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Later... in this video. Jack, whats going on? I don't know, I didn't call the wind,

somebody else must have.

You guys, I cannot believe that spring break is over already.

I know where does the time go? I mean we all have been on date night, to pizza planet and then

we all turned into mermaids and went to the future, huh, will win. I'm sad to see it end. At least we

have these sweet jackets, purple ladies am I right…. this year we're gonna rule the

school, in case any villains try to give us any trouble. Urgh, those princesses think

are the best thing since sliced bread. I can't believe I got transferred to princess academy!

I've been cutting class for like 600 years. Ah, I guess it finally caught up with you

eh boss. So, uh, which class are you in first? Dance class! Boooring! There's the bell, don't

be late Maleficent... you're the new kid in school you got to make good first impression.

I make bad impressions Diablo, that's the whole point of being a villain. Don't be nervous,

turn that frown upside down and go make some new friends, huh. No! They grow up so fast.

I can't believe we all have dance class together this semester. I know right, this is way more

fun than regular gym class. Phew, and just as much of a workout. Right, that foxtrot

is really fast. My favorite is the samba. Pshh, fools! Cuckoo! Shh! Diablo, what are

you doing here? You're going to give away my hiding spot. You got to stop hiding and

participate in your classes young lady. Did you guys hear something? It kinda sounded

like a big bird. Oh, well. Great job my little spring chickens! Oh, and speaking of spring,

the spring dance is tomorrow night and it's not just any dance... it is a dance marathon

and that means you have to dance the entire time. You cant stop, don't stop me! Whoa!

The whole time? That's right, and anyone who stops dancing is eliminated. But the last

couple standing wins tickets and a free limo ride to prom later this year. What! Prom!

I've always wanted to go to prom. Huh, wooow! That's amazing! And it's 1950s themed, good

luck. Oh, I just love the 1950s, cat-eye glasses, poodle skirts, drive-ins. I know, this is

going to be snow much fun, let's go invite our dates. This is the perfect time for a

scheme, but I think I'll need a little help to pull it off. [screams] Ahh, where - where

Im I? This is my Jazzercise class. Calm down boys, I called you here for a very important

reason, we've got plenty to do and a dance marathon to ruin. Ha ha ha ha. 89, 100. But,

can I finish my movie first? It was just getting to the good part. Oh, I've seen that one before,

the princess sentenced to jail at the end... that's called foreshadowing kids. Spoiler,

Gaston. The next day... Well, ring-a-ding-ding this place looks chrome-plated. Huh? Oh, just

some 1950s slang I picked up, you dig! I dig, what about you daddy-O? I sure do, the bird

from the word is, we have to go over there to register with our partners, to enter and

get a number for the dance marathon. Well, what are you waiting for... let's put the

pedal to the metal. Come on Adaaam, where are you? Adam, there you are! Sorry chickadee,

it took me a while to find the right duds for tonight's shindig. Well, you are one cool

cat in that leather jacket. Thanks Betty, ah! I mean Belle, sorry, I just got caught

up in the lingo. Less of a Betty more of a Sandra Dee I think. Oh, let's go get registered

for the contest. Good luck you crazy kids. Raven come in. Raven! Do you copy? Raven here,

go ahead. This suit is a super itchy. Jafar, focus! Okay, let's go over the plan one more

time... you split up Belle and Adam and assign them to dance with Gaston and I. Oh, dance

with Belle, I like that part. Copy that, and then we initiate phase two. Exactly, over

and out. We would like to sign up for the spring dance marathon together please. I'm

sorry, but the you two cannot sign up together. Huh! Why not? Because um, your outfits don't

color coordinate. What do you mean? Ah, here we go, how about you in the black jacket dance

with that lovely? But, uh, she - she's not my dance partner. Tell me about it stud. Ah,

I mean I guess that leaves you and me huh. Uhh men! No offense, I just, I came here with

Prince Adam. Cant he just change his jacket? No, too late you're all signed up, have fun

out there. Weee are coming to you live from the princess academy in the spring dance marathon.

Now remember guys and girls, it doesn't matter if you win lose its what you do with those

dancing shoes. Huh, look Flynn, were on TV, wave! Uhh, this is just like Greece. Oh,

hey Adam, who is your date? I'm uh, Chichi-De-dragoneo, the best dancer at princess academy. Never

heard of you. Yeah, where's Belle? Huh, she must have gotten paired up with someone else, there

are some really strict dress code rules here at this dance marathon. Now it's time to throw

your mittens around your kittens and awayyy we go. I love dancing with you Ariel, you

really got a handle on your sea legs, ahh, land legs. Oh, thanks Eric, we've got this

made in the shade as they say. I think so too, what's so hard about a dance marathon

anyways? You look really familiar, what'd you say your name was again? Uhh, ah, G. It's

just G? Yeah, short for Eugene. Like Flynn Rider? Who? It's Rapunzel's... never mind.

Look at my dancing Belle, no one dances like Eugene, ha ha. How do you know my name? Hey,

can you guys do the hand jive? Like this. Peachy keen jelly bean.


Ladies and

gentlemen, we are now entering our three of the dance marathon here at princess academy.

Who will be eliminated first? You know this isn't so bad. Yeah, just gonna take it slow.

Commence phase two. Aww, oh! Flynn what's wrong? Oh, I think I twisted my ankle. But,

how? I don't know, but I think I need to sit down, aww! Okay, let's go put some ice on

it. Uuh, thats gotta hurt, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are our first couple to be eliminated.

Sooo thirsty! Come on my little fish out of water, just a few more minutes. Must find

water. Eric, look! What is it? A beautiful glistening water fountain. Where? I don't

see anything. Right there! Ariel, I think you're imagining things. No, it's right. Ariel!

No, it's a mirage! And another couple is eliminated, sorry Ariel and Eric, see you

wet blankets later, ha ha ha. Come on guys, we got this. Yeah, this is what Mrs Lancer trained us

for. I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting kind of hungry. Yeah, that dessert

table looks really good.Do you smell... chocolate cake! Noo Anna, dont smell it! I can't

help it Elsa, it calls to me. Maybe we better go take a bite you know, uh, keep our strength

up. You can't remember, the minute you stop dancing and leave the dance floor you're eliminated.

Hmm, cake or prom tickets? Cake or prom tickets? Cake! Sorry guys, bye. Smell you later Anna

and Kristoff, ha ha ha, they are dropping like flies around here.


Jack, whats going on? I don't know, I didn't call the wind, somebody else must have. Oops, levitating

is against the rules of the dance marathon, all feet must stay within six inches of the

dance floor at all times. You are out of there Jack and Elsa. All right, lets hear it

for our two remaining couples. So, what's the plan... are you gonna bow out gracefully?

What! No, you buffoon! I wanna go to prom with Prince Adam, that's the whole point of

this plot. Huh! I thought Belle and I were going to go together. Me, help you, ha ha

ha, please! Um Mr. announcer person, Um, our partners are whispering to each other. Ahem!

Who will our winner be? Only one couple can win, which means one couple has to lose, because

that's how these things work. Uh, come on you guys, get it together pronto. Are we all

having a great time? Uh, this is so unfair! Maleficent said thatI - I didn't say that.

Shh! Wait a second, Maleficent! It was Gastons idea. Gaston! Uh, I knew you look familiar,

G”. All right, you two... it's all out in the open now. Go ahead take off your disguises.

It's been fun Eugene. Ugh! Uhh, ladies and gentlemen it looks like a double elimination.

That's right, both teams have broken the rules and therefore no one can. win. Sorry about

it, it's a sad, sad day here at the princess academy. What! That's not fair, we didn't

do anything wrong. Wait a minute! Doesn't that announcer guy also look a little suspicious?

Jafar, is that you? It's me Jafar, but I'm only here to spin the funky beats okay, I'm

definitely not here to scheme with any other villains. Ahem, excuse me, it seems I've missed

quite a bit of excitement here. Allow me to make an executive decision; Belle, Adam, you

are officially the winners. Yes! In fact, everyone's a winner, Im so sorry your dance

marathon was ruined , but Ill see you at prom everyone, ha ha. Yeah! All right, there

we go, all done. All done with what Belle? With the posters for the Valentine's day dance,

I've hung one in every hallway. Oh, fun, are you head of the dance planning committee this

month? Yap, and I'm so excited, I just love, love. Me too, Valentine's Day is one of my

favorite holidays. [bell rings] Lunch tiiime! And lunch, is one of my favorite meals. Uh,

one of your favorites? What are your other favorites? Uhh, breakfast and dinner and brunch

and midnight snacks. Oh, what's this? Oh, just some dumb poster Belle made for the Valentine's

Day dance, laaaame! Oh, Belle, I wonder if maybe this year she'll go with me. Ugh, you

actually care about that nerd in the yellow dress, don't you? Of course, don't you love

Anna, or Elsa or one of the two? Ha ha ha ha, oh, that's a good! Oh wait, you're serious?

No I don't, I was just pretending to like them so I could take their kingdom... you

dunce. Wait, really! It sounds like you're the one with a frozen heart, how did I missed

that part of the movie? You miss a lot of things Gaston. But princesses are so nice

and smart and help you with your homework after school if you promise to wear deodorant

and stop being a villain. Princesses are foolish, that's why I always outsmarting them... always

sing to animals and dancing around with daffodils ugh! Hans, I'm gonna unfreeze your heart and

teach you how to love. Prrr, no way. No way I would come, I'm not some sentimental fool...whooo!

Wow! Look at all this stuff, isn't it neat? I know, Belle is head of the dance planning

committee and I'm head of the decorating committee. We've had so much fun planning this. This

place looks amazing! Ariel, may I have the first dance? Absolutely. Let's go. Huh! Rapunzel,

Flynn, you guys made it. We wouldn't miss it. Everything turned out amazing Belle. Uh

I couldn't have done it without you guys. Aww, shucks. Okay everyone, it's time for

ladies choice. Princesses choose your dance partner. Hmm, I wonder who Ill choose.

Heey! Let's dance reindeer boy. I'll take that as a compliment. Who are you gonna dance

with Elsa? Oh, I don't know, I'll probably just go check out the old snack table. Uhh,

sounds like a good idea to me.


Who is that? Thanks for coming to this dance with

me Maui. You're welcome. I guess I just walked right into that one. Yap. Maui, uhh. Are you

sure this is going to work... don't we need disguises or something? Oh, Hans Hans Hans,

you are enough just the way you arehasnt anyone ever told you that? No, no one's ever

said that to me. That's sad, that's a sad story, but tonight you are going to get that

fairytale ending I know you've always dreamed of. Oh. look - look over there! It's just

Elsa, so what? Look at her, all alone her sparkly blue dress, uh, sparkling... don't you wanna

ask her to dance? But, didnt the announcements say the song was ladies choice? Thats the

rules, the only rules that matter are the rules inside your heart. Uh, ha, no, no I

- I - I couldn't ask her. Sure you could, go on. Really? Huh! Um, hi. Hello. Im Elsa.

I'm Jack Frost. Would you like to um, dance? Absolutely! What! Where did that guy come

from? Yikes, he looks really cool literally. Who cares? Not me, not Hans Westergaard, I

didnt - I didn't even wanna dance with her anyways, she's a dork.


Oh Hans,

buddy, pal, man, buddy we can't give up yet, not when we come this far. Look around, there

are plenty of girls to dance with. Let me show you how it's done. Belle, you really have

done such a great job planning this dance, have you ever thought about being an event

planner? Thanks, I mean, yeah, I have that and a librarian, an author, a rose gardner...

Whoa, all at the same time? Yeah why not? I'm a Belle of all trades. Oh, Beelle! Give

it up Gaston. Alrighty then. Anyways, what was I sayingoh yeah, Belle of all trades.

Hmm, well, that went well for you. Quite you, I'm playing the long game. Obviously, I'm

out of here Gaston, love is waaay too complicated, ruling the world is simple, tu tu. Anna check

it out, Elsa's dancing with someone. Huh really! Who? It looks like Jack Frost. What! He's

here? Aren't you the snow queen from Arendelle? Yeah, you've heard of me? Of course, you know

I have ice powers too. Whoa! I've never met anyone else that can do that. Uh, brr, did

it just get really cold in here? Yeah, it's fre - freezing. Maybe we should dance faster.

Good idea.


So, where do you come from? I haven't seen you around school. Oh, I'm from all over

the place, being 300 years old means you really get to see some places. Ah, 300 years old!

Wow! You look really young for your age. Thanks Elsa, I really like talking with you too.

I know right, we have so much in common, we both have ice powers, we both have little

sisters to save. Exactly, but unfortunately, I can't stay too long, I have business to

attend to back at home. You know what it's like having superpowers... there's always

some villain you got to deal with right? Oh, of course, yeah, um, you'll have to come back

soon and visit again sometime. That sounds snooow perfect.

Is this thing on, ahem. Excuse

me, everybody, I just wanted to make a quick announcement on behalf of the party planning

and the decorating committees, we wanted to thank you for coming to the Valentine's Day

dance. Stay tuned there will be more dances coming up this semester, yeeei! Rapunzel,

I uh noticed that Flynn wasn't around. Ugh! Save it Gaston, Flynn is right over. Oh, fiddlesticks,

whos left for me to dance with? Uhh, Moana of course, she doesn't have feelings for that

big lug with all those tattoos, now's my chance. Ugh! I can't believe none of the princes

have asked us to dance, we look great. Gorgeous, young and gorgeous. What are we doing? It's

2019, a woman can ask a man to dance. Good luck. Ahem, hello Prince Adam, I was wondering

if maybe... Oh, hi there Mrs. MacDougall, I hardly recognized you. Ill be turning

my English paper in a little early uhh! Wait a second! Maleficent! Mrs. MacDougall, you

thought I was a teacher? That's it, to detention with you. Ugh, you know, I might consider

dancing with you if I wasn't here with Belle and if you were nice and if you were not a

villain. Uh, in your dreams beast boy. Um, hello there I was just rejected by the girl

of my dreams, see I kind of have this thing for smart brave girls who go on big adventures,

yah, yah yah. Anyway, I was wondering if you might maybe consider dancing with me? Huh,

of course! Huh, nooooooo! So, anyway we both said sandwiches at the same time and I was

like "what! that's what I was gonna say". Oh my gosh you guys! What is something wrong?

Is Olaf melting? Is Hans back? No sillies, they've just announced auditions in drama

class for the school party. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to audition. I've never been in

a play, I think I'd be a pretty good actress. Totally, I think your snooow good and it looks

like there are parts for all of us, so hopefully, we'll be cast. Huh, I have to tell Prince

Adam, he loves the theater. I think he make a great actor. Have you ever been in a play

before? No, but hope I get picked. Well, we better start preparing for our audition scenes,

come on. Guess I came to snoop around princess academy at just the right time, school play,

aww. Finally, a chance to show off my dramatic expertise, not to mention if that dreamboat

Prince Adam is auditioning, count me in. Ha ha ha. To be in the play or not to be in the

play that is the question. So, you all received the script I wrote, called flowers of the

Caribbean safari. Critics have called it a brilliant blend of Cinderella meets Pirates

of the Caribbean with a sprinkle of the Lion King, and that is the play. All right, Tiana

you are up first reading for the part of Princess Poppy Seed, uhh. Ahem, a dream is a wish

your heart makes when you're fast asleep. In your dreams you lose your heartaches, whatever

you wish for you keep. Brilliant! I felt that in my heart. Anyway Anna, Youre up next reading

for the parts of... The meerkat and I'm the warthog aka the cute pig. Oh yes! Go right

ahead. Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase. Hakuna Matata, ain't no passing craze... it

means no worries, for the rest of your days. It's our problem-free... philosophy, hakuna matata.

That was just about the cutest thing I've ever seen, I love it! All right, who's next?

We are Ariel and I. Wonderful, and what scene will you ladies be performing? Mhmm, the pirate-ship

scene. ... Matey. Aye, there she be, old Annie Blackbeard. But why would you be calling me old? It would be a figure

of speech, aye. Ugh, and now we duel. Please ladies, ladies, no sword fighting at the audition

save that for the performance. However, I did feel as though I was at the seven seas.

Last but not least, we have Belle and Prince Adam! Yes, and we will be doing the final

scene between Princess Vinderella and the Pirate King. Oh! My favorite, the intensity,

the magic, the fire! Oh, go on, go ooooon! It's hopeless, I the Pirate King have looked

all throughout the kingdom and cannot find the princess from the pirate ball. She left

behind this glass pirate boot. But wait Pirate King, it's me princess Vinderella, Im the

one who danced with you all night at the pirate ball. You - you have to believe it's me there

was magic between us and to prove it I have the other glass pirate boot. It is you! Ohhh,

brilliant! Perfectly done, encore, encore! That's the only scene you gave us. Oh! Well,

then never mind, no encore needed, that was perfection! I think I've made my decision.

Wait just one minute, you have one more audition left to see. According to this acceptance

letter, I am a student of princess academy and therefore I should be allowed to audition

for the play. What! No way, she can't audition. Yeah, she's a villain. And yet I would be

the villain if I denied her the magnificent honor of auditioning for a play, would I not?

Ugh, but we know she's no good. Always. Go ahead Maleficent, what's part will you be

reading for? I will be reading for princess Vinderella. What! Excuse me! That's the part

Belle's reading for with Adam. Ladies, ladies, do not fret multiple times have people auditioned

for the same role, it is the way of the theatre, proceed. Ahem, but wait Pirate King, it is

me princess Vinderella. I am the one who danced with you all night at the Pirates ball. You

have to believe it's me, there was magic between us and to prove it, I have the other glass

boot. Um, well, that was something, thank you for coming in, huh. Ladies, I think I

have made my decision, I will let you all know tomorrow. Oh my gosh, I wonder if we

all got the part we wanted. Belle you and Prince Adam did so good. I don't know, I'm

kind of nervous that Maleficent auditioned for the same part I did. Don't worry about

it Belle, you nailed it. Yeah, I'm sure you and Prince Adam will get the part. No doubt,

cast list comes out tomorrow, so fingers crossed. Oh my gosh, here it is! The cast list! Ariel,

you and I are the piratesUhh, we get to sword fight? Yes! Elsa, we got the parts we

auditioned for. Oh my gosh, hakuna matata. It looks like I'm princess Poppy Seed and Prince Adam

is the pirate king and Belle is... What's wrong? Maleficent is princess Vinderella?

That makes no sense, the drama teacher didn't like her audition at all. I told you guys,

now she gets to act with Prince Adam. This is not right, something is up. Well it does

say that youre understudy. Oh my gosh, understudy! Huh, that's even worse. Excuse

me, leading lady coming through. Maleficent, we know you're up to something. I don't know

what you mean, my acting spoke for itself I'll remember you in my Oscar speech, ha ha

ha. No wait, who am I kidding... no I won't. Oh Belle? Ugh, what is it Maleficent? I would

like a snack M&Ms please, but pick out all the orange ones. Um, excuse me, Belle is not

your maid. She's my understudy, that's what understudies are for, now get to it. I'll be

in my trailer preparing my scene, you know, the one with me and Prince Adam toodaloo.

Belle you have to tell Adam he can't act with her. But he's been so excited about this play,

I don't want him to give up his dream…. I guess I'll go talk to him. I'll come with,

we've got to get to the bottom of this, there's no way she's a lead. Good luck. We have got

to get to rehearsal, it's about to start. Keep us posted you guys. Uhh, sorry I'm late you

guys, I'm not a big morning person. You might even say I could be a real beast, get it?

Well, the cast list came out today. Oh, wow, did I get the Pirate King role? Well, you

did but... Maleficent got princess Vinderella. What! That can't be right. That's what we're

saying... Don't worry, Belle, Ill turn down the role. No Adam, you don't have to

do that. I know that you love acting and you really wanted this part. Yeah Belle, but you're

what matters the most. That's so sweet Adam, but don't worry, you go to rehearsal keep

everyone occupied and distracted. Meanwhile, Elsa and I will go snoop around and see what

we can find. The great actress Maleficent! Thank you, the honor is all yours like you

said. The play will now take place tonight. Tonight! But we haven't even rehearsed. Uhh,

you don't really need rehearsal, the best theater is real, as long as you get the gist

of it you'll be fine. What! That's the whole point of a play is rehearsing the lines and

reading the script. Huh, yes! Speaking of the script I have made another change. Due

to the incredible talent of our leading actress Maleficent, I have added in a marriage scene!

Yes, the marriage will be between King Pirate and Princess Vinderella and the minister

will be played by a real-life minister. I'm here for the wedding. Not yet minister... I mean

the play hasn't started yet. What! The play is supposed to be only students. Yeah, and

I definitely don't think this guy goes here. As I said before, the best theater is real.

Now, let the rehearsals begin. I know what she's up to, she's using a real minister in

the play so she can actually marry Prince Adam! I have got to text Elsa and Belle, this

is not looking good. Great job freezing that lock off Elsa. Thanks an ice-queen gotta do

what an ice-queen gotta do. Uhh, I just got a text message. Is it from our friends? Oh

oh it is, and it's not looking good. What's going on? Mr. Vandersnoop is moving up the

performance to tonight and he's adding a wedding scene between Maleficent and the Pirate King

Prince Adam! Wait, what! Ohhh, that is so weird and can only be bad, huh, this is hopeless.

Okay, let's look, do you see anything around the office that looks suspicious? Nooo, ugh,

you know what maybe he just thinks that she's a great actress. This has all been so exhausting,

I'm just gonna have some coffee. Wait, coffee! He drinks coffee all the time. Yeah, that's

probably why he has so much energy. Let me see that coffee bag, quick. You mean this

one? Huh! OMalley's magic coffee beans! OMalley's... Maleficent's magic. Oh my

goodness, I'm sure of it. She probably swapped this out, it's a potion, huh, and he drinks

coffee all the time! We need to reverse it! Why dont you text Tiana right now, I bet

Mama Odie knows something that can reverse this. Okay, hold this. Huh! I just got a text

from - from Elsa, she said Maleficent has swapped Mr. Vandersnoop's coffee, she needs

a reversal coffee. I'll go call Mama Odie now, be right back guys. Aww, Pirate King,

I will accept your proposal for marriage. I haven't even said my line yet. Shh! Its

not about you. Huh, Tiana texted back, she said she should be able to get Mama Odie's

reversal coffee by tonight. I hope we get it in time. I think this is gonna work. Uhh,

this is so exciting, I cannot wait for the people to see my magnificence, my great work.

Hi, Mr. Vandersnoop, we know you love coffee, so we just wanted to give you this before

the performance. It's a New Orleans secret, Mama Odie's special mhmh. Why, thank you Belle, I actually

feel bad for not casting you. Well, at least you get to experience such great acting next time.

Yes, we know, good luck! How long till it takes effect? Should be just a few minutes.

[applause] Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for coming to the opening of my original

play flowers of the Caribbean safari. Oh, Pirate King, I princess Vinderella Im

so excited for us to be wed. Um, as I'm I princess. Belle, this coffee better kick in

soon, Should be soon. Dearly beloved, we're gathered... yeah yeah yeah, get to the good

stuff. Do you Princess Vinderella... Maleficent... Ohhh, Maleficent, do you take this Pirate

King... Prince Adam. Prince Adam, to be your husband, I do. Wait a second! What's going

on? Maleficent! It was supposed to be Belle! A wedding scene, uh, this is all wrong, stop

the play! Stop this nonsense, I dont know what's going on but Belle was supposed to

be princess Vinderella! Huh! And I don't know where in the world this marriage scene

came from. Huh! And I'm so so sorry but we need an intermission. Belle I am so sorry.

It's okay, we knew something was up. Turns out Maleficent switched your coffee with a

mind-control potion, you had no idea. But now we have a whole audience here, we have

to perform something. We can do it! Yeah, we can all just perform what we auditioned

with. Like you said, the best theater is real right? Oh, it's gonna be real, real fun ha

ha ha... the show must go on... mm-hmm, let's get changed. Ohh, Ive taught you well,

we go out there and break those legs... well that doesn't actually mean go and break your

legs, Ha ha ha. We know, let's go. Maleficent, wait a second, I have just the part for you.

It's our problem-free, philosophy, hakuna matata. And now we duel. In dreams you lose

your heartaches, whatever you wish for you keep. Pirate King, it was me princess Vinderella,

I am the one who danced with you all night at the pirate ball, you have to believe me,

there was magic between us and to prove it, I have the other glass pirate boot. It is

you! [applause] Ugh, this is ridiculous. Sorry Maleficent, that's show business. Ugh, princesses!

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