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Now, this is a'curious flame.

This could fill six capfuls square!

But no smoke or heat-I swear!

This brings you delight, I gather?!

Nothing but a Fire-Bird's feather.

Yes, Ivan, for your own sake,

Take it not, for in its wake

Many sorrows, many woes

Follow everywhere it goes.

What you say 'bout this or that?

Pass this up? -Oh, I think not!

Many sorrows, many woes

Follow everywhere it goes.

Capital City

Now, there was an old tradition

That, without the Mayor's permission,

Nothing could be bought or sold,

Nor for barter, nor for gold.

As the church-bells called for prayer,

On his palfrey rode the Mayor.

Golden trumpet gaily sounding,

Voice stentorian resounding:

Guests and honest merchants there,

Open up and sell your ware!

You, my watchmen, guard their stalls

Keep the order, squash the brawls!

Then the merchants loudly call,

As each opens up his stall:

"Honest masters-come this way!

See what wares we have today!”

Sables, ferretsdifferent furs

Pick and choose, you lovely girls!

Here I have the yokes renowned

Saddles and some horsewhips sound!

Tawed reins!

Honey cakes!

Spiced brine apples!

Tasty bakes!

Come young maidens and young lads!

Savor all my gingerbreads!

-Tsars approaching!

-Redhead chamberlainside him-

Hes horse keeperschief supreme.

Oh dear father!

Oh dear mother!

What a sight theyre to behold

Just to me, you will be sold!

My good people, who

Owns these handsome chargers two?

Tsar, these steeds belong to me.

I'm their owner, too, you see.

Will you sell them to me, say?

No, I'm swapping them today.

What will you be taking, then?

Twice five caps of silver

That I think will make it..ten?

I will give you that, young man!

Brothers, are you not ashamed?

Though you're clev'rer than Ivan,

Still, Ivan's an honest man.

Whatcha looking at, old snake?

Take the steeds, for goodness sake!

Oh, good people, what a show!

I could die just laughing so!

Now, my grooms can't hold those two-

So, there's nothing else to do,

But to come along with me.

I shall issue a decree,

Make you Master of my Horse,

Like a lord, you'll live, of course.

What a wonder! Let it be

I shall serve Your Majesty!

Have I fallen from your grace?

And my job which I embrace?

My displeasure, do observe!

Under Ivan you shall serve!

Take them, Ivan, faithful slave-

To my stable, steeds so brave!

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