Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Marga, nagmakaawa kay Cassie para makauwi na kay Daniela | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

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Marga, you should eat.

Cassie, please let me go.

Marga, sorry.

[SOBBING] Please.

Please help me.

Marga, sorry. We didn't want to do this, but we have to.

Why? Are you scared that I might tell someone?

I won't tell anyone.

I won't say that you're alive.

I won't say that you're here.

If you were in my position,

would you want your mother to worry?

You're a daughter too, Cassie.

You don't want your mom to worry, right?

I want to get away from Mommy and I will.

I'll get away from her and she won't know about this,

about you.

I don't want any of this.

Cassie, please.

Help me.

Please, help me.

Are you telling the truth?

Yes. I promise.

Marga, I'm sorry.

But you are our only leverage against Daniela.


You saw what happened to Uncle Jepoy, right?

Even your dad!

They died because of your mom!

But she already proved she had nothing to do with it!

She is not as innocent as you think she is, Marga.

Your dad's gone, Marga! Who else do you want to lose

before you see her for what she really is?

You can't turn me against her!

You'll see, Marga.

Because I am sure your mom is not done with us yet.

She'll be back to hurt us again.

Marga, I just hope that...'ll get to realize that before it's too late.


Help! Help! Help--


- Tope. - What took you so long?

I was worried something bad happened.

I'm sorry. I was just tired.

I need to get his attention.


What was that?

It's probably nothing.

It must be the television. The volume button isn't working.

I'm sorry, Tope, but I'm really tired.

You should leave now. I'll see you soon.

I can fix it.

No, it's okay. But thanks for offering.


Tope, no!

I think I heard something!

Tope, stop!


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