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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs Job Description

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Being a taxi driver or chauffer is a way to make money in between or in addition to other

jobs. Some people make a career of it. In most big cities taxis and hired cars and drivers

transport tourists, business people, the elderly and people who otherwise cant or dont

drive themselves or take public transportation. So there is always a need for drivers. But

it can be stressful, physically and mentally. Sometimes it can be dangerous, because taxi

drivers are believed to carry cash and are targets for crime. Many cities are taking

action to make this occupation safer, requiring security systems in cars for hire. Local governments

issue special driverslicenses, sometimes called ahacklicense, for taxi drivers

and chauffeurs. A training program or written exam, or both is typically required. Some

taxi and limousine companies give new drivers on-the-job training, showing them how to use

the meter, respond to a dispatcher and handle paperwork. Depending on the company, they

might be dispatched by radio, or pick up people flagging cabs on the street. Other drivers

work for corporations or individuals. About one third of taxi drivers and chauffeurs are

self-employed, using their own vehicle. Good business sense and knowledge of mechanics

can help keep expenses in line. You have to be able to get along with peopleall kinds

of people. You have to be a safe and alert driver even eleven hours into a twelve-hour

shift. Youll need a strong back for lifting luggage and sitting for hours, a good sense

of direction, and a courteous demeanor to boost your income with tips. This occupation

is characterized by a high rate of turnover as many people use these jobs as a stepping-stone

to better paying careers in the transportation field.

The Description of Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs Job Description