Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Greece 10 days with tour agent

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Hey guys!

Today I come with no makeup at all

because I'll be flying

siting idly on plane

for around 10 hours



I'll show you around...

Suvarnabhumi airport's

cheap food court!

located on 1st floor

the price is ok, considerably cheap

compared to 100-200 Baht

eating in restaurant.

Here, you can find 35 Baht

for Boat Noodles

45 Baht for Fried Noodles with pork

around that.

portion size is...

small though.

it's for 1 person only.

If you're hungry

will need to order 2 dishes.

very busy here

a lot of Chinese tourists

antie, uncle, etc.

come and try. Just for fun.

I'm on the plane now

the ambience is pretty quiet

so I need to get

my earphones to talk

pretending I'm talking to friend

but actually no

I'm talking to myself

so many foreigners here

Just like a boy next to me

Let's sneak and peek

That's it. see ya!

If you want to differentiate

European languages

Geek is very easy to point out

They'll have all the Maths characters

we learned from school

such as delta




like that

It's been using

in their everyday life

It's quite amazing

Let's have a look

I love this script on the wall

looks like you're doing...

some maths calculation

or some thing

Our hop on/off tour has just begun!

Today we start our trip at

Acropolis of Athens

Acro = the peak of something

Polis = town

meaning the peak of Athens (town)

The architecture is in classical greek style

The structure behind me is

The Parthenon

can't switch to rear camera

I can't see the screen


on the left of The Parthenon

you'll see

The Erechtheion

I'm not good at history

especially western history

but from the tour guide explained

Zeus has 2 children

which are

Poseidon and Athena

and then I spoke without recording

walking to Syntagma Square

you'll see

house of parliament

and the pigeons

which exist in all climate

How do I look on day2 ?

with eyeliner and lip

I'm so sleepy

woke up at 4.30am!

cuz the ship will leave at 7am

so everyone is rushed to the port

We're now on a ferry called

Blue Star Paros

costs around

29 Euros

or 1,200 Baht

heading to Mykonos Island.

Here's the ticket

There'll be no skyscraper in Greece


they want to make the meaning of

the place we went yesterday

The Acropolis

still valid as the peak in Greece

This is the ferry we're boarding

Just now I've brought you around

to see the lounge we're taking

There's a TV too, but

I don't understand the words

cuz it's in Greek

Here I come! Mykonos Island.

with the full set of clothes

I dunno where else on my skin

can touch the UV.

a cap


long sleeves, long pants

Let's peek at the sunbathing guys

Oh! there're 2 geese here!

so cute >O<


It's not fake u know?

Ok, the sunlight is very strong here

Now it's 1pm

We took the ferry almost half day

woke up at 4am

arrived at 1pm

Let's see our lunch!

The food we had for lunch was

a fried fish

and rice

rice is a little bit oily

not as oily as Chinese Chicken Rice

smells like it was topped with

the one on pizza


and we had salad

Usually their full course starts with

salad as an appetizer

and followed by main course

which for today was the fried fish

The fish was so bland

rice is ok

eat together is not bad

when rice is finished, just eat with

jaew (one of Thai chili sources)

I can't take off my cap or sunglasses now


and we now reach the peak of Mykonos

you'll see 4 windmills like this

Now we're at Santorini already

I'll review the price of some commodities

I observed so far cuz we're now

in a shopping area.

killing time before heading to

Oia village

I just bought a magnum ice-cream

at 2.5 Euros

price is pretty much around this level

snack is around single digit Euro

Main dish will be around 12-20 Euros

Clothes and accessories

on average are 20-30 Euros

for street shops

For branded is another story

very curvy road


We're now at a town called Delphi

to visit a museum & archeological site

at 12 Euros (free for EU students)

will take you to inside

This is an archeological site which is

believed to be Apollo's oracle

Now we're at Varlaam Monastery

located up the mountains

just now you saw from the video

it's very high up the hill

Women have to wear long skirt cover knees

and no exposing shoulders top

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