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Hi, guys. Ray23179 here, and, today, I'm going to be doing a

mod review on the NotEnoughItems mod for Minecraft 1.4.7, the first thing I want to say, before I go on. I want to thank all my subscribers and

viewers for...5,000 views! It's a lot of views, and this was one of my milestones

as I said in the

Portal Gun mod review

um..but, my next milestone is actually going to be double 5,000. My next milestone

will be 10,000 views

I know it's quite a jump from here, but I think we can..uh..

make that happen. So..


that is a thanks to my subscribers and viewers

but anyway, onto this mod

it is the NotEnoughItems mod, and it's basically, it's almost like the TooManyItems mod

but with just a bit of tweeks, changes

um..and additions

some people prefer it over the TooManyItems mod, some people don't

and some people like TooManyItems better

um... personally, I like NotEnoughItems better, but, you know... that is my opinion

and such

so, let's get onto the mod

uh..when you push your inventory key, it will open up your inventory, and, you will see

it looks almost exactly like the TooManyItems mod

the only changes: the uh... search bar is down here, we have this new "Item SubSets"

all these

quick change keys or whatever

are in a little

rectangular box up here


you still have your Saves and you have a Options key

um..and I have 8 pages on my thing. You should have 3

but my Minecraft is huge. Unless your GUI scale is set to "Large", anyway, uh..first, just like in my TooManyItems mod review

I'm gonna go over these, over here

so, uh..first, I'm gonna go over to the Delete Mode

um..let's say you have a bunch of items in your...



did you see that?

OH MY...

okay...okay. I'm..just..gonna...try to ignore that. That was weird. OH MY GOSH (over reacting xD)

What the heck? (voice crack)

uh... okay, okay. Hold on. I'm gonna try to ignore that. Okay, so..

sorry, guys

uh, so let's say that you have all this in your inventory, and..

you uh...

uh..turn on your Delete Mode

uh..If you click it, it automatically deletes it from your inventory

That is a really cool thing

and, uh..if you don't want to... if you... you can also do it by just dragging it up

to your Delete Mode here, and clicking it away

or you can even drag it into the Item List, and it will go away

uh..the next thing is the Rain on and off. Uh..if you click this, that there will

turn green, and our Rain will turn on, hopefully

and we can turn off the Rain

eventually, this button will be turned to gray

I am turning off the Rain because it is quite annoying, so...

I..uh...hopefully, that killed our Enderman-problem

anyway,, we have the Creative Mode on. We just click that, and now, we are in

Creative Mode

this goes away. Here, but there's a way to fix that: if we turn on....

if we click it again, we get "Creative Mode +". um...

now, that let's us have this list here. Also, a Large Chest's worth of extra

inventory space and their armor slots

which means the tabs go away, but that's Creative Mode +, even if you take something and put it in your Creative Mode + space and

go back into Survival and return to Creative Mode +, it's still gonna be there so that's a cool

thing., returning to Survival now. Uh..the next thing, right here, is this Magnet Mode. This is

something the TooManyItems mod doesn't have. So, if I turn this on,'ll go green

and, uh..let's pick an item. I'm gonna use Gold Ore here for our example

let's say I throw these items out

What items on the ground, like this, do is they act like XP Orbs, and when ever you throw them

out, they float back to you

and it's really cool. matter how far away from.... uh...

you the item is, if you throw it, and try and fly away

the items should still come back to you

when your Magnet Mode is on


yeah, so...basically

it let's you get items that are far away

and..uh..using Magnet Mode, and you can get all your items back, and...uh...

get items that are far away

so that's basically all that Magnet Mode does. So, we'll go back into Survival, turn off Magnet Mode

get rid of this....Okay,

so the next thing is the

the time change..uh..if we click "Set Time Dawn", it will change it to sunrise. If we do, set the time to

noon, it will put the sun in the middle of the sky

and if we do set time to dusk, it will make it sunset

and if we do set time to midnight, it will make it midnight

uh..I'm just gonna put it back to dawn because

I like day

um..then we have "Heal the Player".'s basically pretty simple

it's basically, if you...I'm gonna fly up here for example, and I'm gonna go back to Survival, and drop

and, as you can see, my hearts down here are

going down, so we put this, and it will automatically heal back up

I'm gonna do that again, for you guys so you can actually watch it, alright?


If I go back into Survival, alright, watch the hearts, when I click this

and they all go back up

so that is "Heal the Player"

uh... another thingy that's all the...basically all the buttons that are up here

next we have the "Item SubSets",'s click on this, and there's a bunch of

tabs here

so, if you go to "Blocks"

and, you can go to "MobSpawners" which is another tab

and there's all those, but let's just say we're going to "Blocks", and we see Stone

let's say we don't want to see Stone anymore know..we're not

looking for anything that has Stone

when we right-click, it'll...the background of it, will turn red, and we will no

longer see Stone

um..but, if we want it back, we can...

left-click and oops

we can left-click, and Stone will be back

uh... so if you like uh...

right-click on Stone and Dirt, and everything like that, and let's say we don't want to go through it and..uh..

left-click all of these again, we can go to "Blocks" and left-click, and all them will become...

viewable. If we right-click, all of the blocks will become un-viewable

so, now we only have... we used to have 8 pages, now we only have 5. But..

I like to see everything, so I'm going to keep that on. Then we have the "CreativeTabs"

like "Building Blocks", and stuff like that. If I turn on Creative, you basically have all these

tabs here. "Brewing", "Combat", "Tools", "Foodstuffs"; all that


uh..with the "CreativeTabs", and you can go to "Brewing", and then..Ghast Tear all that stuff and

you can right-click if you don't want to see it and stuff like that

so then we have items. "Armor">"Boots": you have all the

boots, all the chestplates, all the helmets, all the leggings. "Food": all the



the "Ingredients", the "Negative" potions, the "Neutral", the "Positive" potions...

uh.."Tools": you have "Axes", "Hoes", "Other"

basically just other stuff

"Pickaxes", and "Shovels"

and then you have "Weapons": you have "Ranged" which is just the Bow, and "Swords" which is all the swords

and then these you can just right-click to not view them

Then you have "Mod". So, if you have a mod installed it will actually..the items from the..added to the

mod will actually show up your list

but, if you don't want to see a certain item, the mod will appear right

above or below "Minecraft", and you can go on into that know...right-click all the ones

you don't want to see

uh..then we

have... "Vanilla", which is basically just like, normal Minecraft

and stuff like that. So, Potions and junk like that

uh... so that's just the normal, with no mods

so that's the "Item SubSets" button. thing

is the

Saves over here

all these Saves. So, what...

basically what these Saves do

is: they make it so that you can get a certain thing. So, like, let's say you

need Water and Lava for a project

and we click "Save 1", and then..uh...we don't want them anymore and we click "Save 2"

now, let's say we need them again and we don't want to pull them out of the list, we can click

"Load 1" and they will come back

you click "Load 2", it'll be how it is. So, basically

a Save makes your.. when you click a Load when you

click a Save, it becomes a Load

and when you click a Load, it basically becomes wahtever

um..your inven... it makes your inventory however it was when you clicked Save

so that's a really cool feature

um... and you can push those "x"es next to them, when they become Loads, to delete them

if they get full. There's only 7

uh..This search bar down here, as you know, it does searching. So if we search



it will give us all the stuff that have the word "diamond" in it

um..but if just search "d-i", then it will give us everything that has "d-i" in it

so... "d-i-r-t", "d-i-spenser". And then, "obsi-d-i-a-n

and all that stuff. "d-i-s-c"

so that's the search bar. Then we have the Options.

So, NEI=Disabled, we can like, disable it, and then it'll be gone enable it, and it's back

then we can change it to the "Old TMI Layout", the "Minecraft Layout"

you know... those two you can toggle those thing we have is tips hidden. They're defaulted to "hidden"

but, if you put them on,

whatever block, basically that you point to

up, up in the top right corner up here

it will show what block you're pointing to. Grass, Sand, uuum...

it doesn't show Water, for some reason, but let's say you get up to the Sugar Cane, and it will tell you it's

Sugar Canes

and all that stuff so...

yeah..that's basically.....

what that does

uh.....can't reach the Stone

ah, whatever

but, sometimes that can be annoying so that's why you have the "tips hidden"


uh.."Cheat Mode", "Utility Mode"

or "Recipe Mode". All that stuff

uh... basically

what this is, it's like

Recipe Mode, it just basically shows you... um, you can see the recipes

of the items. uh..Let me go back into Options, and change

into Utility Mode

I actually haven't seen..oh. Looks like Utility Mode just has these two

utilities up here

and then, uh..back to the modes. Cheat Mode is just normal

uh..ItemID's "Auto", "Shown", "Hidden".

all that stuff. It basically show the block ID

and block ID settings, we're not gonna go into that. uh...

"Recipe", "Enchantment", "Usage", blah-blah-blah. All this stuff


if we go into our inventory, it's defaulted to "O". If we push our "O" key it goes

away and comes back

um if we hover over something, and we press "R". oh, woopsie. I pressed...Inventory. There, that's it

ok, so let's say we go overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Blue Wool, and we push "R"

uh.. then it will show us the crafting recipe for it. If we push this question mark..........

on some items, if we push this question mark it will show us the use for it, or whatever

um..and then if we push "R" on the Lapis Lazuli, and it will give us all the things that have Lapis Lazuli

and stuff like that

soooo, yeah. If we do Lapis Lazuli Block it shows us that and it goes on and on, and on. uh...but then

that is the

other stuff"X"Enchantmentokayso

if we go on items

I'm gonna see if I can find

a Diamond Axe or something like that

and we press "X"

i think...hold on

or actually, I haven't actually tried out the Enchantment thing

so, I'm assuming, like if you push "X" and then..or is

basically how you give it enchantments and stuff like that thing we have, oops if I can get my screen up here, is Usage

if you push

if you hover over it...

it..oh, oh, oh! If you hover over it and press "X", you can put on the enchantment and, put up the

level, or down the level, and stuff like that. Okay, so if you hover over it and"U"

let's see if any of these have a usage

it's just like the crafting recipes. Not everything has a crafting recipe so, you know...


uh... okay

oooh, okay. So basically, it shows you the usage for the block and stuff like that

so then you can go into...yeah it looks like


it so

that would be

pretty much

it, I....

guess. Hold on...


Options saves

yeah, it looks like we've gone over everything, guys. So uh...

I am going to get into showing you guys how to install this mod. It

is....quite easy

uh... so yeah let's get in to that

Alright, guys. So, here we are on our Mac Desktop, and I have the 3 files you will need

to run this mod

uh..Minecraft Forge....uh..

this mod is a "Forge-Mod"

you need it to run this mod

NotEnoughItems.jar, and chicken...CodeChickenCore.jar

um... I know that sounds weird, but..


that's it

so basically

uh... 2 of these items are actually ".jar"s instead of ".zip"s. Most of the time they're ".zip"s

but what we're gonna do is we're not gonna mess with that or anything

we're just gonna keep them as ".jar"s

so, first I'm gonna show you how to get these. First, what you're gonna want to do is go to the Minecraft Forge


link in the description

and what you'll do is you will um....go ahead and

It'll take you to this page: um...

and then you will want to take the latest one

which is right here on the top

and basically what you're gonna do is click "universal". If universal doesn't work for your

computer, and you know it won't work if uh..when you try to install forge

uh... when you...

okay, hold on. So...

click "universal". This should work for most of people, but if um...

it doesn't work, you'll need to use "src" or "javadoc".'ll know that it

doesn't work if, when you try to install it and Minecraft, you just get

stuck on the black screen before you login. So..

uh..we're gonna click universal, and that will actually take you to an

"" download

and, up here in the top-right corner it'll say: Please Wait... 5 Seconds. 2, 1, 0

and "SKIP AD". Click that

and, since I've already downloaded it, I don't need to do this

so, yeah. That is that

and uh...close this

and the next thing I need to do is go to the NotEnoughItems, um...

mod download in the uh..description

and it will take you um.., and

uh... it will be the NotEnoughItems page so we're gonna scroll down um..a bit

until you see

this. So

uh..., basically what it does is it shows you that

you need

uh..Minecraft Forge or ModLoader, and the ckicken code core, and all that


so, basically what you do is you're gonna click the top link right here

under the "DOWNLOAD NOW" and i will take you to

the download page for NotEnoughItems, and then click the chicken code core


when it takes us to this

we're gonna scroll down and click the download now right here

and it will give you the chicken code core

both NotEnoughItems and chicken code core should be ".jar" files, and Minecraft

Forge should be a ".zip"

if they aren't, you're downloading the wrong thing. Don't keep them, if they're not...


".zip" and 2 ".jar"s

so let's get into how to install this. What we're gonna do is we are going to go to


Minecraft folder get there it is on the top of the screen: you go to Finder>Library>Application

Support>then Minecraft

and I realized something that I hadn't been showing you guys how to do on

my previous videos

is how to do it if you're not using Snow Leopard. So there are 3 Mac types. You have Snow....


think there's more, but these are all I know

um..Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, and just normal Lion

um..if you're using Snow Leopard, this should work, which most people do use

um..but if you're not, access your Library what you need to do is go up to here where

it says "Go". You're gonna click that

and you'll have all these things, and you're gonna go ahead and push down on your

Alt key

and Library will show up, and you just click that and then go to um..Application

Support, then minecraft so that's how you do it

um..then so we should be in our "minecraft" folder. It should look like this. "servers.dat"

is a file might not be in there um..if you, won't be

in there if you haven't entered any server data, like

IP addresses to servers, and stuff like that when refreshing Minecraft, you want to keep both of these files your

"saves" and your "servers.dat" so you don't delete your data

so, uh..first what we're gonna do, is we're gonna install Minecraft Forge. Always comes

first um...

so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go in our "bin", and then we're gonna find


and we're gonna push enter to rename it. Go to the end and type in ".zip"

click away from it, and then select "Use .zip", and it will become a zip

file, so what we're gonna do is open ""

and it will open for us and give us a "minecraft.jar" folder that we can

into and edit. Then what we're gonna do, is we're gonna move "" to the Trash can

um..then we're gonna open our "minecraft.jar" folder. There should be a bunch of class files

Change it to pictures so we can paste in there and stuff like that. So, then what we're

gonna do is, I'm gonna move this out of the way real quick, and we're gonna take..go to our Minecraft

Forge - Universal. It will be a zip file so double-click it to

un-archive it and make it into a folder. So, I'm gonna drag the folder over here

and we can move the zip file to the Trash

so then we're gonna open our Minecraft Forge Folder. There should, again, be a bunch of

class files

select one, any one you want, then push command "A" to select them all

right-click somewhere in here, and click "Copy 235 Items

if it's not 235, you probably have the wrong thing

so, uh..we can go ahead and close the Minecraft Forge download, and move it over here. um..I'm gonna

paste them all in here. I'm just gonna right-click and paste them in my

"minecraft.jar". This copy warning should come up. What

we're gonna do, is we're gonna check the "Apply to All" box and then we're gonna click replace and

it will copy and then paste them in there for you


I'm gonna go ahead and change this back to little files again, I'll move this back to the middle and now Minecraft Forge has been install so I'm gonna

move that up here to show that we've already installed it

then we're gonna go back to our "minecraft" folder, basically. And, uh... most people don't

have it, but if you do...I mean..most people do have it

uh... but what you need to do, is uh... this is not one of the things where you create a new

folder and name it "mods", and just drop those two in there

what you need to do is actually requires you to run Minecraft, or else

this won't work

so I'm gonna move this over here so you guys can see it happen. um..files will

start popping in to the

uh..."minecraft" folder as I Login

So, we're gonna watch for that. This means that Minecraft Forge is working

they're popping in there and this "coremods" folder is basically what we will need

to run this mod. So then, when Minecraft opens we will wait for it to load

and then we're going to exit out of it

alright, now we're gonna pull this back down here in the middle of the screen, and we should have a

bunch of new files in here: "config", "coremods", "ForgeModLoader-client-0.log" and all

this other stuff

so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go into our "coremods" folder and drag the

"NotEnoughItems.jar" and the "CodeChickenCore.jar". Both of them need

to go in there

then what we can do, is we can close this, and we can log on to Minecraft. And this,

basically how you install the NotEnoughItems Mod. If the chicken code core

and the not enough items are not

in the

um..and I'm being specific on this. If they're not in

uh.."coremods" folder, then it will not work. Trust me; it just won't work

if you don't..have them in the "coremods" folder. So then what we have here is we have our

Minecraft Forge

right here. You can tell by clicking "mods", and you will see CodeChickenCore is working

and NotEnoughItems. And then we have down here, "5 mods loaded 5 mods active"

just subtract 3 from that

and that will tell you how many mods you have running, excluding Forge, which means

2: The chicken code core and NotEnoughItems

and that is how you install the NotEnoughItems Mod in Minecraft 1.4.7

into your Minecraft game

uh..hope you all enjoyed. I hope you found this helpful. uh..Like, subscribe,

comment if you have questions, and yeah. That is gonna be it for this video


so until next time I will see you later

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