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Hello everyone, welcome to the pre-season exotic armor tier list update.

I just updated the tier list for every class, but there are a large number of changes coming

in Season 10 that I would like to address.

After about a month or so into the season, if I need to adjust any scores based on this

pre-season adjustment, I will.

Let's start with Titan.


Our time has come.

One Eyed Mask is yet again getting hit with the nerf bat and it seems like this nerf will

be the final blow.

The target marking has been replaced with target highlighting, I assume similar to what

you might see on a scope or on something like Eye of Another World, which will no longer

give wall hacks.

The damage bonus from killing a target has been completely removed, but the overshield

on kill has been restored, but only lasts for 6 seconds, down from 8.

With the wall hacks gone, this exotic is dropping some points in the PvP department and very

slightly in PvE due to the loss of the damage boost.

It was previously at a 5/5 in PvP, it's definitely coming down, I'll put it at a 4 for now because

of the overshield and health regen still being able to proc on ANY kill, but I can see this

going down even more after the season starts.

Even with the nerf, it is still a very safe option and Titans lack safe exotics.

I expect Crest of Alpha Lupi to potentially take OEM's place, especially in Trials for

safety purposes, if OEM does fall that hard.

Doomfang Pauldrons are getting a nerf because they are technically getting fixed.

They sometimes gave super energy from melee kills while in your super, now it won't, meaning

you won't be able to keep your super rolling for insane amounts of time.

Totally fair on this one, very understandable.

Doomfang will still be a top tier option though.

In PvE, I think it moves down maybe a fraction of a point, same for PvP.

These are still really strong, just now working as intended.

Ashen Wake is getting a buff, would you look at that!

Fusion grenade kills while wearing Ashen Wake now refunds grenade energy based on the tier

of the enemy killed.

Hooray, finally.

I think by default this gets a slight bump up in PvE and less of a bump in PvP, but it

ultimately depends on how much energy is restored.

You're probably going to want to utilize bottom or mid tree with this to take advantage, bottom

tree will generate more energy, while middle tree would let you hit harder with a grenade

if you have Roaring Flames active.

Severance Enclosure is getting buffed to allow powered melees to create the explosion effect

in addition to finishers, with the explosion getting bigger and dealing more damage depending

on the enemy killed.

This gets a bump up in PvE for sure, PvP is no change.

This would allow you to take on higher threat targets, which would then generate a bomb

to kill targets around you.

A one-two punch shotgun can make the final blow a bit more reliable, along with any tree

that gets you melee energy back to keep those explosions rolling, like top tree Sentinel.

I'd say Striker shoulder charge, but you'll probably just kill everything around you anyway

with the shoulder charge.

Anteus Wards no longer allows chip damage through.

That's great and all, but that doesn't change the function of the exotic in any way, so

it stays where it is.

Dunemarchers static charge chain lightning radius was increased to 20 meters, up from

12, holy crap.

That is significant.

Expect to see this a little more in PvP, although it's tough to guarantee kills with the chain

lightning effect.

You'll just be able to tag people from MUCH farther, but that can give you an advantage

in a gunfight for 2v1 situations.

PvE, eh, it's nice, but I don't think it moves score wise.

Mk. 44 Stand Asides will now have the overshield generate in half of a second, down from 1.25


Pretty nice buff there to get the overshield up really quick, going to see a slight bump

in score from me in PvP.

The main appeal of the exotic to me is still the energy gains though, which are not changing.

Warlocks, lets move on to you.

Apothoesis Veil is now guaranteed to drop with 16 intellect.

Not really a buff to the exotic itself or anything, but a nice quality of life change.

No score adjustment.

Verity's Brow is getting some changes.

The buff now boosts your grenade damage by 10% per stack, the buff to your team's grenades

recharge rate now kicks in when you throw your nade and you'll now get a text notification

saying how many people you're buffing with Verity.

I like the grenade damage buff, I think Verity's Brow is actually pretty good as an exotic,

so this just boosts it for yourself a bit.

However, if I'm reading this correctly, buffing your teammates requires you to throw a grenade

first instead of it just passively starting when you get kills.

You won't have problems with that, you'll just need to remember.

For solo play, obviously this gets a bump up, for group play, need to see how the teammate

buffing situation plays out first.

Honorary mention to Crown of Tempests.

We know that top tree Stormcaller is getting nerfed in some way, which means Crown of Tempests

will take an indirect hit, although it'll still be viable I'm sure.

Contraverse Hold's damage reduction is getting nerfed.

It used to be 40%, now it's 20%.

This will make it so you have a bit more of a chance fighting against Warlocks spamming,

I mean tactically charging Handheld Supernova.

This is mainly for shotguns and fusions.

Definitely comes down a little bit in PvP.

Ophidian Aspects now increases the melee range of all Warlock melees, regardless if they

are charged or not.

This is quite a nice buff for these, straight up, especially on top of the global Warlock

melee range buff.

If we want to argue for a slight bump up in PvP, absolutely willing to hear that.

I think I'll still end up using Transversive Steps as I'm not an aggressive player and

I think this buff doesn't do enough to push people into a completely different playstyle

or anything.

Finally, Sanguine Alchemy is getting completely redesigned.

It now will pause the timer of any Rift that the wearer is standing in by getting weapon

kills, extending the Rift's duration.


That is quite the perk.

I'm not surprised that Bungie is starting to move away from wallhacks.

Hunters are the only ones with it remaining, although I expect them to hang onto it, at

least on middle tree Nightstalker.

Foetracer doesn't seem to be enough of a pain point just yet.

IF Sanguine Alchemy works with Well of Radiance, then we are in for quite a ride in PvE, even

if it doesn't, seems like it's gonna be really strong.

I don't think Bungie would let this work with Well because it's so long already.

PvP wise, I don't see this exotic doing a ton, but it really depends on how long you

pause the timer on the rift per kill, what the diminishing returns are, we still need

a lot of information.

But solely based on that description, even healing or empowered rifts, that's really,

really good.

I'll put it up with Nezarec's Sin and Sunbracers for now, I'll be bold on this one, but I fear

that I might not be bold enough.

This could go even higher than that.

Hunters, you're up.

Assassin's Cowl is getting the Severance Enclosure treatment, allowing powered melee to also

work in addition to finishers in PvE.

The invis duration now scales depending on the tier of the enemy killed.

Nerf though, Arc Staff kills no longer activate this.

PvP will take a large hit since Arc Staff kills regening your health was a big factor

in its appeal.

For PvE, if we wanted to give this the slightest buff, we could, but even with this buff, eh,

not sure I'm moving it anywhere just yet.

Khepri's Sting now boosts smoke bomb damage, they now deal 150% damage when wearing the


Not a bad boost at all, although that does encourage actually using it on other people

instead of yourself for a quick vision boost.

Flat buff to this exotic, knock it up a couple percentage points.

Young Ahamkara's Spine got buffed, 14% increased explosion radius on tripmines.

Again, another flat buff, does little to nothing for PvE, but makes it tougher to get out of

the way in PvP.

Not sure I really move it anywhere in the list though, but now that they can stick people

again, I guess we could bump it up a smidge.

Frostees got changed in that the ability regen no longer stacks multiplicatively with other

class ability energy-generating perks.

This means fewer dodges under the same conditions as before.

Need to see how big of a nerf this is, could just be very little, but for now, I think

I'll knock it down just a little bit.

Finally, a big nerf.

Orpheus Rig.

The maximum amount of Super energy you can regain from this exotic with a single use

of Shadowshot is now 50%.

While Orpheus was affected by the global super energy nerfs back in Shadowkeep, it just sort

of kept triggering super energy bonuses anyway, to the point where it was basically not nerfed

at all.

Bungie seems to be putting a stop to that by hard capping the energy to 50%.

I don't think this exotic is necessarily dead for general play, it's still a free 50% super

energy boost if you use your tether in a smart way, it might just not feel as required as

it does now due to how good it is.

This will also affect some low-man raid challenges that revolve around tether spam, which affects

a tiny portion of the top percentage of the population.

It'll get knocked down a little bit in PvE, but it's still one of the better options in

the game and you would not be dumb to continue to use it at all.

As I mentioned earlier, I'll keep tabs on these exotics in the month of March and if

I need to update again after the month, then I will do that.

If you're wondering where my Season of the Worthy trailer video is, well, I thought Bungie

was going to drop some info about the Seraph Tower and Seraph Bunker activities in the


I was wrong.

I did have some first impressions on the story content that we'll be experiencing, but at

this point, I'm just going to save it for my first impressions video that will be out

some time in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for watching, I'll see you next time.

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