guys I Feel like i know you guys personally and you Guys Know me chris me and you Just all connect Together

So a shout out

To the rugrats Thank you Guys for the support like I'M most Likely going to be moving Here but like i said my reasons were

I'm supposed to be going back to San Diego to visit my family Every single week for sure like Family comes first and i'm gonna

Have a Room here for When i want to come back and Make videos With some friends hang Out i think That's gonna be amazing

I cannot Pass Up this Opportunity Like like i said you Guys all in they Said where i was coming from if you were in

My Position i think you Guys Would take This

Opportunity so love you guys so much hope you guys do Enjoy this video not sure What we're gonna be doing yet but i Just

Saw This Skeeter on the third floor and i'm like we can Just scooter in this house Like This

So no end

The Best Part Again is if you like I'm sure you Guys all know about this view because all the Clubhouse members like They all

Show Let's do because the Beautiful Blood hope you Guys Enjoy the video so guys Sit back relax and Enjoy the vlog i think me

And Bray Shit behind the camera Say What's Up What's up i think we're Actually gonna go do some Crazy Shit like i think we're

gonna Go Climb a Mountain

Or like Explore some cool things and we're gonna have to like Climb a rope or something i'm not too sure but your arm Down

Then Let's Go Let's Go explore oh Let's get It alright fraser show us where the spot is please

Oh shit There's a rope right there right Over this Mountain no Way you can Get

to the top of that Mountain

He thinks i have the upper Body straight hole Myself Up that rope are you Kidding me i'm gonna try it out but That's so

sick look at This Guy's There's a rope and then like You go to the top of the mountain is there some cool shit over

There it's Pretty Trippy of Those Like The little animal oozy Stuff it's like the practice practice

No way okay let's Check it out and hit go like Usual Feet

okay as You can See Guys fraser is built for this Kind of Thing okay

He thinks i'm gonna be Able to do that There's no Way

Why he

Did That Like It Was nothing What how should i do It with the camera why not Guys Let's Just give It a Try


With My may truck

All right You can Do It mate Yeah you're actually getting It you're getting it Now Just Get your Feet up on that

and Then All i did Was used My

yeah What the hell Rug

You've Got It made

yeah This is their Backyard i did it they did it

Transferring to face case camera wall whoo we made it to the top what i actually Climbed that i did not Expect to do that

No y'all this view yeah so you know you were saying about the view yeah?

It's crazy Where's the Hollywood Sign Right There


There you'll Be Able to see the hollywood Sign oh Let's don't all right You want

To go yeah how are we gonna do this well Should i Just Jump and you see what Happen you're gonna Jump. Oh?

Yeah Just Jump and hold on with everything you can oh

you Got It you Got It mate See all right Rocky we're gonna make you up to the top of this Mountain

Okay i think the best Way to go is probably like i don't know Um let's Just Swing it yeah

We Seem so unstable bro look i put my Phone



It's over Guys The worst part about this is i didn't Bring any Shoes

To do this Kind of Activity and I'm Wearing my Easy's bro

There's Literally nothing to hold on to

If One rock Slip then we're done look at this oh?

No way oh Guys there's downtown with all the tall buildings and we're in the hills right Now

we're literally in the hills look at all these Houses

Where are they being serious

We'll give You one minute where we're calling the cops but They're Homies with us

Yeah He's the next to them he's really cool Bryce Shot One of his videos in there

Oh i saw that That's where it Was in dude

What's Up i wonder if we live That We live Right Here

yeah Yeah thank you

I thought You thought we were like Random People Looking into Their Backyard but Actually about Who swooped on us

Yeah Guys If you don't Know grazer Was Up here in some Random stalker guy was

live-streaming and he was gonna Break it he was in someone's Backyard

He was Just

Looking Playing it's Cameron How you all roll the footage for that for those Who don't know and this is the spot where it Happened

so What's up

Trying to leave yo They beat the shit out of me so they thought that we were like One of the stalker People

Okay Let's continue this no way boy i came up right Here it was there no Way

Dude this is Actually so sick

Downtown la i don't know What That's cool it's like another City Park it's like another downtown

Real Dog you look at Their pizza floating i'll do What we Need a pizza put i know i said i want the kim kardashian

But Floaties have you Seen That one Yeah dude

This is the Jack See where happens like right Over there oh That'S so lit Guys by the way it's like a Hundred degrees Right?

Now and the Higher we Go the hotter it gets Cuz we're getting closer to the sun

and I'm Wearing all Black look at This literally Black on Black on Black

Now getting down though Frazier Said that we have to use the rope yeah though, How am i gonna do That

Jump in the bonanno Guys I'm not trying to Jump in the pool yo Shy do a cactus challenge Let's go

Dude i wouldn't be surprised if you actually did It i fraser is crazy yo but This is actually a dope little view right Here

If not Here with that right there like that Was Just push it down Just side straight. Oh no Way

Should We Keep Going or do You want to go back down i

Already Showered and Stuff Like I'm Not trying to sweat

What the Hell dude are there snakes in this area

I was Just Thinking about your dad found Around yeah guy sound like a Baby

Rattlesnake in our area so if there's Any Rattlesnakes Here alright This is where we saw Steve-o of Those Resource team no Way

Guys Look Crazy Think about being in the Hills is like There's Actually so many famous People and it's crazy you're like

Surrounded By them and it's Just a Crazy Life like i can't believe we're like Living This life it's Actually insane

you can Cut Through This book do you know What guys

Actually i think it's time to go down like We Got a Nice view we had a Nice Little Hike a Nice Little adventure but

I think We Should Just Go back

trip me out fix the baby dude right

Yo That's so Weird Yeah like We Thought They were Joking at first They Said we're gonna call The cops and like i thought They're

Messing Around Cuz They're like okay that happens that incident Happened and like They didn't recognize us for me i would understand that cuz they

Don't know who i am like iF i Just got here

Like he even said to me like yo You could Have my Ping-Pong?

Table so i thought you knew who i was he didn't recognize him he they started taking?

Pictures Of Us like i was like we're calling The cops the swat teams coming we're like

Harder huh

I know a Thing or two about like Exploring and like Doing Crazy Shit oh my god i almost Just there Go my Easy's

Yeah i think What She's Just Jumping the pool from here like?

That'd Be like a Nice video Would You Guys smash a million Likes Cuz like i'll definitely do It for a Million Like


Shit dude This Looks Like it's Just going straight Down one last look at The view guys and Say Hills

All those Houses


Which is insane i didn't think you can see downtown from Here but this is lit alright I'M Just gonna Jump okay and Just hope

For The Best Hopefully i don't break a Bone Is he getting down wait can You hold this yeah i'm gonna hold this view

Wait i Swear to god a Faker with the cops on us dude i Just Heard a Siren

Cops are in the hill last time to check on the guy out there and there Was a Sniper Over there Why?

My life i Swear Let's go

I'm Kind of tripping out if a cop starts driving Up through There you're gonna see me shit My pen

Down That and then down the Road we're gonna Try to make It down to like the rope area Which is right over there

and then we'll Pick Up some video Cuz we're gonna fall we Have a Murder in

There go by Easy oh my god guys are you good frazier

Oh he's a Pro he's a Natural Those maybe People cook yeah Listen That Garden embroider Who likes Chicken oh?



So wasn't the people who initially Said They're gonna call The cops but then Neighbors on this side Let's Go inside we Weren't up there

Children Good Bad Yeah but That's fine yeah that Was Actually Bad for i've never like I'M the rope before but i Kind of Got

Like Messy Doing it but Yeah yo frazier this shit Shit

The Cops legit Showed Up bro

What they Actually Called The card no no way this is not click they

Do Your Sirens

I hear more bro we didn't do anything we Didn't do anything i Swear please don't. Send the swat team to me i'm wrong

yo okay they leave Right Now wait my Heart Just Stopped

Wait Be legit Actually sent the cops on him there Better not be more coming

We Didn't do anything We Just wanted to explore something for you guys

Sure What he was like cuckoo


We were all Just Chilling and the cops show Up yo Ass update is back

Sup Dudes Get to see min have to hold me right Here?

Guys look at How short This kid is man are you Kidding me guys i'm a Ball ass dude runs a queue for one

but You know we're the cops i

Just want to make sure everything Was Good no really Guys

I'm with wolfie we have some Big plans coming up Dawn oh Yeah we want to collapse but we want like some ideas of What

To do so If you Guys have any Claudia's That wolfie and i could do but something creative Guys

If it is the more down i'm gonna be so comment down Below

Creative fun something That you Guys Would want to watch but i'm here with the homie wolfie and it's lit so corner This Way

Guys I'm gonna Go around and Ask Everyone in the clubhouse how they Feel that i'm gonna be their new roommate Alyssa

Hey What's up i Just had a question like how do you Feel that i'm about to be your new roommate i'm gonna be moving

In in like a Week or two

you're the new roommate yeah i

might Have to Second Guess me moving in hey

I'm super Excited it'S gonna Happen in like a Week or two i'm gonna start Bringing my stuff

I think Rice common Banks are in their room see what they think?

yo Sup Homies a

Rice come is back from Vegas Finally We Missed You bro banks I love you yo how do you guys Feel we're literally Roommates Now

Dude yeah bro it's perfect you didn't Know that Was my room

There's Like Hello room in Here bro Just shut the door alright yeah yeah no it's Perfect Actually

Alright Guys no for real I'm Actually Moving in we've Actually Been

we've Been planning This for like a Month and i was Just Waiting for the right time to announce It and i was here the

First night i was Here i'm like okay it's official like i have to proof It also you're rugrats the perfect fit he's the homie

Authentic genuine Great a Hard Worker

Worker Hard

You Guys Already know yeah bro i'm super Excited Guys Seriously Thank you for like The support on the video like i said i was

Expecting Like Worst comments But You Guys all Wanted me to move in yeah i saw the comments in It Everyone Was like you

Stupid Not dude how many Bangers are we all gonna Make like i'm so Excited that You already Know

Some things are bigger Than Fingers on Dinners you?

Excited I'm super Excited bro I'm so Happy like Dude my mom is happy for me but she sad you guys all know mamma Rug



Yeah That Was lit

No, but i'm gonna be going back to san Diego and Spending Like The last Week with my family you know Kinda Just and so

Yeah Guys so i'm gonna be going back and you go for like a Week or two and then

Start Shipping All My Shit here and i'm officially a Part of The Cloud gang and like

Yo Guys so believe it or not tell the vlog youR shoe size i'm not tall like Everyone Thinks i'm Joking When i said this?

Literally 18 it's Kind of Crazy

You want me try them on i'm gonna look like a Clown but okay you can Part With your shoot in there dude i couldn't

Be Living Here

Dude no way

Mean no i think it suits you Honestly Honestly i'll Just take these Ones i think Barely?

It's like effort for Him to carry Those Around

Alright Guys i think i'm going to end the video there i hope you guys did enjoy

Please be sure to smash that like button thank you Guys once again for all the Support on Yesterday's video about my decision Moving out

Like You Guys all understood me i liked how we could Connect with each Other like i hope you guys see me as like one

of Your friends Instead of Like a Big

YouTuber Like We Are Homies like We Connect with each Other and i Feel like i have a strong Connection With My fans especially When

I meet you guys in public like i Feel like we're Just Homies so guys Thank you so much and for those who are confused

As to What's going on i have made my decision that i'm going to be moving to the cloud house but first i'm gonna go

Back to San Diego for about a Week or two then a bunch of time with my family but the thing is for those who

Are not Excited about it for those Who are like no don't leave Your family don't Worry I'm not going anywhere like I'm still gonna

Be visiting My Family Three Times a Week at least Like Every single weekend no Doubt it's a Two-Hour drive it's not like i'm moving

Countries I'm Not Moving Stays I'm moving two hours Away and This Is a Huge huge Opportunity

And i know you guys Understand That That's also happiness Today's The Feedback i Got Was amazing and you Guys are the best shout out

To the rugrats i love you all so much?

Big Things are coming I'm telling you Guys big Things i'm officially a Part of The Clout Gang which is awesome

Guys did Enjoy the video please Enjoy The rest of your day and Hit that subscribe button if you are new and other Than That

it's Been Rug and i'm out Peace

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