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Hi Knights!

It's time to uncover the story of Seven Knights

Today we will reveal about two beautiful member of Seven Knights, Rachel and Eileen

Just like Kris and Rudy, Rachel and Eileene also has a deep relationship despite having different background

Agni, family of Rachel, is a noble family who controls Agnia town in Blazing Dessert

Surely she also has the family's special power to master fire

Rachel is the eldest daughter of Agni family

Thanks to her outstanding talent and intelligence,

she always get praised by every teachers since childhood.

Everyone around her think that she's the perfect successor from most respectable family

However, the elite education that young Rachel received,

gave her a sense of noble superiority.

Rachel naturally assumes the gap between nobility and commoners is the right thing.

But Rachel changed after her meeting with Eileene!

In contrast to Rachel who came from noble family, Eileene is a mercenary.

Eileen is actually the only granddaughter of Daybreak mercenary's legendary commander

But she herself grew up without ever knowing it

Imagine how rough and harsh her childhood was..

Can they ever be united?

Despite the difference between them, they became a good friends.

Rachel's thought about commoners changed a lot, too.

However, conflict between Agni and Daybreak family couldn't be avoided!

Rachel and Eileene's friendship couldn't last long.

Eventually, a war broke between Agni and Daybreak family.

And Rachel lost her grandfather in this war..!

Since that incident, Rachel didn't consider Eileene as her friend anymore.

As the war worsen,

Eileen went to Silent Mine to follow the mercenaries,

while Rachel was gathering more strength for revenge.

After years of efforts, people recognized Rachel's power

and she became the queen of Blazing Desert.

Her hatred of the mercenaries became worse than before.

In the meantime, Eileen succeeded to take control of the mercenaries,

and freed Silent Mine from Fodina's Ork.

While hating one another, each one of them show their best in their authority area.

However, the situation worsened when the Orcs started to attack!

Eileen stucked in a big trouble and there wasn't enough troops to safe Silent Mine.

After a long, deep thought, Eileene decided to ask for help to Rachel.

But it turns out that the messengers sent by Eileene killed on the way to Rachel..!

Misunderstood Eileene was raged with anger and she decided to fight against Rachel.

Along with her armies, Eileene headed to Blazing Desert.

Apparently, everything was planned by Dellons!

It turns out that the murderer of Eileene's messenger was Dellons' underling, Bane.

He intended to ruin Eileene and Rachel's friendship

In fact, Rachel had no idea that Eileene sent request to her for reinforcement.

When war between two of them was about to start, Evan came and explained all of the truth.

Fortunately, all the misunderstandings cleared up and the war didn't happen.

Unlike Rudy and Kris who were caught in Dellons' trap,

Rachel and Eileene escaped from bad situation thanks to Evan and Rudy.

Because of this incident, Rachel seem to have a deep sense of trust in Rudy.

So that's the story between an elite noble and a strong mercenary descendants!

Let's hope that they will keep a good relationship in the future as well

Since then, both of them joined the Seven Knights to fight together.

Seeing Eileene worried about Rachel who was wounded by her fight with Lu Bu,

It seems that they are really a good friend! Isn't it?

See you in the next story

The Description of Seven Knights Story - Rachel & Eileen