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So two years ago Brian

Somebody have actually known for several years now and the guy who made some other cartoons I sent you to watch that I did voices

For made this silly cartoon pitch that was an 80s cartoon intended to appeal to multiple demographics at once

It's like half carebears and half GI Joe or half 80s My Little Pony and half transformers

Nowadays cartoons are a lot more general and understanding that people don't fall into this one likes flowers, and this one likes trucks boxes

well most of the time but back then cartoons were ah very rigid and a bit

unnecessarily sexist

So Brian brought this up to me, and I said only if redacted redacted redacted redacted

Happens and he was like I can work with that and then I sent him unpolished fan art

And OCS relating to his fake cartoon at which point it turned into a mess and by a mess

I mean some sort of exquisite corpse

That's a game where multiple people make up a story or a drawing based on limited information from the last player

although we had more information from each other than people usually do playing that game as we were seeing the last person's entire part the

Rules were like this. Number one was don't undermine the last person's efforts

For example, if the first person starts with the kittens planning a birthday party don't completely disregard that and have them go scuba-diving

number two was to keep them acting like

Unnecessarily silly 80s characters the kittens want to save this with friendship and love and magic and rainbows and the dinosaurs want to solve this?

With guns and fighting and winning the sports game

They think they're playing

And number three was don't use each other's assets

If Brian drew a glue code I left to take crystal in his part

I have to redraw it at mine and I'm pretty sure that was everything we gave ourselves

Three rules you can tell which parts are mine because they actually look a little bit less polished

Either way, we're hosting it over on his channel. So a go check that out

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