Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A fat bastard denying climate change - Dag Sørås

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One of the biggest misunderstanding concerning the climate crisis is so easily explained.

We all know people who sit at home and look out the window when its cold outside and go:

"Its freezing! Coldest winter ever. Global warming is bullshit".

In Norway a few of them are actually in government. But what they fail to grasp is the basic difference between weather and climate.

Weather is what you see just outside your window, climate is basically the global weather. It's weather over time.

Just because it's colder than usual where you live, doesn't mean it isnt much warmer than usual in other places.

Which means looking outside your window and denying global warming because it's cold outside,

is basically like me denying that there's a global food crisis just because I'm a fat fool.

Im completely full. Im stuffing my face with McDonalds while shitting out Burger King,

I have to lie down. Why anyone would starve is beyond me.

And just to force feed you another metaphor:

So you might be sitting on top of some skyscraper, biting your teeth because the air is so thin and cold.

But that doesnt necessarily mean that there isnt a raging fire on the lower floors.

And deny the fire all you want,

those goose bumps while turn into blisters sooner or later.

The climate crisis is as real as the global food crisis - to see what the future might hold, visit

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