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What is going on, guys?I Hope you're going well!

It's time for another vlog! It seemed like you guys who really liked the previous one so, today is Easter Friday

We've just driven back last night. We drove back from Canberra, so we came back. It was about I think 3 p.m.. I picked up

Kell we drove down, it took about 7... 8 hours, we got home just before midnight

So it was about 11:30 in the evening when we got home. It was a quite a long drive

We stopped off, did a bit of photography during sunset

I think that was in Glen Rowan, which is a place where Ned Kelly's last stand was. Ned Kelly

So check him out if you don't know him, he's a massively famous Australian folk

mmm hero

Antihero... some people think he was good some people think he was bad, but he his last stand where he was fighting the police

Was in Glen Rowan, I believe, so check him out. Anyway, yes, so it's Easter Friday today, yesterday was Thursday

We drove down after work, got here by midnight, pretty much hung out for an hour or so with my folks, got into bed

and now

I've been fiddling around with the podcast getting that ready for the weekend and

also hanging out with the folks, my parents, hanging out with them, hanging out with Kell, we went out got some coffee and

Now I'm working out what to do this evening. So Kell is currently downstairs getting some lessons from my dad

he's helping her with photography stuff and how to

Analyze the photos on the computer, and I'm probably gonna go catch up with my mate

James and his brother Dave so, you've heard them James Buchan and Dave Buchan, Dave his brother

You might not have heard, but James has been on the interviews. If you haven't checked them out, make sure you do

So it's going to be an interesting day. I'm going to try catch up with them

We'll see what happens, might get some fish and chips, but let's see where we end up. Vamos!

A traveller. All right, see you guys! See you later!

See ya! it's pretty funny, how used to me

my family's got, they're pretty tolerant with regards to me videoing and doing all sorts of stuff so I

always really

appreciate their patience

But yeah, so it's pretty funny that I go downstairs to grab the drink

I'm fluffing about, fluffing about is in not doing anything of importance,

And they just tolerate it and ignore me and let me do my thing

Anyway, I'm gonna see if I can

stumble out of the house

With all my stuff whilst also filming myself

So this is Ocean Grove, my folks place, pretty nice day, huh?

It was a magpie here coming across the road

Wonder what he wants

What is going on, Maggie?

A little baby one... that's gonna fly off

What have I dropped?

Okay, on second thoughts this was a bad idea

Alright, dropping things everywhere so the...the

Annoying thing about this car at the moment is the keys, the lock unlocks, but this thing in here gets caught, and I can't

Can't open the door so I always have... I always have to unlock the car, and then use this key to

Open the front of my car

Talk about frustrating just , just chuck my gear in

This is a typical thing that I do all the time, right? so

Let's see if you can see, put my pants a jacket top and a jumper in there

Because you never know what the weather's gonna do down here, right?

Sometimes it's... it's really

Sometimes it's really warm, sometimes it's really cold you never know what's gonna happen

So, always be prepared, guys, always be prepared this goes for anyone in

Southeastern Australia, where the weather tends to... to do these ones, tends to go up and down quite a lot


One of those things in Australia that you might notice as well in the car here

We have the steering wheel and everything

on the right-hand side of the car so

All of the the...that's not a gear stick, but the stick that for the auto car is actually operated by

my left hand and

The handbrake and all of this jazz here

So that tends to be quite different from other places in the world, depending on where you're from

Places like America. They drive on the other side so the arrangement of the car here is all

Reversed so they would be over here, okay?

So that's one of those things that we talk about culture shock people often don't realize that in Australia here

don't know if you can see

And it's probably reversed

we drive on the

Left side of the road, not the right side of the road

So that's a little thing that you have to get used to when you're here and also

I'm not going to be able to video when I drive because the police

somewhat frown on using your phone


Driving and it's probably worse than frowned upon

They will fine you, you will get fined so, another tip in Australia

Don't play with your phone too much while you're driving if at all

I'm not sure what the laws are if you can prove you're playing with iTunes, but definitely don't text or call

Anyway guys, let's get started and see where we end up. I'm so shameful guys. I'm so shameful

This is our evidence of last night's trip all the way down from Canberra, so we had a few stops

Got some junk food, Pepsi Max, coffee


Yeah, that's that's a pretty common sign when you've gone on a long road trip

And I found this this morning, got this for Kell, little horse

Don't know where that came from so, sorry if the child who lost this and it was on the road

Lost it, but I found a little horse

Alright guys, so I worked out how to wedge the camera right into the front of the car's windshield and

Dashboards so, that you can see me whilst I drive and I can chat

So I thought we were just yeah chat to a little bit about the car. I absolutely love this car

It is a Ford Falcon a wagon

Really really cheap to fix so, if you guys are coming to Australia

And you want to get a big car with loads of room in it

totally recommend getting a wagon like this and a Wagon is a car that has obviously this space at

The back here where there's a lot of boot space as opposed to say a Sedan or a Sedan

Where the boot is sort of a separate compartment from the rest of the car so

Yeah, we've driven to Canberra several times in this thing. It's done hundreds of Ks, thousands of Ks, since I've got it

It's almost clocked up

It's getting close to 300,000 kilometers now


It's just a really really cheap second-hand car that works like a charm

Absolutely works like a charm, haven't had a single issue with it except the door

Lock thing not opening from the electronic

Device, the electronic beaver that I have, the little thing on my keychain


Open up guys. It's going to get better and better

I love this little beauty car, except too you might see the upholstery, the upholstery it's kind of fallen off the roof, but

Adds a bit of charm to the car, guys, a bit of charm, so anyway. You can see it's a really beautiful day

I'm driving up from Ocean Grove which is down the coast here going into the city

There's loads of farms either side of me here, so there's a lot of open fields with

yellow grass in it and there's heaps of sheep, heaps of sheep that are

Growing their wool. It's getting longer for the winter

There's a lot of cows as well, some horses and every now

And then you see a llama or two hanging out on these farms, and now we get into suburbia so, now

You'll see hopefully coming up the back here heaps of houses, and this is Leopold

Leopold here so

It's only about a half an hour drive guys, doesn't take long

It's just a quick trip up the road to go see my mates in Geelong and this is where I grew up

I went to school in Geelong so every single day for six years

I was traveling from Ocean Grove on bus so, obviously not weekend's, all the way up to

Geelong so, it's nice to be to be back. It's kind of I

like being back in this part of this part of Australia, beautiful place

So this is Geelong

All right, so here we are

Looks like James and Dave are both here. This is James's place

Let me just

Lock my car, and we can go in and see who's here and what they're up to

The bandit that I've been driving around, let's have a look see who's here and gotta get on the side. Don't go through the front

Hello! What's going on?

Say hello. Guten Tag!

This is James guys. Hi! How is it going? You probably saw him in the most recent episodes, interview episodes and Dave's here as well!!

Say g'day. What's going on? This is Dave. This is James's cat, Thomas. Thomas. Yep

This is James and James's fish in the background there. Fish, fish, fish. Yeah awesome!

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