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- I'm Tim Krause and I'm the Faculty Adviser

to the Intrieri Family Student Managed Fund

here at Penn State Behrend.

The fund was started in 2012 with a generous gift

from our benefactor and distinguished alumnus,

Vince Intrieri, and his wife Joanne.

The fund is somewhat unique in that

of 1,700 business schools in North America,

only about 10% of them have actual student managed funds

and trading labs such as the one we're in today.

The fund has grown significantly over the recent years,

given additional donations from our fund benefactors,

faculty, and the Penn State Behrend community.

The fund has also consistently out-performed

the S&P 500 Index.

Over the coming years, we'd like to see this growth continue

in order to expand this unique learning opportunity

for our students.

- There's a big difference between selecting investments

in a paper portfolio and then actually selecting investments

where it's real money, and there's real money involved.

The other thing is when you're working on a fund like this,

you're working on a team, and so

learning how to communicate your findings, your analysis,

arguing for your opinions, I think that's a skill

that you really develop working on this fund.

- The way it was best put was actually from our Director,

Dr. Filbeck, he said,

"You don't get calls at three in the morning for fake money."

And he was kinda spot on and really hammered that home

[that] our decisions and our analyses,

and our investment choices actually do have impacts.

- So the fund really set the foundation

of what I do now.

I really learned how to analyze companies

and really get a portfolio view before I entered my career,

and so it really helped me gain an understanding

of how to analyze companies,

how to look at companies different ways,

how to ask questions, and how to invest.

- The older students before me did a really awesome job

setting a good foundation and bringing on younger students

to take over what they had started.

And I think it's really important

that we do that same thing.

And also a big goal that we have in the fund right now

is to reach a million dollars, 'cause then we can start

generating scholarships.

So that's something we're really pushing for right now.

And if that's something my class could achieve,

that would be just so rewarding to know

that we left this fund, you know,

that much more valuable than we came in to it.

- The fund has given myself and my other colleagues,

and other peers, so many opportunities and the understanding

to gain this real world experience while still in college

that it's something that we wanna pay forward.

We have a lot invested in the fund.

We spent a lot of time both developing models,

developing a portfolio, working with Professor Krause

on the implementation of screening methods,

evaluation methods, that we've gained so much from it

and we wanna be able to give back.

You know, we're all proud to be Penn Staters

and even prouder to be part of the

Intrieri Family Student Managed Fund.

- The Intrieri Family Student Managed Fund

symbolizes the open lab concept at Penn State Behrend.

It is a part of our learning by doing model

in the Black School of Business,

allowing students to be able to apply

concepts that they learn in the classroom

in a real world setting, making decisions

about stocks that they will purchase,

and be able to monitor the effects of the portfolio

as a result of their actions.

It also allows students to be able to earn scholarships

that help cover the cost

associated with their college tuition.

Thank you for your support of the

Intrieri Family Student Managed Fund

and the opportunities it presents to our students.

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