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- Hi. - Hi.

- All right, guys, I'm back at Jimmedy James house.

- Hello.

- AKA Hammers.

- Yeah, someone started calling me Hammers at work.

- Yeah, work colleagues are calling him Hammers.

It's the ambassador's reception, right, today?

- It is. We should be suit and booted today, really.

- Yes, if you can Photoshop us wearing a shirt and tie,

that would be amazing.

Basically, we're making a giant Ferrero Rocher today.

- It's gonna be a big challenge, this one.

- Scared, intimidated.

- It's gonna be a long, long day.

- We've already been to the shop

and got our ingredients.

This is how we got on.

Weather report from England, it's raining today,

ain't it, Jimmy?

- Raining, mate.

- Can't see, James.

- Hoods on.

- We're going to Cashpoint today, 'cause money

is good for buying ingredients.

We need a lot of nuts today.

We're in the nut aisle. - Is it ground or chopped?

- [Barry] We need a mixture of both, actually.

Ground, chopped and rough.

- (laughs) You see we're fill-ins.

- Need these?

- [Barry] Yeah, making a giant Ferrero Rocher.



- Well, I'm sure it's around this same area.

- [Barry] Whoa!


Follow Jimmy


- Doing laps.

- Have we got it.

- Don't know.

- Is that the end of the service?

- Yeah, just walked just around, chauffer.

- Nice.

- Here to help, Minions.

- Here's your help.

I don't believe anybody feels the way I do

About you now. ♪

- So let's get on and do it.

- [Barry] Oy, Jimmothy, what are we doing, son?

I'm getting sugar into a pan.

- [Barry] Yes we are.

- On a high heat.

- [Barry] Yes, what we're gonna do.

- [James] Ah, sort of sexual.

- [Barry] (laughs) A bit of hand action there.

I hope you've washed your hands.

- Always.

- [Barry] Or, I hope you haven't.

So what we are gonna do is heat that up

to caramelise it, right?

- Yeah and we're gonna dump some nuts in.

- [Barry] Yeah, right here is a bowl with some nuts in it,

some chopped hazelnuts that were sitting on there

and we're gonna just use our caramelised sugar

to hold it together and that will be our core.

And, we've got two of those, one, two.

Right, Jimmothy?

Ah, thanks, it got right on the lens.


- [Barry] Right guys, not sure if you can see

that's starting to form.

It's a little liquidy right here now,

which is all good.

And so, what we're gonna do is get our nuts in

any minute to get them coated.

But we just need to finish off that sugar a little bit.

In go the nuts, whoa!

So we're gonna mix it in, get it nice and coated

then chuck it in this mould.

Oh, coat it up, like a brittle.

- [James] Oh!

- [Barry] Oh yeah!

All right, guys, we're just spooning the nuts out

into our little planet mould, right, Jimminy James?

- [James] Right.

- [Barry] That's right.

We just gotta repeat these steps again,

so we'll have two halves that will eventually

pull together in one nutty planet.

All right.

Yeah, a bit (mumbles) ain't it? (laughs)

- Silly vibe, you know.

- [Barry] Where's it going now, the fridge, yeah?

- Yeah, the fridge, yeah.

- [Barry] All right.

- Ain't got any space in the fridge, but oh well.

- [Barry] Oh, we'll just pretend, no one will know.

- Just go to the fridge.

- [Barry] The thing about James, when we do giant food

is he likes to clean.

I think it's like his house or something.


So the next step guys, those nuts are in the fridge.

We're gonna make the next bowl up.

We've got three stages of bowls today.

So the silver one.

- We've got one litre, two litre and a three litre.

- [Barry] That's right, yeah.

So, these are the two litre ones.

This is gonna be the Nutella nutty core on the outside

and the other one's gonna be the chocolate one.

- So it'll be a six litre Ferrero Rocher.

- [Barry] Oh, yeah, baby.

- Whoa!

- [Barry] So, what we're gonna do is get some Nutella

and nuts in both these bowls, work them up the sides,

to create our littlewell!

- For the nuts, yeah.


- [Barry] You know, I did bring this tub with me

from home and might've had a sneaky little spoonful.

Nuts are going in there.

We're gonna just literally dump the Nutella in there

and we'll press the other inner core into it.

And it will be like, (creaking).

Didn't everyone just love this bit?


Yes, thanks.

I prefer to eat it, but yeah, that's fine.

Oh my gosh, that looks so wrong, but so right, Oh.

- [James] Oh my God.

- [Barry] Oh my God.

Nutella going in right now

- That smells so good! (laughs)

- [Barry] Oh my gosh, look at that.

Oh, we could shape that and do crazy things with it.

Remember we did that to (mumbles).

- What?

- [Barry] There's a story there. (laughs)

But Joe and (mumbles) we won't tell them, won't tell them.

There is a story there with--

- [James] Oh, in the pool?

- [Barry] Yeah, in the pool (laughs).

Yeah, yeah, we might tell you the whole story one day.

It's quite funny.

We do need a bit more Nutella in there, but this--

- [James] Add more nuts!

- [Barry] Nuts! Oh, yeah.

- Yes, nuts.

Actually, that's probably enough nuts, just Nutella.

- [Barry] Oh, we've got enough.

We've got about 10 tubs of it, boom.

Right, then, folks, so we are just carrying on.

We actually needed more Nutella.

So, that's gonna be your third tub, is it mate?

- Third.

- Third tub of Nutella going right in there.

It's about four tubs in total going in.

I'm repeating the same over here.

So we will let you know what it's looking like

and then we'll stick in our nutty core.

- Mm, tastes so good!

- [Barry] Look at that, guys, oh yeah, so good!

Ah, yes, like a little bike helmet!

So, here we go.

We're just pushing that layer in.

Can you see that chocolate rising up?

Oh my gosh, mate, it's working, look!

We just need to level that off,

and that (laughs) is the inside

of our Ferrero Rocher done, right?

We just got to repeat that again,

and that's going in the freezer.

So, in that freezer is our Nutella

nut combination thing, right there.

I'm just going to secretly pan past there

because this is the next giant food, anyhow.

A little sneak-preview there, all right, Jimmy?

- All right.

- [Barry] what you doing, sir?

- We're just smashing our wafer.

Ready for the outside of the Nutella for the Ferrero Rocher.

- [Barry] Nice. Yes, and these are just standard

ice cream wafers, just bashing them up,

and we're gonna submerge each half in these

and then back in the freezer.

Change of plan.

We managed to just get it out the bowl

and it's gone a little soft.

So, we're gonna have to quickly get as much of this wafer

as we can right on top of there.

Really just go to town on it, pat it in there

and then straight back in the freezer.

We're gonna do that to both sides, all right?

Oh wow, it's looking good there.

Oh, it's still intact, with wafer on.

In the freezer she goes.

We've got the painful step of doing that again.

But, we'll skip that for you guys.

Oh, look at that!

So, our chocolate's all been melted up,

giant food style.

It wouldn't be the same without chocolate

in a giant food bit, would it, apart from the--

- The series would be doomed.

- [Barry] Yeah, that's it.

No but we get chocolate in the Pavlovian a bit, as well.

But there we go!

That is all being mixed through, looking good.

We really want that super nutty texture in there

because these are gonna form the outsides, right?

- The outer rim.

- [Barry] Yes, so our inner rims are in the freezer

right down there cooling.

They are cool now and we're gonna get this chocolate

to room temperature, so when it sits in there

it bonds and clings well.

- Bond, zuh.

- [Barry] Ah, James Bond, goodbye Mr. Bond.

- Yeah, bye.

- [Barry] Ah, yeah. I like the way you do that.

- [James] ♪ I like the way you work it. ♪

- [Barry] That turns into that, oh yeah.

Right, so the chocolate's all melted.

The nuts are in there.

It is so important, when you're making giant food

or any recipe, to not be tempted

to eat the chocolate, right James?

- That's right, yeah.

- [Barry] Yes, dude.

- [James] Yeah!

- [Barry] All right, so some of the wafer

has perished, it's okay.

- [James] It's in there, it's just got chocolate

on the outside as well.

So, we're going--

- [Barry] So, that's going in there, yeah.

We're moving, oh my gosh!


Our final in it.

So, that means get that surrounded by chocolate.

A little bit of spillage is good.

Gonna let it embrace.

- [James] That good?

- [Barry] So, yeah, we're just gonna make it around this,

repeat that step for our other outer layer,

and then both going in the fridge to firm up

before bringing them together to become one,

like the Spice Girls, right, James?

- [James] Hell yeah! (laughs)

- Well, that was rather intense, folks.

We've been rubbing the chocolate up and down

to get a smooth bump on our first half.

And what we've found is we have some leftover chocolate,

so we're bringing that rough edge back

to take it away from looking like a bald man's head.

- [James] Excuse the hands.

- [Barry] To more of like a rough feel, right?

- [James] That's right.

- [Barry] So, we got to do that and repeat

with our other half, but we are getting there, folks.

We're gonna re-fridge this and bring it together.

Looks like a kind of Afro at the moment, actually.

- So, I'm the ambassador.

- [Barry] The ambassador (laughs)!

Some gold paper and an interesting little tray.

- So, basically, my face will be the Ferrero Rocher.

Picture that.

- [Barry] We're gonna replicate it down here.

We have got paper and one of these baking cases.

They're perfect!

Looks just like it, right?

- It's not a hat?

- [Barry] No, it's not a Fez or shepherd's hat or whatever.

- So, we're gonna wrap it up, yeah?

- [Barry] Yeah, should we bring it together?

- Yeah.

- [Barry] Let's do it.

The ambassador's reception was calling.

- So, we had to respond.

- And we have delivered.

- [James] And we have delivered.

I am worried about this bomb.

- For a year we have put off the giant Ferrero Rocher.

- Yeah, we panicked for a while, haven't we?

- We give it to you right now.

Are you ready, do you want to unravel?

Come on, Jimmy.

So exciting, it's like Christmas, what could it be?

It's a bit stuck, but it'll be all right.

Oh, this is--

- Oh yeah!


- [Barry] The giant Ferrero Rocher!

- I've eaten so much of this throughout the video,

I don't really want any more chocolate.

- [Barry] It has been painstakingly fun, but enjoyable.

- [James] Yeah, it's been good.

It's one of those things I can tick off my bucket list.

There we go.

- [Barry] Oh, it looks all right.

- [Woman] Looks really good!

- [Barry] There you go, check it out.

- [James] That's actually a bit--

- [Barry] Like a watermelon.


- [Barry] What do you think, James?

- Mmm!

- [Barry] Do you like it?

- That's great, it's good!

It's chocolate and nuts.

- We're gonna give it away to some friends who deserve it

because if you've enjoyed this giant food,

let us know down below what you wanna see next.

Check out the next one that's coming out next month.

You might've seen a sneaky of that, and that's it.

Check out the playlist.

Your favourite one is the old macaroon, isn't it, mate?

You keep howling that one out.

- Do I howl about the macaroon one?

- I'm like the after rate person.

- It's hard to pick.

I just like the mime movement, you know, the experience.

- That's it then, guys.

We will see you again, next time.


Ta da for now.

- Bye!

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