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As the top music award in the industry, Grammys

represent the best qualities of pop music

2018 60th Grammy Awards

17-year-old Jackson Yee

is the only Chinese musician invited by the CMV

Question 1: What are you looking forward to at the Grammys? I was invited by SMG to come here and participate in Grammys 2018,

and see the live performances of top artists

Question 2: How does it feel to be in NYC? I feel very good and very honored to be here

To me, NYC is very bustling,

and people here are very hospitable

Question 3: What is the mission of a musician? To present better music,

and transmit more diverse music

and share with you guys

Question 4: How do you promote Chinese culture through music? I sang the OST The Lament of the TV show Song of Phoenix

The lyrics included parts of the original words of Qu Yuans Li Sao

This song can be used to promote Chinese culture

Question 5: How do you promote the image of Chinese youth to the world? I visited foreign countries as event ambassadors,

and participated in some foreign events,

and prepared short speeches in English by myself

Through my own ways, I actually want to,

through my own action,

let the foreigners,

get to know the attitudes and characteristics of Chinese youth

Question 6: What is your favorite music style? I really like trap music

and Chinese ballads as well

If I were to produce my own album,

I would want to combine all my previous songs,

and put them into one album

And about new releases, probably more emotional songs

Question 7: What kind of music do you want to produce? I really want my songs to be of my unique style

I hope that in the future, once you hear the song, you can immediately recognize its my song

Question 8: What do you want to say to the Cranes? Chinese New Year is coming up.

Hope you guys can go back home,

and spend time with your parents

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